Paul Porter

Advisory Board

Paul Porter is the founder Rap Rehab which is comprised of a consortium of industry leaders and media professionals whose broad range of experiences offer unique benefits to their clients.

Paul Porter has served as a Program Director and talent for BET; consulted for AOL Music, the NBA and Sound Exchange; and negotiated licensing deals with Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Good Morning America and ESPN. As an expert in the music business with over thirty years of experience, he has been featured on CNN, Fox News, the New York Times, LA Times, and Entertainment Tonight. Regarded as a music rights activist, Porter is also on the Advisory Board of the Parents Television Council. Paul Porter, has even been summoned to testify before Congress.

America's music industry has changed drastically in recent decades. Nowadays, music production is a very small component of what determines success for an artist. The numbers of independent artist and separation from the pack is now harder than ever. Brand building is a complex matrix of relationship-building, social media, marketing, promotion and multimedia production that very few people have a clear and comprehensive knowledge of. Rap Rehab was created to be a one-stop shop situated in this ever-changing cultural landscape known as "the music business." From artists to fans, our information and perspective will keep you well-informed.

We’re here to help you turn your music into self-sustaining streams of revenue. From our "Free 15" video chat series to our emphasis on cost effective strategies, Rap Rehab is enhancing your knowledge and maximizing your value. Take advantage of Rap Rehab 30 years in the music industry today. With Paul Porter as its guiding light, Rap Rehab is guaranteed to offer the best that the music industry has to offer.

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