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Petition: Please Investigate Depictions of Child Sex on Netflix

To: Merrick Garland, Attorney General of the United States

Research by the Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) reveals that the Netflix streaming series Sex Education graphically depicts underage characters engaged in sex acts and lewd conduct. I consider this to be child porn. Please formally investigate whether Netflix has violated federal laws regarding child sex, indecency, and human trafficking.

Entertainment experts assert that Sex Education is marketed to underage Americans; it may also encourage pedophiles. Netflix has also shown a movie (Desire) showing a very young girl masturbating to climax . . . a cartoon (Big Mouth) that features incitement of forced oral sex of minors . . . and a series (Cuties) depicting 11-year-old girls performing sexualized stripper dances.

Please aggressively investigate Netflix to protect America’s children!

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More Netflix series that sexualize children

Since 1995, PTC and its hundreds of thousands of members have been a leading force for decency in television and streaming.

We are not alone in our fight

Below are some of the voices in Hollywood who are joining us to fight against the media’s attack on children.

Pat Boone

“With both broadcast and streaming TV doing such harm, kids need protection. And moms and dads need the Parents Television and Media Council to help provide that protection.”

—Pat Boone
Founding Board Member

Pat Boone

“Children are America’s future. PTC is rallying Americans to guard that future against a media that will—without our involvement—destroy it with immorality and violence.”

-Sam Sorbo
Award-winning filmmaker,
education freedom advocate,
wife of Kevin Sorbo

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