PTC in the News

'Family Guy' actor Patrick Warburton says his parents 'hate the show'
USA Today (4/23/24)

On the Radar: ‘Shrimp Jesus’, Parental Controls and Misogynistic YouTube Content
Plugged In (4/20/24)

Social Media Companies Aren’t Protecting Children, but Could: Media Expert
NTD News (4/17/24)

Instagram blocks nude images in DMs to mitigate 'sextortion' crimes reaching record numbers
Fox News (4/17/24)

‘Screens’ Plus Children … Destructive Combination on So Many Levels
Striker Journal (4/11/24)

The children are not alright
Pittsburgh Parent (4/10/24)

Florida da un gran paso para proteger a los niños y aprueba la prohibición de redes sociales más restrictiva del país
CBN/Mundo Cristiano (4/2/24)

Movieguide (3/27/24)

Florida Takes Big Step to Protect Kids, Passes Most Restrictive Social Media Ban in Country
CBN (3/26/24)

'The Princess of Hell' and a Tryst with Satan: Watchdogs Warn These Satanic Shows Target Your Kids
CBN (3/19/24)


Disney’s Sexually Explicit Poor Things to be Added to Hulu Ahead of Oscars; PTC Issues Warning to Parents

Some Stories Don’t Need to Be Told
TOWNHALL (3/8/24)


Has childhood disappeared?
Arkansas Democrat Gazette (2/18/24)

What Is Love? Hollywood Hasn’t Got a Clue.
TOWNHALL (2/13/24)

MovieGuide (2/1/24)

Government Gets Involved With Disney+, Streamer Reportedly Classifies Scenes of Sexual Abuse as Suitable for Children
Inside the Magic (2/1/24)

News Nation Live (1/31/24)

Saturday morning cartoons, streaming anytime: Why kids content is vital to subscriber growth
CNBC (1/27/24)

Faith Nation
CBN (1/26/24)

Catholic Connection
Ave Maria Radio (1/24/24)

Big Tech is Preying on Children for Profit and Congress Needs to Stop It.
The Hill (1/18/24)

ESPN Sugar Bowl Flasher Offered Lucrative Opportunity By Camsoda: REPORT
Daily Caller (1/3/24)

'Naughty' list mass media: Should religious leaders help parents fight screen culture?
Get Religion (12/31/23)

Bentkey Makes The Parent TV Council Nice List; HBO, Meta: Naughty
The Daily Wire (12/8/23)

Instagram’s Parent Company Lands on Watchdog’s ‘Naughty List’: It ‘Targets Teens’ with Harmful Content
Christian Headlines (12/8/23)

Meta, HBO Make PTC’s Naughty List, AppleTV+, Bentkey On Nice List
TV NewsCheck (12/7/23)

Interview with Melissa Henson
Ave Maria Radio (11/22/23)

Teens are rebelling against sex on TV (11/14/23)

Nearly half of adolescents say there's too much sex on TV: study
The Christian Post (11/8/23)

Many teens think sex too pervasive on TV, study finds
Baptist Standard (11/7/23)

Adolescents have spoken, and 'nomance' is what they want
American Family News (11/2/23)

Op-Ed: Where has all the family TV programming gone?
The Washington Times (10/9/23)

Study: Prime Video Worst for Family Programming, Best Service May Surprise You
The Streamable (10/6/23)

'Kids are suffering': PTC urges streaming services to offer more family-friendly content
The Christian Post (10/9/23)

Lack of Family-Friendly Content on Streaming Platforms, Says Parents Television and Media Council VP
NTD News (10/4/23)

Less than 15 Percent of Netflix and Amazon Original Programs are Family-Friendly, Study Says
Christian Headlines (10/6/23)

Controversial nude dating show 'Naked Attraction' is shocking — and awing — viewers. Here's why.
Insider (10/2/23)

Britain's full-frontal nude dating show gets the US ratings - and the backlash
The New Zealand Press (9/30/23)

HBO quietly rolls out debauched British dating show where nude and faceless contestants are critiqued on their body parts
The Blaze (9/29/23)

What Is 'Naked Attraction' and Why Is it Max's Number One Show Right Now?
Men's Journal (9/29/23)

HBO Head Dismisses ‘Naked Attraction’ Controversy
The Streamable (9/29/23)

Britain’s full-frontal nude dating show sparks U.S. debate as it tops Max
The Washington Post (9/29/23)

Watch: Full-Frontal Nude Dating Show 'Naked Attraction' Quietly Added to Max
Breitbart (9/26/23)

Nude Dating Show Quietly Added to Max Draws Backlash
The Streamable (9/27/23)

Max adds nude dating show to platform that features kids' content
Movie Guide (9/27/23)

This Is Why ‘Naked Attraction’ Is Able to Show Full-Frontal Nudity
The Messenger (9/27/23)

‘Naked Attraction’ Surges to Become Max’s “Most Popular” Show
The Hollywood Reporter (9/27/23)

Explicit Dating Show ‘Naked Attraction’ Is Now On Max—Why It’s So Shocking And How It Avoids Censorship Rules
Forbes (9/27/23)

Watchdog Group Launches Full Frontal Assault on Max’s ‘Naked Attraction’
Next TV (9/26/23)

‘Naked Attraction,’ Brutal Full-Frontal Nude Dating Show, Quietly Added to Max
The Hollywood Reporter (9/25/23)

'Craziest s*** I EVER watched on TV': Infamous UK dating show Naked Attraction featuring full frontal nudity makes its US debut on HBO Max causing outrage over 'horrible' premise
Daily Mail (9/26/23)

PTC warns parents of Netflix series 'Sex Education' that depicts teens in sexual situations
The Christian Post (9/25/23)

More industry reactions to Anna Gomez and finally a full FCC
Radio Ink (9/11/23)

Behind the Scenes of HBO's The Idol: A Deep Dive into the Controversies and Cancellation After Season One
Outlook India (9/8/23)

Letter to the Editor: GLAMORIZED MURDER
Escondido Times-Advocate (8/24/23)

Good riddance to ‘The Idol,’ the most degrading show on TV
The Toronto Star (8/29/23)

Will ‘The Idol’ get a second season?
Deseret News (8/29/23)

‘The Idol’ Cancellation Celebrated by Parents Television and Media Council: ‘Marketing Explicit Content to Teens Is a Losing Scenario’
The Wrap (8/29/23)

Disney is quickly falling out of favor with Americans
The Washington Times (8/4/23)

Watchdog group pushes back on Bob Iger's claim that Disney isn't ‘sexualizing children’
The Christian Post (7/27/23)

Senate Commerce Passes Kids’ Privacy Bills for Second Straight Year
Communications Daily (7/27/23)

Media Watchdog Condemns Bob Iger Over ‘Patently False’ Claim Disney Doesn’t Sexualize Kids
Faithwire (7/27/23)

Parents, beware: HBO's 'The Idol' promotes depraved sexuality
The Christian Post (7/19/23)

How ‘The Idol’ and ‘Euphoria’ show why we should still care about toxic material in adult shows
Deseret News (7/17/23)

Warner Bros. Asked to Remove Smokers in Kids' Shows
Newsmax (7/10/23)

PTC Calls Out Warner Bros. Discovery for Promoting Smoking
TVNewsCheck (7/11/23)

Lily-Rose Depp Calls Controversial Explicit Scenes In ‘The Idol’ “Important” And “Intentional”
Deadline (6/28/23)

The Idol' to wrap up controversial season on Sunday: Why it's now only 5 episodes
Yahoo! Entertainment (6/27/23)

Who Had Marjorie Taylor Greene On Their 'TV Watch' Bingo Card?
Media Post (6/27/23)

HBO’s ‘The Idol’ Is ‘Hostile to Feminism,’ Media Experts Say
The Wrap (6/26/23)

Parents Television Council Calls on HBO to Cancel ‘The Idol,’ Citing ‘Torture Porn’ and ‘Sexual Abuse’
The Wrap (6/26/23)

The Idol' Normalizes a Pornographic Culture
Town Hall (6/3/23)

Max 'Kids & Family' Section in Non-Restricted Profiles Includes Content with Nudity, Profanity, Violence
The Streamable (5/24/23)

HBO continues to target children with immoral content with upcoming drama The Idol
Movie Guide (5/22/23)

Blackburn introduces bill to protect kids from harmful social media content
The Washington Stand (5/19/23)

FTC Claims Meta Violated Order, Seeks Ban on Kids’ Data Monetization
Communications Daily (5/4/23)

Kathy Castor Brings Back Bill to Protect Children’s Privacy Online
Florida Daily (5/2/23)

Marvel Cinematic Universe Features its first F-word - how did we get here?
Deseret News (4/24/23)

