Mel Renfro

Advisory Board

Mel Renfro, a Former pro football great and Pro Football Hall of Famer, is a native of Portland, Oregon. He attended the University of Oregon and was All-American in football and track. In 1964, Renfro was the number-two pick in the college football draft, kicking off his 14-year career as a safety and cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys from 1964-1977. Renfro was all-NFC for three seasons and played in the Pro-Bowl each year from 1964-74.

Since his retirement from professional sports, Renfro has committed himself to building up the inner-city community through the efforts of the Mel Renfro Foundation. The foundation's mission is "to restore today's youth and family unit back to the basic values that were built on godly principles through a Christian based inner city 'Bridge Community Center.'" In keeping with his belief that community improvement begins with youth, Mel Renfro is excited to be part of the PTC's effort to hold Hollywood and advertisers responsible for the content of prime time TV.


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