Petition to The Disney Board of Directors:
Susan E. Arnold
Bob Chapek
John S. Chen
Judith L. Estrin
Fred H. Langhammer
Aylwin B. Lewis
Monica C. Lozano
Robert W. Matschullat
Sheryl K. Sandberg
Orin C. Smith

You are all accomplished people. Therefore . . .

You know that Disney has ultimate authority over Disney-owned Hulu and its programming, including Hulu’s series aimed at teens and even preteens, PEN15. You are morally responsible for the damage caused by this series, which includes scenes in which a young female character performs a sex act on herself.

You know that Disney is morally responsible for the series A Teacher, which romanticizes an illegal sexual relationship between an adult and her minor student. You know that the actor who plays the minor has even stated that the relationship can be viewed by the audience sympathetically. And you know that this series is being viewed by young people and predators in the midst of an epidemic of pedophilia and sexual abuse of minors.

You also know that many of your own executives have been publicly exposed, openly admitting to their overt efforts to insert sexual themes into child-targeted programming.

This is outrageous. This is a betrayal of trust built by Walt Disney over more than a half century. This has already hurt Disney and will continue to do so, as families like ours turn from you.

I stand with Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) and its members across America to DEMAND that you remove programs like PEN15 and A Teacher from your lineup. I DEMAND that you fire the executives who authorize the production and distribution of sexual content in child-targeted programming. I will continue to follow PTC to learn what decisions you make. Think of the children.


Take Action. Stay Informed.