Why the FTC Must Investigate Hollywood’s End Run Around Parents
Town Hall (4/18/23)

Over 10,000 people back petition for Disney to remove sexually explicit content from kids' programming
Disney Dining (4/7/23)

Thousands sign petition calling on Disney to remove sexually explicit content from kids' programming
Christian Post (4/7/23)

Shareholder Asks CEO Iger to 'Please Turn Disney Back to the Apolitical Fun Place that It Used to Be'
CNS News (4/3/23)

PTC fires warning at Disney BOD
What's On Disney Plus (4/3/23)

Streaming Media's Favorite Word
Point of View Radio (3/23/23)

Streaming Services Target R-Rated Content at Kids, Teens, Watchdog Group Warns
Movie Guide (3/23/23)

Endless F-words have come to dominate streaming media
Washington Examiner Online (3/18/23)

Netflix, Amazon Are Pushing R-Rated Content to Children and Teens: Watchdog
Christian Headlines (3/17/23)

What the heck? 10 movies that avoid profanities
Deseret News Online (2/27/23)

Parents Television and Media Council Names New President
Next TV (2/22/23)

PTC Names Jon Yasuda President
TVNewsCheck (2/22/23)

Google, YouTube taking steps to protect users from explicit content
Baptist Press Online (2/9/23)

PTC Want Disney To Improve Its Tarnished Image
Disney Plus (2/7/23)

Tech And TV: Study Shows Excessive Screen Time, Explicit Content Changing The Teenage Brain
The Daily Wire (1/20/23)

On-screen child exploitation continues apace, even as attitudes toward it sour
Washington Examiner (1/12/23)

Catholic Connection - Jan 9, 2023 - Hour 2 - Ave Maria Radio
WDEO-AM Online (1/9/23)

Is the content on Hulu too adult? Parents council says yes
Deseret News (1/5/23)

Stopping the Exploitation of Children in Entertainment, with Tim Winter
The Covenant Eyes Podcast (11/22)

Disney+ Re-Edits Splash Mermaid Nudity in Tom Hanks Movie
Comic Book (11/15/22)

PTC Calls On Corporate America To Stop Sexualization Of Children
TV NewsCheck (11/29/22)

Alarmed at ‘Euphoria,’ PTC Urges Parents to Grill Children About It
AFA News (11/15/22)

Entertainment Companies Use Social Media to Reach Minors with Mature-Rated Content, New Study Finds
CNS News (11/17/22)

Experts Warn That Children are Being Targeted for Adult Content on Social Media
The Washington Stand (11/16/22)

What Sponsors Need to Know About Netflix’s Ad-Supported Tier
The Washington Examiner (11/15/22)

Corporate Policy? KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell Give Thumbs Up to Gross ‘Little Demon’
Daily Surge (10/22)

Newsom and Dahle to debate + AB 257 referendum campaign launched + Parent group wants answers
Sacramento Bee (9/22)

Media Watchdog Takes on Satan-Themed Cartoon ‘Little Demon,’ Issues Warning
CBN (9/22)

The F-word has taken over TV
Deseret News (9/22/22)

Congressman Condemns New Animated Series Little Demon as ‘Clearly Evil’
Movie Guide (9/22)

Despite Mega Popularity, ‘Rick And Morty’s’ Legacy Is Complicated
The Federalist (9/20/22)

Newsy: In the Loop

A profane, gory cartoon has this parents group criticizing Disney
Deseret News (9/19/22)

Emmys Highlights Hollywood’s Dark Side (9/16/22)

According to 'Stranger Things' Authority, Values Dispensable
Newsmax (7/26/22)

Disney+ adds 3 R-rated movies to platform
News Nation (7/26/22)

Disney Plus breaks promise to stay 'family friendly,' adds R-rated movies
The Christian Post (7/26/22)

"They Lied to Us," Disney Under Fire For Endangering Children
Inside the Magic (7/25/22)

Gun Violence Isn't Just Congress' Job to Fix, It's Also Hollywood's
The Washington Examiner (7/25/22)

Disney Shows First R-Rated Movies on Disney+
The Wall Street Journal (7/24/22)

Senate Commerce Panel OKs Big Tech-Targeted Kids Protection Bills
Next TV (7/24/22)

Netflix is struggling, and that may be good for America
The Hill (7/21/22)

Emmys Show the Importance of Screening Those Screens
Plugged In (7/19/22)

Parents Group: Stranger Things Needs TV-MA Rating due to 'Shocking' Increase in Graphic Content
Christian Headlines (7/14/22)

Report: 'Stranger Things' Keeps TV-14 Rating Despite Rise in Profanity & Violence
CNS News (7/12/22)

Netflix hit 'Stranger Things' sees sharp rise in profanity, violence: media watchdog
The Christian Post (7/11/22)

Study: Steady Stranger Things adult content rise
Advanced Television (7/8/22)

PTC Warns Parents About Netflix Spin-Off 'Human Resources'
Next TV (6/30/22)

Hollywood Hypocrites
Epoch Times (6/23/22)

Netflix Shareholders: Use Your Influence to Force Netflix to Stop Sexualizing Children
CNS News (5/31/22)

Disney Adds Content Warning to 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' In Light of Uvalde Shooting
Indie Wire (5/28/22)

Disney+ Bans Alcohol Commercials and Political Messaging for New Ad-Supported Tier
Indie Wire (5/17/22)

Marvel Censors One Shot on Disney+
Comic Book (5/15/22)

An animated 'Married… With Children' revival is in the works
Entertainment Weekly (5/13/22)

Millie Bobby Brown and the sexualisation of Hollywood's teenager (4/27/22)

Parents Beware: Foul-Mouthed Cartoon Continues Netflix Run
Movie Guide (4/22/22)

'More Deranged Than Before': Critics' New Dire Warning For Parents About HBO's 'Euphoria'
Faithwire (4/22/22)

'Euphoria' star Maude Apatow dishes on show's viral TikTok memes, controversial subject matter
USA Today (4/22/22)

Media watchdog finds 'disturbing' uptick in male, full-frontal nudity: 'Reaching a tipping point’
The Christian Post (4/21/22)

Critics agree with Elon Musk's assessment that 'woke mind virus' is hurting streaming service
Fox News (4/20/22)

Safe and Sound
The Stand (4/22/22)

Why a Texas DA is Standing up to Netflix
Newsweek (4/11/22)

Hollywood's Biggest 'Slap' Is to Regular Americans
CNS News (4/7/22)

Has Disney Abandoned Hulu?
The Streamable (4/5/22)

How Did 'Euphoria' Become Entertainment?
Verily (3/18/22)

The Penile Code: What TV's Increase in Full-Frontal Male Nudity Really Means
Vanity Fair (3/17/22)

Disney+ International Keeps Adding More Hulu Content, Could U.S. be Next?
Cord Cutters News (3/18/22)

Disney+ Blasted By Parents Group, "What Comes Next? Live Stripteases in Fantasyland?”
Inside the Magic Disney and Theme Park (3/11/22)

Disney+ Blasted By Parents Television Council Over Adding Mature Content
What's On Disney Plus (3/11/22)

Parents TV Council Slams Disney Plus for Adding 'Daredevil' and More: 'Destroys Your Brand’
Variety (3/10/22)

PTC Chides Disney+ for Allowing TV-MA-Rated Shows: 'Destroys Your Brand’
The Wrap (3/10/22)

Disney Plus Will Soon Feature Marvel Series With Explicit Content. Parents Beware
The Federalist (3/7/22)

Netflix fights child porn charges in Texas stemming from 'Cuties' backlash, accuses DA of 'abusing his office’
Fox Business Online (3/4/22)

High School Forever
Vanity Fair Online (2/25/22)

Robert Plymale: FCC nominee is the right choice for WV
The Herald Dispatch (2/26/22)

If Your Kids Are Secretly Watching HBO's 'Euphoria,' You Should Worry
The Federalist (2/25/22)

Adidas Sports Bra Ad: Objectivization or Empowerment?
National Catholic Register (2/14/22)

Sohn to Senate: I Will Be Fair, Unbiased, Impartial FCC Commissioner
TV Technology (2/9/22)

Why Jessica Szohr Won't Let Her Kids Watch Gossip Girl
E! Entertainment Television Online (1/27/22)

Does 'Euphoria' cause 'potential negative consequences' for teens? Experts say it depends: 'genetics, temperament, life experiences.’
Yahoo! Lifestyle (1/27/22)

D.A.R.E. speaks out against HBO's 'Euphoria’
Deseret News (1/26/22)

Hollywood exacerbated the pandemic’s impact on Children
Washington Examiner (1/8/22)

Family-friendly filmmakers eye 2022 as the year of Hollywood alternatives
The Washington Times (1/3/22)

