NATIONAL PETITION to the Warner Bros. Discovery Board of Directors

RE: The harmful effect of HBO programs Euphoria and Naked Attraction on America’s young

TO: Warner Bros. Discovery Board of Directors

Samuel A. Di Piazza, Jr., Board Chair

David Zaslav, President and CEO

Li Haslett Chen

Richard W. Fisher

Paul A. Gould

Debra L. Lee

Kenneth W. Lowe

Dr. John C. Malone

Fazal Merchant

Steven A. Miron

Steven O. Newhouse

Paula A. Price

Geoffrey Y. Yang

You are under official notice that the Parents Television and Media Council (PTC), of which I am a supporter, has determined that the Home Box Office (HBO) shows Euphoria and Naked Attraction are pornographic and, as such, are certainly not appropriate for pre-teens and teen minors. Although these programs are rated MA, HBO’s parental controls are weak, and children can easily access “mature” content. The worldview promoted in these shows is extremely harmful to this impressionable age group.

If your child or grandchild were to watch these obscene programs, they would witness:

  • Full frontal nudity that focuses on the genitals
  • Graphic depictions of illicit sex
  • The f-word used over and over
  • Off-color sexual banter
  • Extreme profanity
  • A steady stream of illicit drug use
  • Gratuitous and senseless violence
  • A reinforced view that life is pointless and that, therefore, it is reasonable to seek remedies in ways that are toxic

By allowing this assault on the hearts and minds of America’s young to continue, you are morally responsible for the damage caused by this pornographic, nihilistic, and depression-inducing programming.

I can only hope that your continued support of Euphoria and Naked Attraction is because you are not aware of its content, which most Americans, including me, would view as pornographic. Now that you have been informed, I implore you to take the high road and use your authority to cancel Euphoria and Naked Attraction.

I will continue to receive regular updates from PTC to be apprised of what actions you take.

Respectfully yours,

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Take Action. Stay Informed.