Thank you! Will you take the next step to save kids . . . and stop NETFLIX?

You have joined thousands of Americans who are warning parents—and our government—that NETFLIX is harming children, and likely violating the law, by depicting child sex on popular shows.

But petitions are only part of the solution. American families are facing the worst “new wave” of deadly programs ever seen. To rescue kids and families, Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) needs you to become a financial partner with a single gift of $25 or more.

Your single gift will go directly to helping children through the following actions taken by PTC:

  • Conducting the widest, most sophisticated research of broadcast and streaming TV that PTC has ever done. We will catch Big Hollywood red-handed.
  • Sharing our unique data with our allies in Congress in both parties, the Federal Communications Commission, and others.
  • Launching campaigns in the public and behind the doors of entertainment boardrooms that open the eyes of many Netflix investors, advertisers, and other stakeholders in Hollywood. Many are good people . . . who have little idea that they are scarring, harming, and damaging innocent American children with their dollars.
  • Warning parents and other adults so they can protect children. We must alert this “first and last line of defense,” and PTC does this through massive Internet, email, and media campaigns—including more than 3,000 articles, interviews, and quotes per year in widely read publications.

Parents Television and Media Council, founded in 1995, is America’s largest organization protecting children and families against obscene, immoral, indecent, and often illegal television and “entertainment” media. We’re located in the heart of Hollywood, with access to decision makers. Our campaigns have caused Big Hollywood to cancel shows and investors to boycott indecency and instead support wholesome shows.

Please give now and save kids from NETFLIX shows like Sex Education.