How Netflix’s Squid Game is inspiring Aussies to cook candy to see if they would survive a challenge that featured in the twisted hit series
Daily Mail (UK) (9/29/21)

TV watchdog group asks Netflix to remove ‘Big Mouth’
The Washington Times (9/27/21)

PTC Applauds Hulu’s Decision to Add PIN-Restrictions
TV Technology (9/22/21)

Media Watchdog Blasts Netflix For Cartoon That ‘Grooms Children For Sexual Abuse’
Christianity Daily (9/17/21)

Popular Netflix Cartoon Big Mouth 'Grooms Children for Sexual Abuse,' Watchdog Warns
Christian Headlines (9/17/21)

Parents Group Demands Child Pornography Investigation Over Netflix Show
CBN News (9/18/21)

Parents Group Demands Child Pornography Investigation Over Netflix Show
Faithwire (9/15/21)

Are Streaming Services Like Disney Plus And Netflix Really As ‘Family Friendly’ As They Claim To Be?
The Federalist (4/27/21)

PTC Issues Cord-Cutters Guide to Streaming Services
Next TV (4/20/21)

The era of complaining about Hollywood is over
The Washington Times (4/22/21)

Parent Group Criticizes Hulu Content Controls; Hails Netflix, Disney+
Media Play News (4/20/21)

Top 7 Streaming Services in 2021 and What They Offer Families
Family Theater (5/1/21)

Netflix Has the Best Parental Controls, Hulu the Worst, According to New Study
Christian Headlines (4/21/21)

Netflix’s ‘Mitchells vs. the Machines’ mostly family friendly, with caution
Alabama Baptist (5/2/21)

PTC Offers Tips for Families Fearing Streaming Platforms Gone Wild
Hollywood in Toto (5/6/21)

Netflix Does Not Protect Your Kids
The Cwic Show (5/5/21)

Surviving Bad (2021) | Ep. 19 - Sex, Nudity, Violence, Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Profanity
MediaCom Communications TV (5/3/21)

Letters to the Editor: MyPillow, Where Are You?
New York Times (1/27/21)

The Balanced Voice Episode 17 | Tim Winter - Regulating Media Consumption
The Balanced Voice (1/27/21)

New face of FCC draws praise from PTC
One News Now (1/25/21)

Reality Dating Franchises Ranked From Worst To First
The List (1/21/21)

Pandemic boredom: Many parents watch increasingly sexualized content with their kids
Lifesite News (1/18/2021)

A warning from the Parents Television Council
SRN News (1/17/2021)

Kids’ screen time up 50% during pandemic
Axios (1/17/2021)

New Year’s Resolutions for Hollywood (and Washington) That Will Help Families in 2021
Programming Insider (1/5/2021)

PTC Again Urges FCC to Revisit Content Ratings
TV Technology (1/5/2021)

"Trumptalk' may outlast Trump
Axios (12/28/2020)

Entertainment in 2020 - Interview with Tim Winter
Faith Radio (12/18/2020)

Just How Risqué Will HBO Max’s Gossip Girl Be?
W Magazine (12/17/2020)

D.C. Weighs in on Simington Confirmation to FCC
NextTV (12/8/2020)

Euphoria special bridge episodes to hit streaming on Binge (12/2/2020)

Family TV watchdog ranks 'best' and 'worst' advertisers of the last 25 years
The Christian Post (11/19/2020)

Netflix's third-quarter miss may be due to backlash over sexually exploitative content
The Washington Examiner (11/19/2020)

Do We Really Need Shows That Depict Inappropriate Student-Teacher Relationships on TV?
Shondaland (11/12/2020)

Parents Demand Netflix Board Removes Content That Sexualizes Children
Movieguide (11/2/2020)

Parents TV Council president slams Netflix board for ignoring letters urging end to child 'sexualization'
Fox News (10/29/2020)

Why ‘The Bachelorette’ has been accused of sexual harassment and a double standard
The Deseret News (10/25/2020)

‘The Bachelorette’ Strip Dodgeball Shouldn’t Have Surprised Sexually Conservative Viewers
The Federalist (10/22/2020)

U.S. Attorney General William Barr should investigate Netflix over ‘Cuties,’ says PTC, Enough is Enough
Deseret News (10/16/2020)

Ted Sarandos, Netflix's Co-Chief Executive Officer, responds to ‘Cuties’ backlash following indictment
Fox News (10/12/2020)

Marvel movies without the PG-13 content: ClearPlay lets families ‘clean up’ Disney Plus titles
Metro Voice (10/8/2020)

Parents Television Council commends indictment of Netflix over ‘Cuties’
Deseret News (10/8/2020)

Netflix indictment over ‘Cuties’ has legal merit, says National Center on Sexual Exploitation
Deseret News (10/8/2020)

Parents Television Council commends indictment of Netflix over ‘Cuties’
MSN (10/8/2020)

The Baptist Messenger (10/7/2020)

Netflix's 'Cuties' Did Not Sit Well with a Texas Grand Jury
Townhall (10/7/2020)

Netflix Indicted: Grand Jury Charges Company for 'Lewd Exhibition' of Children in Cuties
Christian Headlines (10/7/2020)

Netflix faces criminal charges for film with girls
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (10/7/2020)

The State Of Texas Indicts Netflix For ‘Cuties’ Film
The Mix (10/6/2020)

Netflix indicted by Texas grand jury for ‘Cuties’ film
Fox News (10/6/2020)

FOX 10 Phoenix
FOX 32 Chicago
FOX 5 Atlanta
FOX 13 Tampa Bay

Sen. Mike Lee again attacks Netflix movie ‘Cuties’ as possible criminal exploitation of minors
The Salt Lake Tribune (10/5/2020)

‘Cuties’ and the Cultural Demise
The Epoch Times (9/27/2020)

Parents TV Council urges probe of Netflix for 'sexualized' content amid 'Cuties' controversy
Fox News (9/25/2020)

Parents group wants Trump to have Netflix investigated for ‘sexualizing’ kids
New York Post (9/24/2020)

TV: EWTN News Nightly (9/14/2020)

TV: Inside Edition (9/14/2020)

‘Graphically And Grotesquely Sexualizing Children’ Is ‘Corporate Practice’ For Netflix, Parents Television Council Says
Daily Caller (9/17/2020)

‘Cuties’ may have led to 5 times the number of Netflix cancellations in 5 days
Deseret News (9/17/2020)

Republicans Ask DOJ to Prosecute Netflix Over 'Cuties'
Multichannel News (9/18/2020)

‘Cuties’ Isn’t Netflix’s Only Show Sexually Exploiting Children, Parents Television Council Warns Congress
CNS News (9/18/2020)

Real-world consequences for Netflix
World (9/15/2020)

Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ becomes target of politicized backlash
Associated Press (9/14/2020)

Five Spot: Tim Winter, President, Parents Television Council
Multichannel News (9/14/2020)

Netflix faces backlash again for French film 'Cuties' about young girls
Today (9/14/2020)

Netflix asks viewers to watch controversial 'Cuties,' Sen. Ted Cruz seeks criminal investigation
USA Today (9/11/2020)

Texas Senator Calls for DOJ Investigation of Netflix Regarding ‘Cuties’ Movie
Media Play News (9/12/2020)

‘Cuties’ Pile-On Adds Ted Cruz, Laura Ingraham; Netflix Defends Film As “Social Commentary”
Deadline (9/12/2020)

Sen. Mike Lee suggests Netflix movie ‘Cuties’ is criminal sexual exploitation of minors
The Salt Lake Tribune (9/12/2020)

Facing backlash, Netflix defends ‘Cuties’ as ‘social commentary’ against sexualizing young girls
Washington Post (9/11/2020)

‘A Training Film To Market And Seduce Children’: Child Advocates Condemn Netflix’s ‘Cuties’
Daily Caller (9/10/2020)

Who stars in 'Cuties' and why didn't parents stop them? Questions galore as Schaefer asks to probe Netflix film
MEAWW (9/10/2020)

Netflix film is part of the sexualization problem
The Asbury Collegian (9/9/2020)

Netflix Defends ‘Cuties’ as ‘Social Commentary’ Against Sexualization of Young Children
Variety (9/10/2020)

VidAngel settles 4-year legal battle with Disney, Warner Brothers
Christian Post (9/5/2020)

PTC Praises Disney Plus's Deal With ClearPlay
Multichannel News (9/3/2020)

ClearPlay is offering a new filter for Disney Plus ahead of ‘Mulan’ release
Deseret News (9/2/2020)

8 US TV series that failed to live up to their popular British counterparts
Insider (8/31/2020)

Sexualized Toys Created For Children: A Disturbing Trend, Not a Coincidence
Washington Examiner (8/25/2020)

