Little Demon Take Action Alert



TO: Prue Hyman


SUBJECT: Lexus ads on “Little Demon”

“We are going to keep going for it, until we are told no.” - series creator Seth Kirschner

Seth Kirschner needs to be told “no.”

The nine episodes of “Little Demon” so far this season have been filled with satanic imagery – beheaded chickens and pentagrams -- as well as animated gore and graphic violence, like dismembered bodies and flesh melting off of human victims; full-frontal female nudity, graphic sexual content, dozens of “f-“ and “s-words” in each episode. And your ad dollars helped pay for it.

By buying time on this show, Lexus has chosen to tie its corporate identity to a show about a Wiccan mother and her antichrist love child with Satan.

I am appalled by the content of the show, and I will not support any company that chooses to underwrite this content.

If you want me as a customer, Lexus must side with families and against the disgusting and demonic content on “Little Demon.”

Take Action. Stay Informed.