Rue: "Fezco's grandma was a mother fucking G."

Fez's grandmother is shown getting out of a car holding a handgun. Her jacket has the words "God's Word, God's Will." She enters a strip club. A woman is shown from behind standing at a bar wearing a g-string. Her buttocks are fully exposed. As the grandmother walks through the club, she passes another woman who is lying on her back on stage with her legs spread. She passes through a dressing room filled with half-naked women. One woman's breasts are fully exposed. She walks by another stage where women are dancing. Another woman's breasts are exposed.

The grandmother enters an office at the back of the club where a woman appears to be naked and bent over in front of a man. Her head is moving up and down. She appears to be performing oral sex on him.

Grandmother: "Hey fuck face!" She cocks the gun. The man pushes the woman in front of him away. Her breasts are fully exposed.

Man: "What the fuck! You crazy…" The grandmother shoots him in both legs. His exposed, erect penis is shown as the bullets hit his legs, and again, silhouetted against the naked girl on the couch.

The man and girl both scream.

Fez's grandmother gets back into the car. Young Fez is sitting in the passenger seat. He has a black eye.

Rue: "And even though she wasn't like, the best guardian, she taught him everything he knew about life."


Ten-year-old Fez is shown chopping up a white powder with a Blockbuster card.
Grandma: "Bag that shit up, put it in your fuckin' tighty-whities. Cops ain't gonna pat-down a fucking ten-year-old."
Young Fez is shown putting the white powder in plastic bags.
Grandma: "They don't want to be fucking accused of being fucking pederasts, you know what I'm saying?"


Grandma: "You remember the white cracker with the fucking bowl cut?"
Drug dealer: "Who the fuck brings a kid to a drug deal?"
Grandma: "He ain't a kid, asshole. He's my partner."
Grandma: "That fuckin' bowl-cut cocksucker! Sold me ten grand of fucking Bayer aspirin. Fucked us both up the ass, snowflake."


Grandma: "Look at him, he's a cute little bastard… Some cunt mother gave him to me as collateral."
Grandma grabs a bottle of booze and tells young Fez "Call me when his mama gets here."


Ten-year-old Fez is shown lighting a cigarette and passing it to his grandma.
Rue: "His grandma also taught him that despite what they teach you in school, violence is sometimes the best possible way to solve a problem."
Grandma: "I spy with my little eye a cracker with a bowl cut."
Grandma takes a crow bar out of the trunk and walks over to a group of men and starts swinging it at one of the men.
Rue: "Fez doesn't know why he did what he did, but he did it anyway."
Grandma: "Muthafucka! Eat fucking shit! Suck my dick! You fucking take my money? You scumbag! Motherfucker! Piece of shit!"
Fez runs after his grandmother. She accidentally hits Fez in the head with the crowbar and knocks him unconscious.


Rue: "My girlfriend, at the fuckin' train station. She left me. Straight up."
Faye: "She left you at a fucking train station? What a fucking cunt. Holy fucking shit."
Faye opens a container and pulls out a hypodermic needle.
Rue: "Um… I don't think …I wouldn't do that here."
Faye: "It's just heroin."
She prepares the heroin. Rue tries to tell her it's not the right time.
Faye: "Listen, I fucking know what you are. You're just a fucking junkie ass bitch and you're probably fucking eating that ginger's ass for fucking oxys or whatever the fuck you're into. Fucking junkie-ass bitch. Fuckin'…"
Rue: "What the fuck are you doing? What the fuck?
Faye holds a spoon with a cigarette lighter under it.
Faye injects the heroin into her upper thigh.
Rue: "Oh my god, okay. Jesus that's your whole fucking crotch.."
A man reaches into the car and grabs Faye around the neck and drags her out of the car. Another man grabs Rue.


Rue nearly overdoses at a party.
Rue: "Fuck. I think I might be going into cardiac arrest."
Boy: "Are you fucking serious. Do you want me to call an ambulance?"
She instructs him to crush up an Adderall that she has in her sock.
Boy:"Didn't we do the same amount of drugs?"
Rue: "No."


McKay: "To Fucking New Year's"
Nate: "Yo! Yo, you fuck her? …You tryin to tell me you took her in that room and you didn't dick her down?"
Nate: "Are you trying to tell me you didn't miss those titties?"

Nate: "You dirty motherfucker. You dirty motherfucker. You wear a condom? You wear a condom? You dirty motherfucker. You dirty motherfucker. Where'd you come? Where'd you come? You come in her mouth? You come on her belly? You come in her cunt?
"What the fuck is wrong with you, bro?"
"You come in her cunt? …Happy new year motherfucker."


Rue: Nate Jacobs was in love. He didn't know how it happened. He didn't know why it happened. But he could just feel it, and it felt so fucking good. But it was complicated.

Nate's bloody, beaten face is shown

Rue: "What was it about Cassie Howard that allowed Nate to fully surrender himself? With Maddy, it was always a game. Cassie was the opposite. He knew he wasn't perfect. That he had some issues. But maybe the reason he had those issues is because Maddy brought out the worst in him. And maybe if he met Cassie when he was a sophomore instead of Maddy, she would have brought out the best in him. How could he have ever overlooked her. Underestimated her."

Doctor is shown stitching up a cut above Nate's eyebrow.

Rue: "She was everything you could ever want in a woman."

A naked woman is shown reclined on her side on a bed. Her face is not shown, but a bare breast is exposed. She runs her hand down her torso to her hip. A man's hand reaches out to hers and their fingers entwine. It is Nate, and the woman is Cassie. They kiss, then Nate is shown reclined on the bed, Cassie's breasts brush his chest, then she moves out of the frame.

Rue: "He knew it was a little soon to say but he could imagine spending life with her."

Cassie: "I want to feel you inside of me."

Rue: "He was at home and in love."

Cassie is shown lying on a bearskin rug from above. She is lying on her stomach, naked. Her buttocks are exposed.

Rue: "She was intuitive and emotional."

Cassie and Nate are shown having sex in front of a fireplace in an upright posture.

Rue: "She was sensitive and vulnerable."

Cassie is shown from a different position and from above. She astride Nate and leaning back. Her bare breasts are exposed

Rue: "She was a strong, powerful woman."

Nate shown kissing Cassie's bare breast. Cassie takes a selfie of herself with a hand covering one breast. Cassie again shown on top of Nate with her breasts exposed.

Nate imagines himself in bed with Cassie, telling her he wants to start a family with her.

Rue: "Nate began to wonder if he had brain damage. How would he know?"

Nate imagines Cassie pregnant and reading "What to Expect When You're Expecting." He is rubbing his hands on her belly.