Netflix is 'deeply sorry' for 'inappropriate artwork' used for film about kids' dance group
USA Today (8/25/2020)

Miley Cyrus Wants to Resurrect Hannah Montana: I'm Ready to Whip Her Out
MovieWeb (8/21/2020)

Tessa Thompson and More Defend ‘Cuties,’ Criticize Netflix’s Marketing for Creating Outrage
IndieWire (8/20/2020)

Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ Sexualizes Children, Says National Center On Sexual Exploitation, Parents Television Council
Daily Caller (8/20/2020)

Netflix Apologizes for ‘Inappropriate’ ‘Cuties’ Poster Slammed for ‘Sexualizing’ Little Girls
Variety (8/20/2020)

Calls mount for Netflix to pull Polish erotica '365 Days'
Washington Times (8/5/2020)

New ‘Baby-Sitters Club’ Series, Aimed at Kids, Features Transgender Storyline
Daily Signal (7/18/2020)

Why an 'F-Word' in Hamilton Represents a Larger Problem With Hollywood Today
CNS News (7/16/2020)

80,000+ People Call for Netflix to Remove 365 DAYS, Which Glamorizes Trafficking, Rape
Movieguide (7/16/2020)

‘The Walking Dead’ star says brutal deaths were ‘too much’ for audiences
Deseret News (7/13/2020)

My problem with Netflix
Christian Today (7/8/2020)

PTC Calls On Netflix CEO To Remove ‘365 Days’
TV Newscheck (7/8/2020)

Bold and Brilliant Hamilton Musical Sheds New Light on Story of American Founding
The Stream (7/3/2020)

Scott Tady: 12-year-old Midland student’s got talent
Ellwood City Ledger (6/28/2020)

Family-friendly TV advocacy group urges Disney+ to remove expletive from 'Hamilton' musical
BP News (6/26/2020)

‘Hamilton’ movie should have ‘zero’ F-words on Disney Plus, conservative media watchdog group says
Deseret News (6/25/2020)

Warning: ‘Hamilton’ on Disney Plus will have one F-word
Deseret News (6/23/2020)

The Insidious Way Netflix Has Replaced Parents
Townhall (6/18/2020) (6/18/2020)

How ‘Looney Tunes’ joined the culture wars
Deseret News (6/12/2020)

‘Looney Tunes’ and ‘Elmo’ were HBO Max’s most popular shows at launch. Does that bode well for ‘family-friendly’ shows?
Deseret News (6/9/2020)

‘13 Reasons Why’ should be removed from teen category, watchdog group says
Deseret News (6/3/2020)

Netflix is promoting explicit content to minors, PTC report finds
Christian Post (5/27/2020)

Why Netflix still isn’t safe for children
Washington Examiner (5/27/2020)

‘Love is Blind,’ ‘90 Day Fiance’ and why we’re watching reality TV right now
Deseret News (5/18/2020)

One Simple Thing the Cable TV Industry Can Do to Save Itself
Broadcasting & Cable (5/15/2020)

It's Time for Some Teen Work at Netflix
The Patriot Post
(5/12/2020) (5/12/2020)

Hitting the Books: How to be active on social media and still keep your job
Engadget (5/9/2020)

Will TV stay dark after COVID-19?
Deseret News (5/8/2020)

Report Finds Netflix Pushes Explicit Content To Minors
The Federalist (5/8/2020)

Report Finds Netflix Ratings Aren’t Accurate for the Teenage Audience
Movieguide (5/5/2020)

PTC: Take closer look, parents, at Netflix programs
One News Now (5/5/2020)

REPORT: 104 of 255 Netflix Shows for Teens Have Mature Rating
Church Leaders (4/29/2020)

40 Percent of Netflix Teen Programs Rated TV-MA, New Study Shows
Christian Headlines (4/28/2020)

‘Splash’ Nudity Flap Puts Disney+ Movie Edits Back in Spotlight
Bloomberg News (4/15/2020)

Parents Television Council Commends Disney for Removing Nudity From Splash
Comic Book (4/15/2020)

Disney+'s ‘Splash’ mermaid-butt censorship wins kudos from parents group. The internet does not agree
Los Angeles Times (4/15/2020)

Parents Television Council praises Disney Plus for editing ‘Splash’ scene
Deseret News (4/15/2020)

Parents Television Council wants 'family hour' restored on networks' schedules
Washington Times (4/14/2020)

‘Family Guy’ creator Seth MacFarlane clashes with Fox News host over coronavirus story
Los Angeles Times (4/13/2020)

NBCUniversal Debuts ‘Family Movie Night’ With Reduced Commercials
Broadcasting & Cable (4/10/2020)

PTC Calls for Return of TV's Family Viewing Hour
Broadcasting & Cable (4/8/2020)

PTC Asks Broadcasters to Bring Back Family Hour Programming Block
The Wrap (4/7/2020)

PTC: HBO Should Stream 'Sesame Street' Free to Homebound Kids
Broadcasting & Cable (3/25/2020)'

Movies, TV shows and music that were mired in controversy at release
MSN (3/12/2020)

New generation of innovators aim to make streaming TV safer for families
Angelus (3/12/2020)

PTC Calls for Disbandment of TV Monitoring Board
Cable Fax (3/3/2020)

End Hollywood's War on Content Filtering
The Patriot Post (3/3/2020)

PTC Renews Call to Disband TV Content Ratings Board
Broadcasting & Cable (3/2/2020)

Parental Watchdog Calls for New Oversight Board for Children's Content on Television
The Washington Times (3/2/2020)

The new ‘Mulan’ has people asking: Are PG-13 films becoming the new default for kids’ movies
Deseret News (2/27/2020)

PTC Launches Petition Against AT&T’s Pornographic Content
Movieguide (2/24/2020)

End Hollywood's war on content filtering
Washington Examiner (2/9/2020)

What ‘Joker’ can teach us about the Oscars and successful films
Deseret News (2/7/2020)

Rev. Graham: Pepsi Halftime Show Tells 'Young Girls That Sexual Exploitation of Women is OK'
CNS News (2/5/2020)

Franklin Graham Slams NFL for Promoting 'Sexual Exploitation'
Newsmax (2/4/2020)

Risqué Super Bowl Halftime Show 'Sexualized' Women, Crossed Line, Many Say
Christian Headlines (2/3/2020)

Franklin Graham Says NFL and Pepsi Promoted 'Sexual Exploitation' in Stripper Pole Halftime Show
CBN News (2/3/2020)

Don’t Pretend The Shakira And J. Lo Super Bowl Sexcapade Was Surprising
The Federalist (2/4/2020)

Now More Violent, Vulgar, And Watched Alone, TV Is Dehumanizing Americans
CNS News (1/24/2020)

Can no-contract, unbundled offerings help cable companies cut the rate of cord-cutting?
EConsultancy (1/17/2020)

Just What America Doesn’t Need -- More Television Programs
The Hill (1/19/2020)

‘Joker’ to be re-released this week ahead of Oscars event
Deseret News (1/15/2020)

Streaming TV’s obsession with MA-rated programming leads to exploitation
Washington Examiner (1/14/2020)

‘The Witcher’ seems like the next ‘Game of Thrones.’ But is that really a good thing?
Deseret News (1/9/2020)

Hollywood now directly marketing trash to kids: PTC
One News Now (1/10/2020)

PTC: Hollywood Markets Explicit Content to Children
Movieguide (1/9/2020)

Verizon FiOS Breaks Cable Rules with ‘Mix & Match’
Broadcasting & Cable (1/9/2020)

Hollywood is Directly Marketing Its Most Explicit Content to Kids PTC President Warns
Christian Post (1/8/2020)

Black-ish Is the Best Family TV Show of the Decade
Washington Examiner (12/31/2019)

Television Watchdog Blasts Spike in ‘Toxic’ Content Involving Children
The Washington Times (12/26/2019)

'Best' and 'worst' TV advertisers for 2019: Parents Television Council
Christian Post (11/30/2019)

These are the best and worst advertisers for Christmas, according to Parents Television Council
Deseret News (11/25/2019)

PTC Suggests Tweaks for a Better Disney+
One News Now (11/29/2019)

Data Shows the Walking Dead Declined When Negan Arrived
Comicbook (11/30/2019)

Study cites 'content creep' in making TV ratings unreliable
Catholic Sentinel (11/10/2019)

Profanity, Violence, Sex Increasing on TV Rated for Children
The New American (11/8/2019)

The Cursing President
The Week (11/7/2019)

Watchdog Finds Major Significant Increase In TV Profanity And Violence, Says Congress Should Act
SkyWatch (11/4/2019)

Congress Asked to Act After Hollywood Shrugs
One News Now (11/4/2019)

Congress Silent on Ratings Reform
World (10/25/2019)

