Give $25 or more to help the Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) stop AT&T’s attack on America’s children.

STOP AT&T/HBO from harming more children with pornography!

AT&T is harming children through normalizing graphic content and marketing it to teens and preteens

HBO, which is 70% owned and controlled by AT&T shareholders, produces and distributes shows like Euphoria that young people watch, which include:

  • Child rape
  • Graphic sex scenes between teen characters
  • Full-frontal male nudity
  • Nudity of teen characters
  • Multiple actresses who must ask the show’s creator for fewer nude scenes
  • A male teen character dreaming of being sodomized by his father
  • Penises on screen
  • Pornography use by teen and adult characters
  • Drug use
  • Frequent expletives (714 uses of the “F-word”)

We are not alone in our fight

Below are some of the voices in Hollywood who are joining us to fight against the media’s attack on children.

Sam Sorbo
PTC Board Member
Award-winning filmmaker,
education freedom advocate,
wife of Kevin Sorbo

Pat Boone
Founding Board Member,
Award-winning Singer

The late Tim Conway
Former Advisory Board Member,
Actor, Comedian

The late Steve Allen
Former Advisory Board Member,
Actor, TV Personality

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