Rue: "He knew he could do a better job than his dad. He wouldn't fuck his kid up the way his dad fucked him up. And the way his granddad fucked his dad up…"

Nate's dad shown praying over him.

Rue: "Except his dad was such a fucking idiot, he couldn't even control himself."

Nate's dad is shown lying down while another man is on top of his face. His hands are clutching the other man's naked buttocks. The other man's hips are shown gyrating.

Nate's dad: "I want you to come with my tongue in your ass."

Man's voice: "Ah! Fuck!"


[Flashback] Maddy takes a CD that is tucked between the pages of a book. Nate later shown looking in the book for the disc, and when he can't find it, he tears his room apart.
Nate: "Fuck!"
Nate's father finishes praying over him and Nate begins thrashing around in his hospital bed in convulsions. A rapid sequence of images flash through his mind. He imagines Cassie in labor giving birth, remembers Fez punching him in the face. Recalls a scene of himself as a child watching his father in a hotel room with a young man who is sitting on the edge of the bed in his underwear and a voice says, "You fucking whore. Slut." A man is shown thrusting on top of a woman who is lying on her stomach (both naked). A woman [Cassie?] on her hands and knees while a man has sex with her from behind. A confusion of voices, faces, women screaming, groaning, throwing their heads back as if in orgasm. More screams as the images flash even faster on the screen ending with Fez punching Nate once more and the sound of blood and bones crunching on impact. Nate's bloody face is shown.


Rue spots the boy she was doing drugs with at the party in the hall. "Oh fuck. I completely forgot he goes to our school."
Rue: "If this asshole says anything about doing drugs, I will literally slit his throat in the quad... Please god, do not fuck up my life."
Boy from the party approaches Rue and Jules.
Rue: "Oh shit, yeah. That was it. New Year's. That's where we met."
Rue tells Elliot Jules is her girlfriend.
Elliot: "Wow! I didn't know you were, um…"
Jules: "In a relationship?"
Rue: "The other thing I wish I could mention is I sort of spent the last few days hanging out with Elliot."
Elliot shown sitting on the floor of his bedroom playing his guitar.
Rue: "Which was cool because he makes a ton of money selling music stems online and we bought a bunch of drugs."
Rue shown smoking something.
Rue: "Fuck. Was it just me or was that super awkward."


Cassie in a sequence of flashbacks with Nate the night of the party:
Nate: "Would you like a ride to this party?"
Nate: "You want to go to the bathroom?"
Nate: "You able to do this and not tell anybody?"
Cassie: "Yes."
Nate kneels down on the floor in front of Cassie who is seated on the edge of the sink. Nate starts kissing the inside of her thigh moving closer to her crotch. She wraps her legs around his neck.
Rue: "But she was drunk. Not super drunk. But she never would've said yes if Maddy and Nate were still together because that would be unforgivable. Maddy was her best friend."


Kat and Ethan shown lying on a bed kissing.
Kat imagines fog creeping out of her bathroom. Then she sees Ethan fall on his knees with a wound in the middle of his chest that's spewing blood. Blood sprays everywhere. A man in a barbarian costume holding a sword speaks in a foreign tongue: "Killing makes me hard."
Kat: "He was the love of my life."
Man: "He was a weakling."
Kat: "No, not totally."
Man: "He doesn't deserve a woman like you."
Kat: "Come on."
The man removes the leather skirt around his waist. He is shown naked from behind. Then his erect penis is shown close-up.
Kat: "What are you doing?"
Man: "Preparing to conquer you."
Kat: "Okay."
Man pulls her by her feet toward the end of the bed. He is then shown kneeling behind her while she is on her hands and knees. He is thrusting into her. Ethan is shown lying dead on the floor of the bathroom, covered in blood.

Maddy: "Wait. You're telling me Ethan tore your clothes off and fucked the shit out of you?"
Kat: "Yeah. It's great."
Maddy: "Wow."
Girl: "Go Ethan!"


Nate tells Cassie they can never see each other and that they can never speak of what happened between them: "I'm so fucking sorry."
Cassie runs away and into a construction site. Nate follows her. He kisses her, and pulls up her skirt, then pulls down her panties. He is kissing her below the waist. It is dark, so not much is visible. "You don't know how much power you have."
Cassie moans.
Nate: "Fuck"
Nate: "How are you ever going to look Maddy in the eye again."


Nate confronts his father. "You remember that classmate of mine that you fucked? Jules? So she told her best friend, who told her drug dealer. And now they keep threatening to go down to the police station and say that you like to fuck little kids. So maybe I was sticking up for you."
"I want to apologize… I need you to understand. I didn't know she went to your school. I didn't know how old she was."
"Well, what she didn't know is that you were filming her."


Rue: "When Cal was a senior in high school…"
A man is shown pulling up his briefs. His exposed buttocks are the first thing you see when the episode opens, and occupies the entire frame.
Young Cal on the phone: "Morning dingleberry… Nah, I'm going to kick your ass… Yeah, well, put your bra and panties on. Okay. I'll be there in 10."
Rue: "… He spent every day with his best friend Derek."
Young Cal gets into his car and drives recklessly to his friend's house. His friend hops into the car and they drive off. The scene cuts to a gym where it looks like a highschool wrestling team is working out.
Wrestling coach: "Let's go! Work it! Work it! Come on! Let's go! Work hard! You pansy motherfucker! Let's go, Cal! Don't be a pussy! Let's go! Work hard!"
Young Cal, Derek and others are shown showering in the locker room. Exposed penises and bare buttocks are visible.
Derek pulls up his briefs, Cal looks at his exposed penis while he dresses.
Cal looks at Derek's leg. Derek adjusts his crotch.
Marsha massages her foot into Cal's crotch while he's driving.
Rue: "Marsha was way more forward than any girl he'd met before. And even though he wasn't always comfortable, he was grateful she pushed his boundaries."
She is shown unbuckling and unzipping his pants. It is implied that she is performing oral sex on him while they are parked. Cal: ""Oh god! Oooh! Aaah!"
Rue: "He couldn't wait to tell Derek."
Cal: "And then she unbuttoned my pants and like, just went for it."
Derek: "Was it good?"
Cal: "I mean, yeah!"
Derek: "And like, could she, like, I mean, uh, did she, like, uh, deep throat?"
Cal:" "Yeah."
Derek: "Nice, dude… Where'd you pop?"
Cal: "Where do ya think?"
Derek: "And she swallowed."
Cal: "Yeah."
Derek: "Wow, dude. Ah."
Cal: "Yeah."
Derek: "So, I mean, she's a keeper?"
Cal" "Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I guess so."
Cal whispers "Oh, fuck"