Wasteland Revisited
Multichannel News (10/21/2019)

Disney+ ushers in streaming war for kid-friendly content
Axios (10/22/2019)

Family friendly content filtering services
The World and Everything In It Podcast (10/29/2019)

Parents group says HBO holding Big Bird hostage
MetroVoice (10/24/2019)

What respectable company would condone this?
One News Now (10/30/2019)

Violence, profanity on the rise in kids' TV shows, study finds
Washington Times (10/16/2019)

PTC: TV Ratings Fail to Reflect 'Content Creep'

Broadcasting & Cable (10/15/2019)

New Report Finds ‘Marked Increase’ in Violence, Profanity on Network TV

NewsBusters (10/17/2019)

Profanity, Violence More Prevalent in Kid-Rated Content, Says PTC

TV Technology (10/16/2019)

Watchdog Finds Major Increase in TV Profanity and Violence, Says Congress Should Act

Christian Headlines (10/15/2019)

How Sesame Street Found Itself Caught-Up in Class Warfare
The Federalist (10/11/2019)

HBO Accused of Baiting Parents With Big Bird
One News Now (10/16/2019)

What Families Should – And Should Not – Watch on TV This Fall (9/27/2019)

This is the wrong time for ‘Joker’

Deseret News (9/26/2019)

Filtered movies from Vudu lead October’s family-friendly lineup

Metro Voice (9/26/2019)

PTC: Streamer going to battle for families

One News Now (9/23/2019)

PTC: Several Reasons Why '13 Reasons' Should Go
Multichannel News (8/22/2019)

PTC: Sometimes the hero is one guarding TV

One News Now (8/26/2019)

Hollywood needs to reduce graphic violence, especially in child-friendly media, says Parents Television Council

Deseret News (8/6/2019)

Are Graphic TV Shows Influencing Teens As Much As We Think?

Huffington Post (8/9/2019)

Better Late Than Never

World (7/19/2019)

Mass shootings reignite dispute over violent video games
Nexstar Media Group (8/6/2019)

Watch: Do Video Games Really Cause Violence? PTC Expert Says 'President Trump is Right'

TV: CBN News (8/6/2019)

Hollywood needs to reduce graphic violence, especially in child-friendly media, says Parents Television Council

Deseret News (8/6/2019)

PTC: Time for Hollywood to Lead on Reducing Media Violence

Broadcasting & Cable (8/5/2019)

PTC Pans Comic-Themed Broadcast Shows

Multichannel News (7/30/2019)

Marvel, Batman, Green Arrow and other comic book TV shows 'no longer safe for kids,' according to Parents Television Council

Deseret News (8/5/2019)

Who enabled accused sexual predators R. Kelly and Jeffrey Epstein? We did
Los Angeles Times (7/14/2019)

Profanities, 'blasphemes' spike in 3rd season of 'Stranger Things,' says family streaming service

The Washington Post (7/12/2019)


Hollywood In Toto (7/10/2019)

Culture Clips: The Upside Down Edition

Focus on the Family's Plugged In (7/10/2019)

PTC: Netflix Smoking Ban in Kid-Rated Fare is Only Baby Step Said same standard should be applied to suicide themes (7/9/2019)
Broadcasting & Cable

Multichannel News

TV News Check

Netflix cracks down on tobacco after shrugging off suicides

One News Now (7/15/2019)

Was '13 Reasons Why' Renewed for Season 4?

Pop Culture (7/12/2019)

Filtering the filters

World Magazine (6/28/2019)

FCC Takes Some Heat for KidVid Revamp (7/10/2019)
Broadcasting & Cable

Multichannel News

FCC Moves Forward With ‘KidVid’ Rule Rewrite

Radio & TV Business Report (7/10/2019)

Review: HBO Raises the Stakes on Teenage Transgression in ‘Euphoria’
The New York Times (6/17/2019)

With rampant drug use and graphic sex scenes, ‘Euphoria’ is the latest teen TV show that isn’t actually meant for teens

The Washington Post (6/17/2019)

New HBO series ‘Euphoria’ sells ‘graphic adult content’ to ‘teens and preteens,’ parents group says

Fox News (6/12/2019)

Euphoria': 5 things to know about TV's most talked about new show

ABC News (6/18/2019)

HBO Drags Disney Star Into the Gutter

CNS News (6/14/2019)

HBO Drags Disney Star Into the Gutter

The Daily Wire (6/15/2019)

Reviewers Cheer the Teen Sex, Rape, Drugs, Porn of HBO’s ‘Euphoria’

Newsbusters (6/17/2019)

Parents Group: HBO Marketing 'Graphic Adult Content' to Children

Newsmax (6/12/2019)

PTC Warns Parents of HBO ‘Euphoria’ Premiere


HBO’s Euphoria Already Has People Outraged Over Its Sex, Drugs, and Nudity

Esquire (6/13/2019)

Are the Euphoria Teenagers for Real?

Men’s Health (6/18/2019)

A number of TV shows about teens include sex and drug scenes. But ‘Euphoria’ is far more extreme

The Lily (6/17/2019)

HBO show ‘Euphoria’; Zendaya’s new teen drama is ‘overtly, intentionally, marketing extremely graphic adult content,’ PTC president says

Deseret News (6/16/2019)

HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ Targets Teens with Graphic Sex and Nudity, Picking Up Where ‘Game of Thrones’ Left Off

CBN News (6/17/2019)

"Euphoria" and The Flawed Art of Gen Z Prophesying

The New Yorker (6/16/2019)

FCC Can't Say if TV Content Ratings Are Accurate
Broadcasting & Cable (5/16/2019)

FCC Unsure Of TV Content Ratings Accuracy

TV Technology (5/16/2019)

FEDS: More Transparency Needed in TV Ratings (5/16/2019)

Gut-busting comic helped keep TV clean

One News Now (5/15/2019)

Tim Conway, Comedian and Actor, Loses Battle at Age 85 After a Long Illness

Lifezette (5/14/2019)

Watching Out For Unhealthy Effects Of TV And Movies

NC Family Policy Council (5/16/2019)

Fears about 13 Reasons Why confirmed
World (5/3/2019)

Netflix Speaks out About 13 Reasons Why Being Connected to Data Showing Rise in Teen Suicides

Pop Culture Streaming (5/3/2019)

13 Reasons Why Linked To Increase In Youth Suicide

Unilad (UK) (4/30/2019)

The Walking Dead Star Quit Watching Because of Abraham and Glenn’s Gory Deaths

Comic Book (5/5/2019)

Melissa Martin: Profanity on the playground
Journal Tribune (4/7/2019)

Hey, HBO – are you listening?

One News Now (4/10/2019)

Making It Safer for the Kiddos

One News Now (4/9/2019)

PTC: 'Full House' dad has slipped to an untrustworthy low

One News Now (4/2/2019)

Teen Suicides Not Quite Tragic Enough for Netflix

One News Now (4/8/2019)

'13 Reasons Why' Season 3: Everything We Know

Entertainment Tonight (4/1/2019)

How Miley Cyrus Finally Learned to Embrace Hannah Montana and Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

E! Online (4/10/2019)

Content Ratings Are Hot Topic at FCC
Broadcasting & Cable (3/22/2019)

Religious Broadcasters Have TV Ratings Issues
Broadcasting & Cable (3/21/2019)

NRB Comments on ‘Disconnect’ over TV Parental Guidelines
NRB (3/22/2019)

TV Defends Ratings; Critics Say System Needs Overhaul
Multichannel News (3/13/2019)

Congress Orders FCC to Review Its Inaccurate TV Content Ratings System for First Time

Christian Post (2/25/2019)

Playing at Violence

World Magazine (2/15/2019)

Congress Orders FCC Review of TV Content Ratings

Variety (2/22/2019)

Revamping TV ratings
World Magazine (3/1/2019)

FCC Seeks Comment on TV Parental Guidelines

NRB (3/1/2019)

PTC Calls for FCC Oversight of TV Content Ratings System

NRB (2/15/2019)

Should The FCC Review V-Chip, Content Ratings Rules?

