Little Demon Take Action Alert




SUBJECT: Burger King’s Ads on “Little Demon”

Burger King has advertised on every episode of “Little Demon,” and I am writing you today to urge you to instruct your ad buyers to put “Little Demon” on your “Do Not Buy” list.

The program centers on a 13-year-old girl who has just discovered that her Wiccan mother slept with the devil and she is the antichrist.

In just three 30-minute episodes, there has been animated female frontal nudity, at least 38 f-words, 35 s-words; vulgar slang references to male and female genitalia, incredibly vile sexual innuendo, graphic, gory violence like heads exploding, bodies mutilated and dismembered, blood everywhere… occult imagery, Christian-bashing, and to top it all off, a main character who gets turned-on by violent sex.

I am appalled by the content of the show, and will not support any company that buys ads on it.

Either this type of graphic content is consistent with Burger King’s brand and corporate image, or it isn’t.

If Burger King wants to continue to profit from families who consume the product, then Burger King must side with families and against “Little Demon.”

Your ad dollars are the life-blood of the TV industry. Content like this can only proliferate as long as companies like yours are willing to underwrite it. Please do the right thing, and pull your ad dollars from “Little Demon.”

Take Action. Stay Informed.