Derek shows up at a party carrying beers. Cal and Marsha are making out with Marsha sitting astride his lap and in another corner of the room, Derek and his date are making out in the same position. Cal is watching Derek out of the corner of his eye.
Cal: "What are you doing, bro?"
Derek begins undressing. He pulls down his briefs. He says, "Let's go for a swim." Marsha pulls off her top. Her breasts are exposed. Derek is shown doing a flip as he dives into the pool naked. Marsha runs out pulling Cal behind her. Cal's naked buttocks are seen. Both girls and both boys are naked in the pool. The girls are sitting on the boys' shoulders "wrestling" with each other. Their breasts are visible. Underwater, the camera pans around Cal and Derek, showing their naked buttocks and penises.
Cal and Marsha go into a room together. Cal is lying on his back. Marsha is sitting astride him. She spits into her hand and places her hand near her crotch.
Cal: "Marsha, what're you doing?"
Cal: "Hold…Hold on." He grunts and says, "Oh…I'm so sorry."
Rue: "And just like that, it became a regular thing."
Cal is shown thrusting into Marsha from behind in what appears to be a bathroom. The scene cuts to Cal and Marsha in a car, Marsha on top as they have sex. Cal and Marsha are shown having sex in a shower. Cal appears to be performing oral sex on Marsha as she sits on a sink counter in the bathroom.
Rue: "Back then Marsha would tell him what felt good, and eventually he got better at it."
Cal is shown reclined on a bed, Marsha is naked straddling his face as he appears to be performing oral sex on her. Her breasts are visible as she moans and gasps.
Marsha: "You're smiling."
Cal: "That was amazing."
Marsha: "You like it that much?"
Cal: "I do."
Marsha: "I'm fine with that."
Cal: "Mind if I do it again?"
Marsha: "Please do."
Rue: "And he did like it that much. In fact, it was all he could think about."
Cal buries his face into her crotch and she begins moaning again.
Cal and Derek in the locker room. Derek: "Really?"
Cal: "I love it."
Derek: "Yeah, I don't know, uh, I like women, but you couldn't pay me to eat pussy."
Derek and Cal are wrestling in the gym. Derek filps Cal to his back and says, "I win, pussy. I win."
Derek and Cal go to a bar and order tequila shots, and then two more. Cal looks around. There are only men in the bar. It appears to be a gay bar. They start dancing together. Playfully at first, then they start slow dancing. Cal and Derek kiss.
Cal talking to Marsha on the phone. She tells him she is pregnant.


Rue: "Now, as a beloved character that a lot of people are rooting for, I feel a certain responsibility to make good decisions. But I relapsed."

Slides flashing of Rue taking a pill out of a pill bottle, Snorting something through rolled-up paper, holding a spoon or something up to her nose, passed-out on the floor

"In all fairness, I did say in the beginning I had no intentions of staying clean, but I get it. Our country's dark…"

Images flash on the screen of riots and fires

"…and fucked up. And people just want to find hope."

images flash on the screen of churches, people worshiping and praying.

Elliot, dragging on a pot cigarette: "Somewhere."

Rue: "Anywhere. And if not in reality, then in television."

Rue, opening a bottle: "Unfortunately, I'm not it." She drinks from the bottle.

A man's penis is flashed on the screen.

Rue: "Oh, shit. Sorry, that was from last year."

Rue, reading the words on the screen: "How to get away with being a drug addict. Step 1. Find a cover drug."

Scene cuts to Rue sitting on a toilet. She can be heard urinating. Rue: "Cause no matter how hard you try to hide it, if you're doing drugs, you're gonna get caught. It's inevitable, and when that does happen, you don't want to be on the defensive. Trust me. No one believes an addict when they're caught. So, first things first, you want to lay the groundwork."

Rue watching TV with her sister "Oh shit. I think I'm gonna start smoking weed."

Her sister: "Why would you start smoking weed? "

Rue: "Because I have panic attacks every fucking day."

"You are so fucking selfish."

Rue: "Gia! It fucking helps with my fuckin' anxiety, and my panic attacks and shit, Gia."

Gia: "I don't wanna talk to you, Rue."

Rue: "Can you just fuckin' listen for a second?"

Gia: "I don't wanna talk to you!"

Rue: "Gia! Gia what the fuck!" She pushes open Gia's bedroom door, knocking her to the floor.

Gia gets up and shoves Rue

Rue: "What the fuck is wrong? What the fuck! Are you fucking crazy? What the fuck is wrong with you? It's a fucking idea. I wasn't gonna fucking do it."

Gia: "You're a liar!"

Rue: "I'm a fucking liar? I'm trying to fucking tell you something!"

Gia: "Yes, and you don't give a shit about you, you don't give a shit about me, you don't give a shit about your mama."

Rue: "It's a fucking idea. It's a fucking idea. I'm not actually doin' fuckin' weed, okay? It was an idea, and I shouldn't have fucking told you 'cause you're just like fucking mom… fucking crazy."

Rue, back in the classroom. "Now, what you want to do is make them second guess their intuition. Make them feel like any valid concern is just their anxiety getting the best of them."

"Step two: Gaslight."

Gia: "Rue. When you do drugs, it's not like when other people do drugs."

Rue: "It's better than committing suicide. When I'm sober, that's what I think about. That's where I'm at, Gia. Okay. That's where I'm at. Now if you want to tell mom, you can tell her. But I don't know what else I can fucking do."

Gia: "Rue, I love you. So please, just promise me, it's just gonna be weed and nothing more."

Rue nods yes. "I promise."

Rue: "So the next time you put Pop-Tarts in the fridge, or milk in the cupboard… you have a motherfuckin' out."

Rue is shown lying on her back. Her legs are spread apart, and there is a bed sheet covering her lower half. Jules is apparently under the sheet, between her legs, performing oral sex on Rue. Jules' hand is reaching up from under the sheet and rubbing Rue's breast. Jules, breathless, can be heard asking "Does that feel okay"
Rue: "Yeah, it feels amazing."
Rue: "I don't think you understand how much I love Jules."
Scene changes to Jules posed like Boticelli's "The Birth of Venus" with breasts exposed, and long hair covering her crotch.
A sequence of images with Rue and Jules recreating scenes familiar in culture, like John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Lovers Kiss by Magritte, a self-portrait by Frieda Kahlo, the clay scene from Ghost, Titanic, Snow White, Brokeback Mountain,
Rue: "This maybe is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. It's also the first time it's happened to me"
Jules can be heard panting, and her head is seen moving under the sheet near Rue's crotch.
Jules: "Are you sure this feels okay?"
Rue: "Yeah, it's amazing."
Rue: "The only problem is I took so many narcos I literally can't feel a fucking thing."
Jules: "Is there anything you want me to like, do differently?"
Rue: "Nah, it's amazing."
Jules: "Rue, you keep saying that."
Rue: "I know 'cause it's amazing."
Jules: "I've been doing it for, like, 25 straight minutes."
Rue: "Yeah, and it's amazing."
Rue: "Wait, did I already say it was amazing? I'm so fucking high. Don't tell anyone, but she might as well be going down on my ankle."
Jules: "Are you like, close to cumming?"
Rue: "I think so… Please god, don't ever let Jules find out what I'm about to do."
Rue fakes an orgasm. "Oh, I'm cumming!" (She moans and squeals.)
Jules: "Rue. Did you just fake an orgasm?"
Rue: "What? No. No. Are you crazy. That was amazing."


