Petition: Please Investigate Depictions of Child Sex on Netflix


The Honorable [NAME]
District Attorney
[County], Texas

Dear [Honorific] [Last Name],

It is my understanding that media companies can be charged under Texas Penal Code §43.25 for asking children to engage in sexual performance.

When Netflix released the film “Cuties,” many were quick to condemn its sexualized depictions of pre-pubescent girls – but only one of your colleagues in Texas was bold enough to act and bring charges against Netflix for violating the law.

As a concerned citizen who opposes the entertainment media’s sexual exploitation of children, I am offering my voice in support of those noble efforts and am urging you to follow suit in bringing charges against Netflix under Texas state law.

Netflix and others in Hollywood are claiming a constitutional right to produce and distribute material that sexually exploits children – some of whom are as young as 9 years old. I applaud your efforts to enforce the Texas Penal Code that prohibits the production or promotion of a child under the age of 18 engaging in a sexual performance.

Texas is in a unique position to finally hold media companies accountable for the harm they inflict on underage actors and actresses in the name of entertainment.


Take Action. Stay Informed.