Little Demon Take Action Alert




SUBJECT: T-Mobile’s Ads on “Little Demon”

Dear Mr. Ewens,

I am alarmed and disturbed to find that ads for T-Mobile are running on FXX’s “Little Demon.”

Know this: I am appalled by the content of the show, and will not support any company that buys ads on it.

Your ads paid for 15 f-words in less than 30 minutes; almost a dozen crude, vulgar references to male genitals – including a woman threatening to insert a goat’s horn into a man’s privates, full-frontal female nudity (and a scene where she shoves a bottle up her vagina and the goat’s horn up her rectum), mockery and disdain for Christians and Christianity, glorification of the satanic, the demonic, mutilation, gore, dismemberment. All of this revolving around a 13-year-old character.

And T-Mobile helped pay for it with its sponsorship dollars.

Either this type of graphic content is consistent with T-Mobile’s corporate brand or it is inconsistent with T-Mobile’s corporate brand.

Which one is it?

I’m sure you’ll agree that this content is a poor fit for your brand and could erode the trust you have earned with consumers based on your many years of responsible marketing. Please put “Little Demon” on T-Mobile’s “Do-Not-Buy” list.

Your ad dollars are the life-blood of the TV industry. Content like this can only proliferate as long as companies like yours are willing to underwrite it. Please do the right thing, and pull your ad dollars from “Little Demon.”

Take Action. Stay Informed.