Elliot: "I feel like Rue is too lazy a person to fake an orgasm."
Jules: "I'm telling you, Elly, there is no way she makes the sounds I heard when she actually orgasms."
Elliot: "Like, what sounds?"
Jules imitates Rue, squealing and in a high-pitched voice "I'm cummmiiiing…"
Jules: "Maybe she's just not attracted to me."
Elliot: "Or maybe you suck at eating pussy. That could be it."
Jules: "Oh god, that's embarassing."
Elliot: "It's cool, you're new to the game."
Jules: "Yeah, but it makes me feel like a guy."
Elliot: "Why?"
Jules: "Cause guys don't know how to eat pussy."
Elliot" "Oh my god. You want me to show you, bro?"
Jules: "Bitch. I swear to god."
Jules jumps on Elliot and they wrestle.
Elliot: "Alright, so check it out. Pretend this is your pussy, right? "
He grabs her hand and holds it up to his mouth to demonstrate.
Elliot: "Here, try me."
Jules: "You sure?"
Elliot: "Nah, it's my hand, not my pussy. It's okay."
Jules puts his hand to her mouth.
Elliot: "Yeah, but then point your tongue."
Elliot makes moaning sounds like he's faking an orgasm.
Elliot: "See, and that's how you make me cum. And you taste good."
Jules and Elliot start kissing and then passionately kissing.
Elliot's phone buzzes. He says that Rue's outside.
Elliot: "I'm just gonna tuck my dick in my waistband."


Nate: "Jesus fucking Christ."
Nate: "You have this image of yourself as so fuckin' sweet and innocent, but it's bullshit. If you were a fuckin' sweet person, you wouldn't have fucked your best friend's boyfriend."
Nate: "You're going to do whatever the fuck it takes to destroy that. This isn't about being a fucking good person, Cassie, or being a fucking good friend… You can fucking leave or you can get into bed it's up to you."
Nate: "Maddy, that's literally fucking insane."
Nate: "I said Maddy because we're talking about how fucking crazy Maddy is, which you can't seem to fucking comprehend."
Nate: "That's not something to be fucking proud of, Cassie."
Nate: "What the fuck. What the fuck. You can't fucking blackmail me into a relationship with you."
Nate: "That is the literal fucking definition of blackmail!"
Nate: "It's fucked up!"
Cassie: "You know what's fucked-up, Nate? You telling me that you love me and then going and being in a relationship with my best friend."
Nate: "What the fuck! What the fuck is wrong with you? What the fuck is wrong with you?"
Nate: "For fucking… Cassie stop…"
Actress auditioning: "Shut the fuck up, Grace."
Cassie: "Shut the fuck up, Lexi!"
Actress auditioning: "Like I'm actually fucking crazy"

Cal, drinking proposes a toast to Nate: "The big swingin' dick, Mr. Big Balls, huh?"
Cal: "Fuckin' A"

Jules tells Elliot she thinks Rue has a crush on him.
Elliot: "Should we all just fuck?"
Jules and Elliot start making out.
Rue and Elliot start kissing.
Jules dares Elliot to lick her bare stomach.
Elliot: "Your girlfriend is sexy."
Jules: "Jealous, Rue? Now that was fucking amazing."
Elliot: "You know, I think if you guys are going to keep up with these lesbian power games, we should steal some liquor."

Woman (Cassie's mother?) "Oh, I fuckin' love this song." She is hosting a birthday party for Maddy and is serving alcohol to the teens.
"Whoo! Bitches!"

Song "trademark USA by Baby Keem playing"
"trademark on that pussy trademarkin' my brand new bitch… LLC the Glock, and I LLC my bitch…"

The mom at Maddy's birthday party is dancing, "twerking" leaning over and shaking her buttocks

Kat: "I like, can't fucking stand Ethan"

Maddy: "No seriously, people are fucking retarded… This shit is hard and confusing."

Song: "Bitch don't think shit sweet…"

Elliot drives up to a convenience store and tells Jules he's going to distract the clerk while she steals the beer.

Elliot: "Twitter is fucked up. I've always said that… and they're always taking shit too far."
Jules gets caught with the beer. The clerk runs after her. Elliot jumps over the counter. "How much is all this anyway?"
Clerk: "Fuckin motherfucker! Motherfuckers! Get out of my store!"
Elliot knocks over a display and runs away.

Elliot: "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck"

The clerk runs after them and hits a window with a baseball bat.

"Oh my God! Go!"
"Oh my god! Jesus Christ!"

Cal gets into his Jeep drunk and drinks while driving and swerving all over the road.

Rue opens a beer in the back of the car and starts drinking.
Jules is also drinking.
Elliot: "You know, you can't drink on that shit, it's fucking dangerous."
Rue: "It's fine."
Elliot: "Oh my god."

Cal: "Come on motherfucker!"
"fuck you, pal!"
"Oh, shit!"
"Oh my god! Whoo!"
Cal continues driving into oncoming traffic, swerving and nearly hitting other cars on the road.

Elliot to Rue: "Could you put the fucking drink down?"
Jules: "Are you fucking drinking?"
Rue: "Mmm, yeah. It's just one drink."
Jules: "I don't care, why are you drinking?"
Rue: "I'm not even into alcohol like that."
Jules: "Then why are you drinking it?"
Rue: "You know, f---[sighs]Elliot, just take me the fuck home, please."
Jules: "Wait, Rue…"
Rue: "Nah, I just wanna go home."
Jules: "I'm just saying like, don't drink."
Rue: "Nah, I wanna go home."
Jules: "Why?"
Rue: "Just drop me off"
Jules: "Why?"
Rue: "Drop me off, please."
Jules: "Why?"
Rue: "Because I can't fucking stand you."
Jules: "What?"
Rue: "Yeah, I don't wanna fuckin, I don't wanna argue about this shit. I don't want to fight. I'm sick of fuckin fighting."

Maddy is chugging beer from a bottle.