Radio and Television Business Report (2/15/2019)

PTC Seeks FCC Review of TV Ratings System
Broadcasting & Cable (2/13/2019)

Dear American Television, Please Don't Ruin 'Love Island'
KQED Arts (10/24/2018)

Netflix, Facebook Offer ‘Hand Masters: The First International Masturbation Game’
CNS News (10/24/2018)

PTC: FCC Yet to Address Fundamental KidVid Questions
Broadcasting & Cable (10/24/2018)

Netflix, Facebook Launch Masturbation Game to Promote 'Big Mouth' Puberty Cartoon Series
The Christian Post (10/24/2018)

New content via Vudu worth a look by parents, families: PTC
One News Now (10/23/2018)

'Big Mouth' Reveals Netflix’s Penchant for Sexualizing Minors
Newsbusters (10/19/2018)

Netflix’s Narnia: Boon for Families or Trojan Horse?
CNS News (10/19/2018)

3 'Best,' 3 'Worst' New TV Shows for Families in Fall Lineup: Parents Television Council
The Christian Post (10/11/2018)

PTC grades new series as 'best,' 'worst' for family
Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (10/11/2018)

PTC to network: Make sure your lineup is truly 'family-friendly'
One News Now (10/9/2018)

'13 Reasons Why' Star Wants Controversial Netflix Drama to Tackle Abortion in Season 3
The Hollywood Reporter (10/9/2018)

Modern-Day 'Little Women' In Pre-Release Screenings
Hartford Courant (9/21/2018)

'Explicit References to Sex in Front of Children': Study Reveals Disturbing Trend in Prime Time TV
Baptist Press (9/17/2018)

TV comedies using sexual quips in scenes with kids
CBN News (9/13/2018)

81 Percent of Family TV Comedies Show Kids Being Exposed to Sexual Dialogue: Report
The Christian Post (9/11/2018)

Adult characters increasingly making explicit references in front of children on TV, new study says
Deseret News. Aberdeen News, (9/10/2018)

Netflix turned its back on families, says PTC President Tim Winter
Newsweek (8/23/2018)

Netflix's Desire Accused of Showing Child Pornography- Again
Newsweek (8/16/2018)

'This Is Child Abuse': Conservatives Demand Netflix Pull Erotic Film Featuring Child Porn
CBN News (8/16/2018)

Parents Television Council Demands Netflix Take Down 'Child Porn' Film Over Scenes of Young Girl Masturbating
Christian Post(8/16/2018)

Parent group calls for Netflix to pull 'Desire,' calling it 'child porn'
USA Today(8/15/2018)

What parents need to know about the R-rated film ‘Eighth Grade’
Deseret News (8/8/2018)

Netflix Film Accused of Depicting Child Pornography by Parents Group
The Hollywood Reporter (6/7/2018)

Netflix CEO Responds to ‘13 Reasons Why’ Controversy: Don’t Like It? Don’t Watch It
Variety (6/7/2018)

Netflix CEO defends '13 Reasons Why' renewal after critics slam 'pointless' season 2
Business Insider (6/7/2018)

'13 Reasons Why' returns with troubling questions and troubling answers
Los Angeles Times (5/29/2018)

Parents Television Council Urges Netflix to Remove '13 Reasons Why'
Carolina Parent (5/25/2018)

A watchdog group asks Netflix to pull '13 Reasons Why'
US News & World Report (5/21/2018)

Says Netflix's “13 Reasons Why” Premiere Cancelation “A Despicably Shallow Act”
Broadway World (5/17/2018)

Network commended for dumping a bad one, grabbing a winner
One News Now (5/17/2018)

Parents Television Council Applauds Cancellation of 'The Mick' TV Series
The Christian Post (5/15/2018)

FOX Cancels 'The Mick' and 'Lucifer,' and Pro-Family Groups are Happy
Christian Headlines (5/15/2018)

When media violence isn’t a fad
The Washington Times (5/10/2018)

Is O’Rielly’s ‘Kid Vid’ Redo Request PTC Approved?
Radio & Television Business Report (5/1/2018)

PTC On Kid Vid Review: Necessary, But Go Cautiously
TV Newscheck (5/1/2018)

On parents' behalf, a pat on the back for YouTube, Amazon
One News Now (5/1/2018)

LaPorte man named to Hollywood TV watchdog board
Norhtwest Indiana Times (4/28/2018)

Netflix’s ’13 REASONS WHY’ is Still Dangerous for Kid
Newsweek (4/23/2018)

Consumer Advocates Say AT&T’s Planned “Skinny Bundle” Falls Short Of Addressing Concerns
Deadline (4/23/2018)

Why Netflix Must Ensure ‘13 Reasons Why’ Is Safe for Kids
Ther Daily Signal (4/19/2018)

PTC: Netflix Needs to Do More With '13 Reasons'
Broadcasting & Cable (4/4/2018)

Parents Television Council says Netflix 'must do more to protect children' before releasing second season of '13 Reasons Why'
Deseret News (4/4/2018)

In the battle to end gun violence, why does violence in media get a pass?
The Hill (3/21/2018)

When it comes to societal ills, media should get own house in order, stop glorifying violence
OSV Weekly: Teresa Tomeo (3/14/2018)

Guns, media violence and mass shootings: What psychological scientists know
Des Moines Register (3/9/2018)

PTC meets at White House about Media Violence
MULTIPLE ARTICLES: USA Today, NY Times, Washington Post and others (3/9/2018)

Report: 61% of prime time TV is violent, 'V' rating missing on many
Washinton Examiner (2/25/2018)

Florida shooting reopens CDC gun research debate
The Hill (2/25/2018)

Cable Industry May Soon Join Dodo in Annals of Extinction (2/13/2018)

Group asks Justin Timberlake to Keep Halftime Show Safe
Associated Press (1/30/2018)

Parents Television Council Urges Timberlake to Keep Super Bowl Show ‘Family-Friendly’
The Washington Post (1/30/2018)

PTC to Timberlake: Keep Halftime Show Clean (1/30/2018)

The Parents Television Council Pens Open Letter to Justin Timberlake Asking to Keep Super Bowl Performance Appropriate
Billboard (1/30/2018)

Parents Television Council Pens Open Letter to Justin Timberlake After 2004 Controversy
Deseret News (1/31/2018)

Justin Timberlake Urged to Keep Super Bowl Halftime Show Kid-Friendly After "Nipplegate"
E! Online (1/30/2018)

PTC Picks Naughty & Nice Advertisers List
Broadcasting & Cable (11/13/2017)

The effect of TV, video and other screens on children, by Jane Califf (11/12/2017)

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Is Going Where No Star Trek Has Gone Before
The Daily Caller (11/2/2017)

Troubling TV Trend: Fantasy-Themed TV Not Family-Friendly, Increasingly Graphic and Obscene (10/26/2017)

Hollywood’s Hypocrisy On TV Violence
The Daily Caller (10/20/2017)

Be warned, parents, of gross-out humor in 'Big Mouth'
One News Now (10/17/2017)

PTC: These are not your parents' fairy talesg
One News Now (10/2/2017)

Don't fall behind on what your kids are watching
One News Now (10/2/2017)

Jeffrey McCall: Ratings of streamed media scarcely provide content warningst
Kokomo Tribune (9/21/2017)

Why Parents Television Council president says Hollywood shouldn't 'sex up' family content
Deseret News (9/21/2017)

The Parents Television Council Chooses Best and Worst New Shows
Tulsa Kids (9/21/2017)

PTC: CBS Has Best and Worst for Fall
Broadcasting & Cable (9/20/2017)

PTC Urges Netflix to Toughen Parental Controls
Multichannel News (9/13/2017)

God's Word and words
American Family Association Journal (9/7/2017)

Miley Cyrus “Tamer” At 2017 VMAs But Still “Edgy,” Says Parents Television Council
Gossip Cop (8/28/2017)

Parents should be monitoring children’s TV content and online activities
22 News WWLP (8/15/2017)

PTC Says Netflix, Other Streaming Platforms Unsafe For Kids
Deseret News (8/8/2017)

PTC: Streaming Services Lack Robust Parental Controls
Broadcasting & Cable (8/8/2017)

Should Movies Showing People Smoking Be Rated R?
The Christian Post (7/20/2017)

PTC Delivers 'Mick' Indecency Complaints to FCC
Broadcasting & Cable (7/18/2017)

PTC Seeks Indecency Fine For 'The Mick'
TV News Check (7/18/2017)

Context or not, NBC's decision on 'N-word' challenged
One News Now (6/28/2017)

PTC Praises FCC Rosenworcel Nomination
Broadcasting & Cable (6/27/2017)

Netflix Lets Viewers Pick the Plot
New York Times (6/20/2017)

VidAngel Re-Emerges With Netflix and Amazon Filtering Service Despite Opposition from Disney, Warner Bros (Exclusive)
Gospel Herald (6/15/2017)

'Please don't do this to our movies': Seth Rogen joins growing army of irate Hollywood stars as studio releases 'clean' family-versions of their films
Daily Mail (6/15/2017)

PTC: NBC Should Let Affiliates Vet 'Carmichael Show'

Broadcasting & Cable (6/9/2017)

Streaming Video Deepens Digital Divide

The Baltimore Sun (6/9/2017)

CBS Cites PTC as Expert in Colbert FCC Claim

The Hollywood Reporter (5/31/2017)

