Rue: "Fezco's grandma was a mother fucking G."

Fez's grandmother is shown getting out of a car holding a handgun. Her jacket has the words "God's Word, God's Will." She enters a strip club. A woman is shown from behind standing at a bar wearing a g-string. Her buttocks are fully exposed. As the grandmother walks through the club, she passes another woman who is lying on her back on stage with her legs spread. She passes through a dressing room filled with half-naked women. One woman's breasts are fully exposed. She walks by another stage where women are dancing. Another woman's breasts are exposed.

The grandmother enters an office at the back of the club where a woman appears to be naked and bent over in front of a man. Her head is moving up and down. She appears to be performing oral sex on him.

Grandmother: "Hey fuck face!" She cocks the gun. The man pushes the woman in front of him away. Her breasts are fully exposed.

Man: "What the fuck! You crazy…" The grandmother shoots him in both legs. His exposed, erect penis is shown as the bullets hit his legs, and again, silhouetted against the naked girl on the couch.

The man and girl both scream.

Fez's grandmother gets back into the car. Young Fez is sitting in the passenger seat. He has a black eye.

Rue: "And even though she wasn't like, the best guardian, she taught him everything he knew about life."


Ten-year-old Fez is shown chopping up a white powder with a Blockbuster card.
Grandma: "Bag that shit up, put it in your fuckin' tighty-whities. Cops ain't gonna pat-down a fucking ten-year-old."
Young Fez is shown putting the white powder in plastic bags.
Grandma: "They don't want to be fucking accused of being fucking pederasts, you know what I'm saying?"


Grandma: "You remember the white cracker with the fucking bowl cut?"
Drug dealer: "Who the fuck brings a kid to a drug deal?"
Grandma: "He ain't a kid, asshole. He's my partner."
Grandma: "That fuckin' bowl-cut cocksucker! Sold me ten grand of fucking Bayer aspirin. Fucked us both up the ass, snowflake."


Grandma: "Look at him, he's a cute little bastard… Some cunt mother gave him to me as collateral."
Grandma grabs a bottle of booze and tells young Fez "Call me when his mama gets here."


Ten-year-old Fez is shown lighting a cigarette and passing it to his grandma.
Rue: "His grandma also taught him that despite what they teach you in school, violence is sometimes the best possible way to solve a problem."
Grandma: "I spy with my little eye a cracker with a bowl cut."
Grandma takes a crow bar out of the trunk and walks over to a group of men and starts swinging it at one of the men.
Rue: "Fez doesn't know why he did what he did, but he did it anyway."
Grandma: "Muthafucka! Eat fucking shit! Suck my dick! You fucking take my money? You scumbag! Motherfucker! Piece of shit!"
Fez runs after his grandmother. She accidentally hits Fez in the head with the crowbar and knocks him unconscious.


Rue: "My girlfriend, at the fuckin' train station. She left me. Straight up."
Faye: "She left you at a fucking train station? What a fucking cunt. Holy fucking shit."
Faye opens a container and pulls out a hypodermic needle.
Rue: "Um… I don't think …I wouldn't do that here."
Faye: "It's just heroin."
She prepares the heroin. Rue tries to tell her it's not the right time.
Faye: "Listen, I fucking know what you are. You're just a fucking junkie ass bitch and you're probably fucking eating that ginger's ass for fucking oxys or whatever the fuck you're into. Fucking junkie-ass bitch. Fuckin'…"
Rue: "What the fuck are you doing? What the fuck?
Faye holds a spoon with a cigarette lighter under it.
Faye injects the heroin into her upper thigh.
Rue: "Oh my god, okay. Jesus that's your whole fucking crotch.."
A man reaches into the car and grabs Faye around the neck and drags her out of the car. Another man grabs Rue.


Rue nearly overdoses at a party.
Rue: "Fuck. I think I might be going into cardiac arrest."
Boy: "Are you fucking serious. Do you want me to call an ambulance?"
She instructs him to crush up an Adderall that she has in her sock.
Boy:"Didn't we do the same amount of drugs?"
Rue: "No."


McKay: "To Fucking New Year's"
Nate: "Yo! Yo, you fuck her? …You tryin to tell me you took her in that room and you didn't dick her down?"
Nate: "Are you trying to tell me you didn't miss those titties?"

Nate: "You dirty motherfucker. You dirty motherfucker. You wear a condom? You wear a condom? You dirty motherfucker. You dirty motherfucker. Where'd you come? Where'd you come? You come in her mouth? You come on her belly? You come in her cunt?
"What the fuck is wrong with you, bro?"
"You come in her cunt? …Happy new year motherfucker."


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