Maddy walks down the stairs in a bathing suit with cutaways to reveal her cleavage.

Cal returns to the gay bar where he and Derek danced. He kisses a bar stool and orders a whiskey.
Cal: "I haven't been here in 25 years." He plays a song on the jukebox and starts dancing alone.
Cassie is also drinking and dancing alone.
Man approaches Cal and starts dancing with him. He places Cal's hands on his hips and puts his head on Cal's shoulder.
Cal imagines its Derek.

Rue: "Just pull the fuck over and just let me out, please… just fuckin right up here."
Elliot pulls over and lets Rue out of the car.
Rue falls in through her bedroom window. "Ah, fuck!"

Jules returns to Elliot's house and asks if she can take a shower.
Elliot starts smoking pot while Jules is in the shower.

Rue pulls out the suitcase of drugs and takes four blue pills.

Jules emerges from the shower with a towel wrapped around her. She asks Elliot if she can borrow a shirt. She drops the towel and is seen naked from behind wearing only thong panties. Her breasts are briefly visible.

Maddy is drunk and stumbles into the hot tub where Nate, Maddie, Kat and others are.

Nate: "Give me a fucking break."
Maddy: "He's such a cunt."
Kat: "What the fuck is your problem?"
Maddy starts vomiting in the hot tub.
Maddy: "Nate, get me a fucking towel!"

The guy dancing with Cal asks "Are you crying?"
Cal: "You wanna wrestle?"
Cal starts to shoot for his legs "I'm gonna get you!"
"No, I'm good. I'm good. What the fuck!"
Another man intervenes. Cal takes off his shirt: "I was state champion, man!"
"Oh, Jesus. You three want to wrestle? You think you can take me?"
Cal: "Oh, Shit!" They carry him out.
"Fuckin' out of here."
"I warned you like ten fuckin times not to wrestle anybody, you didn't fuckin' listen."
"You can't do that to me, man. You can't fuckin kick me out, man! You can't do this to me, man!"
Cal: "Ah, fuck. Okay, alright."
Cal: "Fuck off!"

At Fez's apartment, Fez, Ash, and the woman staying with him are all watching a movie and smoking pot.

Fez: "Yo, who the fuck is that?"

Custer: "Nelson's baby mama showed up asking all types of stupid-ass questions."
Fez: "Fuck!"

Cal driving down the road with no hands on the wheel.

Jules lies next to Elliot and starts kissing him on his belly and straddles him. He tells her he has tell her something.
Elliot: "I lied to you. Rue's not sober. She hasn't been since I met her. She's been doing everything from heroin to fentanyl to benzos and I know that because I've been doing it with her and I'm so sorry. I just didn't want to keep lying to you."

Rue is shown in a drugged state.

Rue stumbles down the aisle of a church. Jules and Elliot are seated in a pew. A man sings a gospel song and embraces Rue.
Rue imagines she's being hugged by her dead father.

Cal unzips his pants and urinates on his own entryway floor. His exposed penis shown as he urinates.

Marsha: "Could you please put your penis away?"
Cal: "No."
"Cal, I'm not going to ask you again. Put your penis away."
"I am who I am."
"Put your dick away."
"Oh fuck. Yo dad, what the fuck are you doing… Okay but can you like put your fucking dick away."
"Dad's standing in the foyer with his dick out."
"What the fuck are you doing?"
"You know what you three assholes are looking at? The man with no name."
"What the fuck are you even saying?"
"Yo, what the fuck is going on, guys."

Cal: "I'm a motherfuckin' Rottweiler. You know how many men I've fucked?"
"Aaron. Do you know how many men I've fucked?"
Aaron: "Dad, why are you saying this? I don't understand. What the fuck is going on?"
Cal: "I had sex with a man for the first time when you were in your mama's belly."
"Why the fuck are you saying these things? Like, have you lost your fucking mind? You're talking about fucking men in front of mom when I was what, like, what the fuck is wrong with you? Who the fuck are you?"

Cal: "Here's the funny thing. If I said tonight that I went to the strip club and I [slaps Marsha's backside] picked up a real grade-A piece of ass, huge tits, shaved pussy, and I fucked the shit out of her in my truck, you wouldn't be one tenth as appalled as you are right now. You wouldn't be standing here saying 'Dad, what are you talking about.' You'd be like, 'Dad, don't say that in front of mom.' Fuck you. Fuck you. You're a bunch of fucking hypocrites. I'm a man. I'll fuck whoever I want, whenever I want. I'll fuck men, I'll fuck women, I'll fuck transsexuals, and I'll have a mighty fine time doing it. I eat what I kill."

Cal: "I'm a faggot, sexist, chaser pig, fuckin creep and I love it. Living a double life? Not my biggest regret. You are. But let's be honest, we all live double lives. Don't give me that look, Marsha. You got that shoebox full of love letters that camp counselor used to write you. You saved them. Flirting on Facebook. I get it. It feels good to know that you were loved by somebody other than me. I'm not standing here looking at you like 'how could you.' I mean, we all have secrets. Aaron, the porn on your fucking computer made my jaw drop. Marsha, come back! You saw it. Your mother's the one who showed me. Don't talk to me about secrets. Watching eight people cum on one person's face, gang-bangs, fucking cum funnels, fuckin pissing in people's asses, jesus fucking christ, man. I got problems? You got problems. You know I was kind of uptight when I met your mother. She was a freak and a fucking fox. Marsha! you were a fuckin' fox! Nathaniel, your whole fucking life's a secret. A mystery. Who knows about you? I have lived with you. I have raised you. I am your father. I know nothing about you. That's not true. I know that you're angry. I'm so sorry I fucked you up with my double life. [laughs] Okay, maybe I took mine to the extreme, I'll admit that, but I have a problem. But the reason I have a problem is this family. That's why. I'm not allowed to form an emotional connection, and I'm an emotional guy. You fuckers backed me into a corner. But you know what? I think you set me free. So. This is farewell. I left you with a little memory of me here on the floor of the foyer. You two dickwads can draw straws to see who cleans it up. I'll see you assholes later."
Cal walks out with a family photo under his arm.

Rue: "Really? You're going to rat me out to fucking mom? Over smokin' a little bit of fuckin' weed? Is that what the fuck we're doing now?"

Rue: "I never should've fucking trusted you!"

Rue: "Then how the fuck does she know?"

Rue: "You know what, if you want to fucking consider smoking some weed to help with my fucking panic attacks doing drugs, then yeah, sure, whatever, I was doing fucking drugs. Give me a fucking break."

Rue: "Can you guys chill the fuck out? It's just weed."

Rue: "I didn't. I fucking didn't."

Gia: "Fuck it."