PTC Offers Plan to Save Last Man Standing

The Blaze (5/28/2017)

PTC On ‘Real O’Neals,’ ‘Scream Queens’ Cancellations
The Wrap (5/16/2017)

ABC Cancels 'The Real O'Neals'
The Christian Post (5/12/2017)

PTC Goes to FCC Over 'The Mick'
One News Now (5/9/2017)

Weinstein Negotiates to Get Movie a PG-13 Rating, Firing Up Parents Organization
Los Angeles Times (4/28/2017)

McCall: Advertisers support prime-time trash
IndyStar (4/7/2017)

FCC Rules WSKQ-FM Radio Broadcast Was Indecent
Broadcasting & Cable (4/7/2017)

WSKQ Indecency Fine is First Under Pai
Inside Radio (4/6/2017)

Oblivious Advertisers Support Prime Time Trash, ‘The Mick’
CNS News (4/4/2017)

Restaurant drops sexually charged ads
One News Now (4/4/2017)

Subway Refuses to Pull Ads From Controversial Series 'The Mick' That Makes Light of Child Porn
The Christian Post (3/31/2017)

Is Sexting Scandal Reason Enough to Stop Eating at Subway?
Charisma News (3/29/2017)

PTC Tries to Push Subway Out of The Mick
Broadcasting & Cable (3/27/2017)

MEDIAPTC asks SNL to be TV-14
One News Now (3/24/2017)

Parents caution ‘Saturday Night Live’ to keep it clean during live broadcasts
The Washington Post (3/21/2017)

Oprah Winfrey's company urged to pull out its ads from raunchy TV show
Entertainment (3/15/2017)

Why FX's 'Feud' Used the C-Word in Its Premiere
The Hollywood Reporter (3/5/2017)

PTC Calls Out T-Mobile For Sponsoring 'The Mick'
TV Newcheck (2/15/2017)

PTC 'very much encouraged' by Pai appointment
One News Now (1/30/2017)

PTC: Don't be fooled, parents, by new TV shows
One News Now (1/11/2017)

Sen. Thune Open to Confirming Rosenworcel
Multichannel News (1/5/2017)

Beyond the letters and numbers
New York Post (11/2/2016)

Amidst legal battle, content provider plans to expand
One News Now (12/29/2016)

What Celebrity Deaths Reveal About Our Relationship To Celebrity Culture
The Daily Caller (12/29/2016)

Jeffrey McCall: 2016 was a bad year for prime-time network TV
Kokomo Tribune (12/28/2016)

DirecTV plotted to keep Dodgers off local cable stations, feds say
New York Post (ABC) (11/2/2016)

PTC to California: Keep Off (TV) Grass
Broadcasting & Cable (11/1/2016)

Parents Television Council: 'The Walking Dead' premiere is worse than a TV-MA rating
KOAT (ABC) (10/25/2016)

Known for Christmas movies, Hallmark a gift all year
One News Now (10/25/2016)

Parents Television Council slams 'Walking Dead' violence
USA Today (10/25/2016)

Parents Television Council: 'The Walking Dead' premiere is worse than a TV-MA rating
KOAT (ABC) (10/25/2016)

Parents Television Council Blasts "Brutally Explicit" 'Walking Dead' Premiere (Exclusive)
The Hollywood Reporter(10/24/2016)

Merger Critics Take Aim at AT&T-Time; Warner
Multichannel News (10/24/2016)

Jay Evensen: Pile on Trump? Sure, but don't be blind to the hypocrisy
Deseret News (10/13/2016)

Trump's Comments Were Lewd, but Where's the Outrage Over This?
Charisma News (10/13/2016)

Upsetting The 800-Pound Hollywood Gorilla
Daily Caller (10/12/2016)

Is Television to Blame for Record-High STD Rates? (10/12/2016)

VidAngel gains support against 'bullies in Hollywood' ahead of Oct. 31 hearing
Christiam Exzaminer (10/11/2016)

The Parents TV Council Briefly Stops Complaining About ‘Family Guy’ In Order To Save ‘Pitch’
Washington Family (10/7/2016)

New Fall TV Shows to Watch (or Avoid) with Your Family
Washington Family (9/28/2016)

Parents Television Council Releases Best, Worst List of New Fall TV Shows
CNS News (9/23/2016)

PTC: Sorry, parents, Congress failed you
OneNewsNow (9/19/2016)

PTC Pushes Senators to Seek FCC Answers on TV Ratings
Broadcasting & Cable (9/13/2016)

Does the American TV ratings system need fixing?
Deseret News(9/10/2016)

A Brief History of Increasingly Violent PG-13 Films
Pacific Standard (8/9/2016)

Gaming on mobile devices puts kids at risk
One News Now (8/4/2016)

Advertisers abandoning VH1's 'Dating Naked'
Christian Examiner (7/28/2016)

VH1's 'Dating Naked' Loses Advertisers After Parents Television Council Complains
Advertising Age (7/15/2016)

Sprint, Samsung advertising during ‘Dating Naked’ show draws fire
Kansas City Star (7/12/2016)

Concerned With What Your Kids See on TV? So Is This Group.
The Blaze (7/12/2016)

ABC Committed to Pushing “Family-Friendly” Sex, Pornography, and Swearing Into Your Living Room
Concerned Women for America(6/30/2016)

PTC, Sen. Dodd Meet Over TV Ratings
Broadcasting & Cable (6/10/2016)

McCall: Trash TV has taken over prime time
Broadcasting & Cable (5/28/2016)

Why TV Content Has Gotten Worse
Grand Magazine (5/28/2016)

PTC Launches TV Ratings Revamp Petition
Broadcasting & Cable (5/9/2016)

Sen. Markey Eyeing TV Ratings System Complaints
Broadcasting & Cable (4/31/2016)

Communicators with Tim Winter
CSPAN (4/20/2016)

New Study Shows Ratings Systems Don’t Really Work
MovieGuide (4/20/2016)

TV Content Ratings 'Inadequate' in Protecting Children
Play CBN News (4/5/2016)

Watchdog group calls TV ratings flawed, demands overhaul
AP (4/5/2016)

PTC Asks FCC to Overhaul TV Content Ratings
B&C; (Broadcating and Cable) (4/5/2016)

TV content ratings system has failed children according to US study
The Guardian (4/5/2016)

TV Content Ratings System Has Failed Children For 20 Years, Parents TV Council Says In New Study
Deadline Hollywood (4/5/2016)

'Of Kings and Prophets' Canceled at ABC
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PTC Blasts ABC's "The Real O'Neills"
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Of Kings And Prophets' Future Is Not Looking Good, Here's Why
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Parents Television Council Blasts ABC's Biblical Drama 'Of Kings and Prophets'
Hollywood Reporter (3/2/2016)

Too Much Sex and Violence in ABC's Old Testament Drama, Parents' Council Alleges
Hollywood Patch (3/2/2016)

Parents group warns advertisers about ‘violent, sexual’ ABC Biblical drama
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Commercializing sex in the music industry
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Cable's interim solution
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Hill Looks Into Altered Ad Images
Broadcasting & Cable

Just a note on Super Bowl ads: Sex doesn't sell
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NBC had hand on mute button at Golden Globes
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PTC has list of 'resolutions' for TV-loving families
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Ratings Reform

10/21/2015 - Patriot News Hollywood needs to get serious about the TV ratings system

10/6/2015 - Broadcasting & Cable El Rey Concedes Mis-Rating 'Pulp Fiction'

11/5/2014 - The Washington Post Time to Fix the TV Rating System

11/4/2014 - The Washington Post Fisting, Anal Sex, Penis Pictures: Broadcast TV's Ratings Grab Gets Raunchy

11/4/2014 - New York Daily News TV Watchdog Slams ABC for Sex-Filled Scandal Opening Immediately After Charlie Brown Special

4/12/2014 - The Hollywood Reporter ABC Criticized for Airing 'Scandal' Sex Scene After Charlie Brown Special

11/3/2014 - WND ABC exposes Charlie Brown watchers to graphic sex

10/3/2014 - The Moviefone Blog ABC Criticized for Airing 'Scandal' Sex Scene After Charlie Brown Special

4/12/2014 - Family Matters (podcast by PTC President Tim Winter) Time to Fix the TV Rating System

4/3/2014 - TV Watchdog: Graphic Throat Slashing Inappropriately Rated TV14

3/31/2014 - NE News Now Networks have reason to mis-advertise TV show ratings

1/9/2014 - Reuters U.S. watchdog group calls for new TV, movie rating system

1/8/2014 - The Wrap Parents Television Council Blasts TV, Movie Industries Over Ratings Systems

1/8/2014 - Radio & Television Business Report PTC wants TV, movie ratings overhaul

12/15/2013 -CNN Headline News

PTC Public Policy Director discusses the violence study and the failed ratings system

12/3/2013 - CBN Newswatch:

Can You Trust Hollywood's Rating System? (Tim Winter video)

12/9/2013 - Associated Press

New PTC Study: Broadcast TV Underates Violence

6/11/2013 - Business Insider: TV Nudity Is Increasingly Being Rated Acceptable For Kids

Violence and the Media

10/21/2015 - Hollywood Reporter TC Blasts 'American Horror Story: Hotel' as "Most Vile" Content Ever

9/9/2015 - Hollywood Reporter Parents Television Council Blasts USA Network for "Graphic" 'Mr Robot' Finale

2/7/2014 - Catholic Connection (Tim Winter podcast) Movie Violence isn't going away

2/5/2014 - Daily Caller Harvey Weinstein’s change of heart and why the problem of movie violence isn’t going away

1/24/2014 - Faith Radio Is Broadcast TV "Safer" for Kids? (podcast with PTC Grassroots Director Melissa Henson)

1/20/2014 - CNN Is TV more violent than ever?

