Reed Hastings, CEO and Co-founder, Netflix

100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, California

Mr. Hastings:

How can a well-educated family man like yourself preside over a company that streams content into the minds and hearts of children that is proven by academic research to harm them? The findings are in on at least a dozen of your shows, including Season 4 of “Stranger Things.” While young people are involved in record rates of suicide, depression, despair, nihilism, and mass shootings . . . your company, Netflix, is pumping content into their minds that research documents is dangerous and even deadly. Perhaps that’s why you are on track to lose a record number of subscribers this year. Perhaps that’s why your stock is sinking. Perhaps that’s why Netflix is under indictment for distributing a sexual performance by a child. I stand with Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) to demand that you stop harming our children. Make Netflix a company to be proud of, rather than a shameful company that destroys life and health.


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