Leslie: "Yeah, fuck it."

Rue: "You just want to fucking accuse me of shit?"

Rue: "If you're so fucking sure, let's do it… Let's fucking drug test me."

Rue: "The fuck did you do, mom? Fuck! What did you do, mom? Fuck! What did you do with my fucking suitcase? What did you do with the fucking suitcase?"

Rue: "No it's not gonna be fuckin' okay! Fuck! It wasn't mine!"

Rue: "Fuck! Fuck!"

Rue: "I'm not going to a fucking hospital."

Rue: "Don't call the fucking hospital. If you try to put me in a fuckin' hospital, I swear to God we're gonna have a problem."

Rue: "Put the fucking -- put the fucking phone down." Rue slaps the phone out of Leslie's hands.

Leslie shoves Rue out of her way to get to the phone.

Leslie: "You will not attack me in my own home."

Rue: "I'll do whatever the fuck I want in your own home."

Leslie: "I raised you! I did! Okay! And you do not fucking scare me."

Leslie: "You're not a good person, Rue. You smilin? Really? You're proud of that?"

Rue: "You know what's a shame, mom? My dad's dead. Kind of keeps you from admitting what a shit fucking mother you are. 'Oh poor Leslie. Her daughter's an addict, but you know her dad did die… You hear that Gia? You hear that? I don't want to put too much pressure on you, but you're probably going to have to be a fucking neurosurgeon or maybe an astronaut, because if not, then mom is 0 for fuckin' 2 and that means that it might actually just be her fucking fault. Yeah that means maybe she actually fucked up... to be fucking honest."

Leslie tells Rue to stop and grabs Rue by the arms.

Rue: "Don't fucking touch me." She pushes back on Leslie "Don't fucking touch me. You want to hit me?"

Gia: "Shut the fuck up!"

Rue: "Do it. Hit me!"

Gia: "You're fucking…"

Rue: "I know you want to. Get the fuck off of me!"

Rue shoves Gia

Leslie: "Don’t you fucking touch her." She slaps Rue across the face. "Get out! Get the fuck out of here!"

Leslie pushes Rue out of Gia's room and locks the door. Rue stands outside kicking the door. She puts her foot through the door. She walks around the house, trashing it. She pushes over a shef and knocks the contents off onto the floor.

Rue: "You want to tell me what to do with my fucking life, huh? You want to tell me to stop doing drugs?" Rue slams her head and back into Gia's door and breaks the door down.

Rue: "What the fuck else am I supposed to do, huh? What do you want me to do? What do you want me to fucking do? It's your fucking fault. You don't fucking recognize me? Well, neither do fucking I! I don't fucking recognize me either! …You wish I was different? So do I! You fucking hate me? So do I! Where idd you fucking put them? Fuck! Where'd you put it? Where's the fuckin' suitcase? Where's the fucking suitcase? Fuck! Where'd you put it? Fuck! Where did you put the fucking pills?"

Rue: "Fuck! Where did you fucking put them! I know they're fucking here… Where the fuck are they?"

Jules from another room says "We flushed them down the toilet."

Leslie: "Don't cry. Own that shit. Own what you just said."

Rue: "Fuck you."

Rue: "I see what the fuck is going on here… Well, first things first. Elliot here is a fucking addict, so if he tells you anything fuckin' different, he's a liar and a fucking snake." She smacks him on the head. "Fuck you!"

Rue: "This doesn't fucking concern you, Jules."

Jules: "Yes it does."

Rue: "No the fuck it doesn't."

Rue: "You're a fucking rat… So you go tell my fucking mom? …And why the fuck would you say anything?"

Rue: "You're fucking dead to me… I fucking mean every fucking word… You and me, we're fucking done. There's nothing fucking there anymore. Nothing. Fucking. There. … you know I have a lot of regrets in my life, but I gotta tell you Jules, meeting you has got to be at the top of my fucking list. Oh, now you wanna fucking cry? You wanna fucking cry? You're a fucking vampire. You just go around fucking -- sucking the fucking spirit out of everyone. You like that shit makes you feel good... it's all about fucking Jules, right? And you don't know what the fuck you're doing. You just act all fucking innocent. Like you're this fucking sweet little angel, this innocent, sweet little fuckin' angel who doesn't know what the fuck they're doing. You know what the fuck you're doing!"

Jules: "I love you."

Rue: "No the fuck you don't. You love being loved. You're a fucking greedy whore who just likes sucking the life out of people. And it fucking hurts, Jules!"

Jules: "I love you."

Rue: "No you don't. Stop saying that! You don't love me! You fucking left me when I fucking needed you. You fucking left me, when I was at my fucking lo -- you fucking left me at my fucking lowest! And a real fucking friend, someone who fucking loves you, wouldn't do some shit like that, Jules."

Rue: "If you wanna help me, you can just stay out of my fucking life… looking at you makes me physically fucking ill."

Elliot: "This shit was never my place."

Rue: "Wait, what, what the fuck you talking about, mom? I thought you said we were going to the ER."

Leslie: "yeah, baby. It's the same thing."

Rue: "No it's not the fucking same thing."

Rue: "Five percent. Okay? Those are my fucking chances. 1 in 20…"

Rue: "Everybody's mom fucking says that, okay. Even the ones who bury their kids."

Rue: "It's funny, because if you guys didn't do this fucking intervention shit, I was about a month away from killing myself…"

Rue: "Ugh, fuck. Mom I can't do this. I can't do this. You guys need to let me out of this car... I don't wanna fucking do this… It's not fucking okay, mom!" Rue gets out of the car in the middle of traffic and nearly gets hit by an oncoming car. Rue runs down the middle of the street. Cars are coming at her blaring their horns. "Fuck! Fuck!"

Rue: "Fuck!"

Rue runs away from her mother. Rue goes to Fez's house in search of drugs.

Rue: "Ah, fuck!"

Rue goes to Lexi and Cassie's house. Their mom engages Rue in conversation and asks her if she's in NA or AA and shares her experience going to AA: "...Just a bunch of hoity-toity assholes giving their advice whether you ask for it or not."

Rue asks to use their bathroom. She rummages through the medicine cabinet looking for pills and ends up taking a pair of gold earrings.

Rue: "Ah, fuck. It'll never fuckin' end."

Rue: "Just fuckin' leave me alone, please… you have no fucking idea, mom."

Rue: "I can't get clean. I can't do that shit forever."

Rue to Cassie: "How long have you been fucking Nate Jacobs? …how long have you been fucking Nate?"

Maddie: "You're fucking Nate? Are you kidding me? …You expect me to stand here next to my best friend who's been lying to me about fucking my ex boyfriend?"