12/11/2013 - The Bristol Press Let’s ask the networks to come clean on TV violence

12/10/2013 -US News & World Report Study: Violence on Broadcast TV at Cable TV Levels

12/10/2013 - The Wrap Broadcast Shows Nearly As Violent as Cable, Study Finds

12/10/2013 - CBN PTC Finds TV Violence Ratings Inconsistent

12/10/2013 - Seattle Pi The Most Violent Fall TV Shows

5/13/2013 - U-T San Diego News: PTC President Tim Winter and Dr. Andrew Doan on Violence in the Media & Video Games

5/13/2013 - Deseret News : Broadcast TV still shows excessive gun violence

2/15/2013 - LA Times: Networks have "standards" to regulate violence on their networks. WELL...NOT REALLY.

1/24/2013 - Politico: Entertainment industry has blood on its hands

12/21/2012 - Fox News: PTC Director of Public Policy stresses the "need to have real discussions about what the media does to our kids

Sexual Content

10/21/2015 - Hollywood Reporter TC Blasts 'American Horror Story: Hotel' as "Most Vile" Content Ever

10/1/2015 - One News Now TLC called out for 'sleazy tactics'

9/3/2015 - Christian Today 'Seven Year Switch' TV show news: campaign to cancel show

2/28/2015 - Los Angeles Times Did 'Sex Box' turn anybody on?

2/27/2015 - the Blaze Parents Hate It, Critics Hate It, Britain Hated It. When You Hear the Premise of This New TV Show, You Might Be Shocked It’s Airing at All.

2/25/2015 - CBN News Petition Drive Seeks to Shut Down Racy 'Sex Box'

Cable Choice

9/30/2015- Forbes : TLC's 'Sex in Public' Not Nearly As Exciting As It Sounds, Incites PTC Outrage

9/20/2014- OneNewsNow : More offensive content = more basis for cable choice

9/19/2014- the Hill: Conservatives in Canada push for cable choice – why not in US?

10/28/2013 - Broadcasting & Cable: PTC Praises Comcast's Internet Plus

10/24/2013- Deseret News : Let us pay for the channels we want to watch, eh?

9/17/2013 - OneNewsNow: Violent FX Premiere Spurs Urgent Call For Cable Choice

9/12/2013 - The Wrap: SOA Premiere Makes Case for A La Carte Cable

9/12/2013 - Desert News: A La Carte Cable TV" Could Finally be on the Horizon

8/30/2013 - NewsMax: Parents demanding Congress pass the Television Consumer Freedom Act.

8/15/2013 - The Daily Caller: The High Cost of Cable Bundling

5/21/2013 - LA Times: Consumers need choice: PTC Slams Ke$ha Drinking Urine on MTV

Time Warner/Comcast Merger

12/23/2014 - PC Magazine PTC Files Comments Over Proposed Charter/Time Warner Cable/Bright House Merger

12/23/2014 - PC Magazine FCC Pauses Comcast, TWC Merger Review

4/8/2014 - New York Post Comcast trying to claim underdog status while seeking $45B mega-merger

4/8/2014 - TVNewsCheck Public Interest Groups Blast Comcast-TWC

4/8/2014 - Politico Comcast makes case for Time Warner Cable deal (see letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder signed by PTC and 50 others)

2/18/2014 - KKHT-FM Why the Comcast/TWC merger is bad for consumers and families

2/14/2014 - ABC News Comcast Mega-Deal Stirs Memories of TV's Kabletown

Nudity & Sexualization Studies

11/27/2013 - The Ridgewood News: Speaker in Ridgewood tackles media's sexualization of girls

9/19/2013 - Christian Science Monitor: Ending the hypersexualization of girls

7/15/2013 - Washington Times: Pimping teenage girls. Television writes a lower exploitation standard"

6/11/2013 - Is There an Epidemic of Nudity on Primetime TV?

6/11/2013 - Business Insider: TV Nudity Is Increasingly Being Rated Acceptable For Kids

6/11/2013 - OneNewsNow : Study: TV rating suggests ‘blurred’ nudity suitable for kids

4 Every girl

11/2/2015 - One News Now: 'Supergirl' doesn't need 'Secret' ads, says PTC

8/21/2013 - Media Post News: PTC Tells 'Sexploitation' Story In Times Square Ad

6/13/2013 - Orange County Register: Ugly side of child beauty pageants

6/11/2013 - The Channel Mom Show: Making Young Girls Sexy?


5/14/2013 - The Patriots News: America's potty mouth is flushing our dignity down the drain: Anne Reeves

1/23/2012 - Today Show - Kids and Cursing


9/24/2014 -World Net Daily Rape Joke On Fox Cartoons Draws Attention

7/16/2014 - The Washington Times - VH1’s ‘Naked Dating’ outrages parents group'

1/20/2014 - TVNewsCheck - PTC Blasts Jan. 14 Episode Of "Dads"

7/16/2014 - The Washington Times - VH1’s ‘Naked Dating’ outrages parents group'

11/6/2012 - CNN - Indecency on TV: Should the FCC crack down or give up?

2/6/2012 - CNN - Middle finger 'malfunction' mars Super Bowl halftime show

2/13/2012 – Deadline Hollywood - PTC Targets MTV’s ‘I Want My Pants Back’ Over Racy Content

2/14/2012 - ABC News - Parent Advocacy Group Decries MTV’s New ‘Sex Soaked’ Show

1/8/2012 – Washington Post - Supreme Court case tests FCC’s power to police TV indecency

1/6/2012 –CNN 'F-bomb' case reaches Supreme Court


7/15/2014 - Fox News- ‘Virgin Territory:’ MTV pushes the limit with reality show about losing it

5/26/2012 - Deseret News - Combating the negative impacts of reality TV on girls' sense of self

3/9/2012 – Fox News - 'Dance Moms' 'nude' dance routine episode playground for pedophiles, experts say

FCC Proposal

6/22/2013 - WorldNetDaily: Networks Demand More Sex and Cussing on Primetime TV

6/20/2013 - Washington Post: Parents plea with FCC to keep TV’s decency rules

6/11/2013 - Missouri Family Policy Council: FCC Proposes Plan to Relax Television Indecency Standards

5/21/2013 - FoxNews: FCC proposing to allow more sex and profanity during kids’ television viewing hours

5/4/2013 - Tulsa World News: FCC needs to find clarity on FCC Rules

MTV Video Awards Show

8/28/2013 - The Rockdale News: Tune in to help your kids tune out trouble

8/28/2013 - USA Today: The Verdict on Hanna and the Montana judge

8/27/2013 - CNS News: The VMA Performance Violated MTV’s Own Broadcast, Workplace Standards

8/27/2013 - Open letter by Paul Porter of Rap Rehab: O'Reilly, Miley but why not MTV?

8/27/2013 - New York Times: The MTV Awards Show Prompts Familiar Complaint

8/26/2013 - Huffington Post: Parents Television Council Blasts MTV's VMAs Over Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga Performances

Live Award Shows

9/4/2015 - Associated Press: MTV Video Music Awards criticized for glorifying marijuana

3/4/2013 - The Blaze: PTC President Tim Winter: MacFarlane’s Hosting Performance at the Oscars Should Not Be a Surprise

Misrated Programs

12/14/2012 - The Clicker on MSNBC: PTC President slams 'Walking Dead' for 'brutally intense gore,' 'inaccurate' rating

9/23/2013 – Fox- Preventing sale of Grand Theft Auto V to underage kids

3/28/2012 – Los Angeles Times– ‘Bully’ Deserved an R

6/11/2012 – Reuters - TV networks pledge parent guidance to shows on Web


10/13/2011 - - Did Parents Television Council kill The Playboy Club?

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