My PETITION and Donation to Stop Big Mouth from Harming Kids!

Take Action Against Netflix’s Child Porn Cartoon

A PETITION to Merrick Garland

Attorney General, United States of America

Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building

950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20530

Dear Mr. Attorney General:

I congratulate you on your appointment. I stand with the more than one million members of the respected, non-partisan Parents Television Council (PTC) to make you aware of what I believe is a criminal threat to the health and welfare of millions of vulnerable children in all 50 states.

Trained PTC researchers have viewed—and documented—a pattern of multiple, common, and blatant instances of graphic sexual pornography, including violence, depicting or aimed at minors and young children on the Netflix TV cartoon series Big Mouth. This series is available on demand and heavily promoted by Netflix. Netflix is a publicly traded U.S. corporation.

Researchers documented instances that include:

  • A close-up of a 13-year-old boy’s private parts.
  • A depiction of an adult male’s private parts.
  • A character who shouts to accomplices, “Hold him [a young boy] down and jam it [another male’s private part] in his mouth!” This is depicting violent illegal activity involving a minor.
  • A scene in which a child offers to perform a sex act on his own father.

I join my fellow PTC Members asking that your staff meet with Mr. Timothy Winter, Esq., who is President of PTC, to view this evidence. I further ask that you open a formal investigation of Big Mouth, including contacting Netflix officials. Please bring any necessary legal actions to protect our children.

With great concern,