Maddie: "Oh, you're crying? You're fucking crying, you fucking bitch… You're the most self-centered idiotic person I've ever fucking met. You fucked my ex and you're fucking crying? Are you fucking kidding me?"

Leslie: "I'm sorry, but I don't give a shit who's fucking who, okay…"

Maddy: "How long have you been fucking him? Be honest… Kat, shut the fuck up! How long have you been fucking him? …You dumb fucking bitch. I'm going to fuck you… Don't fucking run away from me you stupid fucking bitch."

Suze: "Goddamn it, I'm so sorry."

Rue runs away while Cassie and Maddie are fighting. She returns to Fez's house.

Fez: "What's up, kid? You look like shit."

Rue: "Yeah, I fucking feel like shit. I'm going through withdrawal and I need something." Fez tells her he doesn't have anything there.

Rue: "Ah, fuck man. You gotta have something. That's bullshit."

Fez: "Don't know what to tell you, I don't keep nothing at the house nomore."

Rue: "Fuck. Okay." She asks to use his bathroom. "Okay…Ah, fuck."

Rue: "I'm fucking -- I'm shitting my brains out, please Fez. Go away… No, no, fuck just go away."

Rue rummages through the house looking for drugs. Fez catches her.

Rue: "Please, fuck…" Fez tells her she's got to leave.

Rue: "Get off of me! Get your fuckin' hands off of me!"

Rue shoves him against the wall. Rue: "Get the fuck off of me you piece of shit."

Fez: "Hell, no."

Rue: "Don't fuckin' … Don't fuckin' touch me!"

Fez: "We're not doing this shit today."

Rue: "Get the fuck off of me!"

Fez: "Nah, you gotta get the fuck out the house now!"

Fez forcibly carries Rue down the hall and forces her out of the house.

Fez: "Fuck!"

Man honks the horn at his wife to hurry her up. "Come on! Let's go! Every fucking time!" Woman: "Stop fucking rushing me."

Rue enters their house through the garage as the door is closing. She rummages through the house looking for pills, money and valuables.

Rue: "Fuck."

Rue: "I'm just gonna steal some shit."

Rue opens a safe and takes money and valuables.

Gabe: "Heaven forbid you miss one fucking party." Woman enters her bathroom and realizes she's been robbed. Rue is hiding under the bed. Gabe reaches under the bed to get the gun. "Oh! Holy fuck!"

Rue runs away down the street.

Rue: "Aw, fuck. Fuck. Ah, fuck."

A police car stops and they start asking her questions. Rue is feeling physically ill and vomits. The officers start to get out of the car, and Rue runs off.

Cop: "Dammit. Shit! We got a runner."

Rue runs with the police in pursuit.

Rue: "Oh shit, shit, shit, shit!"

Song: "Yeah I fucking did it. Yeah I fucking said it…" the rest of the lyrics are obscured by the sound of the police sirens.

"Yeah I fucking did it. Yeah I fucking said it."

Rue crosses a busy street.

Driver: "Get out of the fucking road." Rue causes two cars to collide.

Rue: "Oh! Oh, shit!"

Rue: "Oh, fuck!"

Rue: "Fuck"

Rue: "Ah, fuck."

Rue goes to the apartment of the female drug dealer.

The drug dealer tells Rue how she got hooked on drugs after a sports injury. She had surgeries and screws put in her shoulder and then got put on Oxycontin. "I didn't even know it was addictive until I ran out. And that's when I learned I would do anything to avoid withdrawal, because it's hell. You're going through hell, aren't you?"

The dealer tells Rue she only has morphine. "I only have the intravenous and you don't fix, do you? …Then, unfortunately I can't help you."

The dealer tells her that a doctor explained to her that when a person becomes dependent on opiates, the part of the brain that releases chemicals that make you feel happy, starts to die; but the silver lining is that things that make you feel bad don't feel as bad anymore. She then says that she would do anything to avoid withdrawal, and that one of the good things about being a woman is that even if you don't have money, you still have something people want. [Suggesting, without saying it outright, that Rue could turn to prostitution to pay for her drug habit.]

The dealer pulls out a suitcase full of drugs. She gets a needle and a bottle of morphine. She offers to help Rue get cleaned-up. She runs a bath and helps Rue get undressed. The camera is focused on the drugs in the foreground, while Rue is getting undressed in the background, which is blurred and out of focus. Rue gets into the tub. Rue says she'll take anything she has. The woman (Laurie) fills a syringe with morphine and injects it into Rue's arm. She sticks the needle in a couple of times before she finds the vein. She pulls the plunger back so the blood mixes with the morphine, then injects it in. Rue sinks into the water and has a flashback of being given a bath by her father when she was a toddler, then flashes back to reading a eulogy at her dad's funeral, then visiting her newborn sister in the hospital. Rue wakes up in a strange bed. She has bruising on her arm. She walks out of the room and sees a man with a gun sleeping on the sofa. She tries to open the drug closet, but there's a padlock on it. She tries some keys on the lock, drops a key on the floor and tries another lock. She walks by Laurie's bedroom, and the man sleeping next to her wakes up. Rue opens a window and climbs out, jumping from a second story balcony and starts running away.

Rue is going through withdrawal. Sitting at a table with snot hanging from her nose trying to unwrap a piece of candy.

Rue: "Say what you want about Christians, at least they believe in forgiveness."

Rue: "I'm sure most people would say the world would be a better place without me. I don't disagree. In fact, I've been trying to leave it for as long as I can remember."

Rue: "Ali is also one of those rare people. Strange thing is, I bet most people would say the same thing about him. He's just a fucking crack-head wife beater. I bet his daughter said that. Even I kinda said that. That I regret. Really fucking regret. But if I'm being honest about who I am, I'm a liar. A thief. I'm violent, abusive, manipulative."

Rue running to the toilet: "Shit."

Ali: "You look like a cat coughed your ass up."

Ali: "Keep your stank withdrawal diarrhea-ass all away from my food."

Ali: "I know you probably been washing that ass."

Ali: "That shit hurts. It's unfair. You don't deserve it."

Rue: "Because after an 18 year dick swinging contest with his dad, Nate had finally won."

Nate's brother: "What the fuck is she so happy about?"

Nate's mom is drinking in the morning.

Rue: "But it's also what scared the living shit out of him"

Rue: "And he had now really fucking crossed her."

Maddy: "And everyone watching is like, 'You're a fucking idiot.'"

Kat: "Because she seems like the kind of person who would fuck your boyfriend."

Maddy says she wants to murder Cassie.

Kat: "She's a cunt, yeah."

Kat lies to her boyfriend and tells him that she has a brain disorder and that she thinks its terminal, so she thinks they should break-up. He calls her out for lying, and she gets defensive.

