Sign the “Petition to Stop Hurting Children” to John Stankey, the President and CEO of AT&T.

Tell John Stankey to STOP streaming pornography into the minds and hearts of America’s children through porn-filled teen shows like Euphoria and hardcore child-themed porn into the minds of pedophiles on AT&T-owned DirecTV. Speak up for our children! And when you sign your petition, please give $25 to help Parents Television and Media Council protect children through holding Hollywood accountable and warning parents.


Give to PTC’s efforts. Since 1995, PTC and its thousands of members have been a leading force for decency in television and streaming.


To: Mr. John Stankey, President and CEO, AT&T

I stand with the Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) and urge you to end AT&T’s war on America’s children.

AT&T-owned DirecTV regularly provides hardcore pornography involving child themes, targeted to children, or with performers depicting children. This corrupts kids who watch and feeds the impulses of pedophiles. End this attack on our kids.

HBO, which is 70% owned and controlled by AT&T shareholders, produces and distributes shows like Euphoria that young people watch, which include penises, violent rape, drug use, and other dark, mentally harmful content. End this attack on our kids. America needs AT&T to be a better corporate citizen.

Take Action. Stay Informed.