"What you're doing right now just feels like shit."

Kat: "Is this some kind of manipulation tactic you learned some fucking incel reddit forum."

Cassie's mom tells Lexi to hide the kitchen knives in the backyard bushes because she's afraid Cassie will try to hurt herself. She pours herself a glass of wine.

Fez is shown smoking pot. "That time I beat Nate's ass at that party."

Fez: "Shit."

Fez: "Damn, so it's kind of like a "Stand By Me" vibe."

Fez: "That's my shit, come on."

Marsha is drinking wine during the day. Nate sits at the counter with a glass and a bottle of whiskey and is drinking with his mother.

Marsha: "I know you don't believe me, but I was fucking hot."

Nate: "No, it's not. It's fucking specific."

Cassie explains to her mother that she and I were not "hooking up" while Nate and Maddie were dating.

"I'm pointing out the principle… The don't fuck your best friend's boyfriend principle."

Cassie: "They weren't boyfriend and girlfriend! God!"

"I don't care I just wanna watch my millionaire matchmaker in peace for one hour! One goddamn hour! Fuck!" She's drinking wine while watching TV.

Nate: "No, I just mean Maddie's never going to fucking talk to me again."

Marsha: "I could. Especially if it meant she had the chance to screw you over for the rest of her life."

Nate: "Yeah, well she's not fucking pregnant, she's never going to talk to me again."

Marsha: "Shit." [laughing] "Who's the cunt now! Do you remember when she said that?"

Marsha: "I know it's not the right thing to say, but when you grabbed her after that and you, like, pulled her ass off, I was thinking, 'that's my boy' …shit."

Marsha says he didn't have to choke her. Nate insists he didn't choke her.

Nate: "I didn't fucking choke her… I didn't fucking choke her, mom."

Marsha: "Well don't get so upset that you end up choking me, because I won't drop the charges. I'll fucking clean house."

Cassie is sitting on the kitchen floor holding a corkscrew to her wrist, as if she was going to use it to cut her wrist.

Lexi: "I don't fucking trust you."

Marsha: "Whatever the fuck he was talking about…"

Nate: "Because Aaron is a fucking idiot."

Nate: "Shut the fuck up! You're acting like a fucking teenager. Jesus fucking Christ."

Nate: "Right, so Cal's a fucking saint, now… That's literally what you fucking said."

Marsha: "Because your fucking dumb-ass dad didn't believe in therapy, so self-reflection is off table."

Nate: "What's the fucking point? What's the point of all this?"

Cassie: "And if you weren't such a fucking loser with no self-respect you'd drop her because she treats you like shit."

Cassie: "You didn't have to. I can fucking feel it."

Cassie's mom: "Oh, she needs a fucking exorcism."

Nate: "The truth was, Nate didn't give a shit what would happen to his dad. He did, however, care about what happened to his dad's business because eventually that would become Nate's business. And while he didn't know much about real estate, he did know there wasn't much of a market for homes built by a pedophile. or the son of a pedophile, even though technically he wasn't a pedophile, but it's not like you could argue that out loud."

Nate goes through his dad's desk and finds a revolver. He opens and spins the chamber.

Rue: "Fuck them, let's go back to Maddy."

Samantha: "It was fun to catch up on all the meaningless, fun bullshit."

Samantha: "Feel like we should get drunk and go for a swim." She pulls a bottle of wine out of the fridge.

Maddie: "Okay."

Maddie and Samantha are in the pool drinking wine.

Maddie: "You fucked one of your girlfriend's boyfriends?"

Samantha: "Yep. Multiple times."

Maddie: "You did this to multiple girlfriends?"

Samantha: "No, Jesus. Just one. Yeah… many times."

Samantha: "I was a fucking mess in high school. And college. And in my 20s…"

"…and God-help whoever did."

Maddie: "It's fucking amazing."

Samantha: "You're 18 years old, who gives a shit?"

Samantha: "God no, she never spoke to me again."

Fez is smoking pot while watching Stand by Me with Lexie.

Fez: "Got something in my fucking eye."

Nate drives to Maddy's house with his dad's gun.

Faye's boyfriend: "Hurry the fuck up."

"And so the fucking cops knock on my door."

"And they just ran up talking all kinds of crazy shit…"

"Hell no…They already had their sights set on fucking Fez and Ash… I need you to stay the fuck out of it."

Ash shown urinating while standing at the toilet from behind.

Fez: "That shit going hard"

Maddy returns home and undresses, changes into a tee shirt and sweatpants. Her bare back is shown and in her underwear.

Nate cocks the revolver and points it at Maddy. "Can you imagine if I was sitting here with a gun forcing you to accept my apology."

He directs her over to the bed, still holding the gun. He scratches his forehead with the barrel of the gun.

Nate: "Why do you think my dad likes to film himself fucking?"

Nate: "Can you believe it was Jules?"

He tells Maddy he needs to disc. She says she doesn't have it. He opens the chamber and dumps out the bullets, then puts one back in and spins the chamber. He holds the gun to her forehead and the gun clicks. Then he puts the barrel up to his head and pulls the trigger twice. Maddy is crying and begging him to stop. She tells him the disc is in her purse. He rests his face between her breasts before getting up to retrieve the disc. Maddy is lying on the bed crying.

Nate apologizes and says he was joking. "There's no bullets in the gun."

Nate is drinking a beer while driving. He calls Jules. She doesn't want to speak to him so he sends her a text message saying "it's about my dad and you. I just want you to be able to protect yourself. I'm out front."

Jules grabs a box cutter and goes outside to talk to Nate.

He offers her a beer.

Nate: "I've done a lot of shitty things, but this isn't one of them."

"I found out about you and my dad from this disc. He secretly records every encounter he has, and he's been doing it, well, honestly, as long as I can remember. I stole it from him." He tells her he's giving it to her to do whatever she wants to with it.

Jules: "And you've seen it? …Have a lot of people seen it? …Does he know you're giving this to me?"

Nate: "No, he would fucking kill me."

He tells her it's the only copy he knows of.

Jules: "What, did you become, like a good person?"

Nate: "Absolutely not, no. I mean you should've seen what I had to do to get it."

Jules: "I came out here with a box cutter in my sleeve, you know, in case there was a chance I might have to slit your throat. That's how little I trust you. Well, uh, thank you."

Nate picks up Cassie and her suitcase. He brings her home and up to his room and locks the door. He leans in to kiss her and she pushes him away and starts beating on him with her fists. He kisses her.

Jules plays the disc of her encounter with Cal.

At dinner, Rue says she figures she'd go to rehab, get clean "sort my shit out" then come back and apologize.

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