Petition to: Robert Iger, President & CEO, The Walt Disney Company

Board of Directors:

Susan E. Arnold, Carolyn Everson

Robert A. Iger, Michael B.G. Froman

Mary T. Barra, Maria Elena Lagomasino

Safra A. Catz, Calvin R. McDonald

Amy L. Chang, Mark G. Parker

Francis A. deSouza, Derica W. Rice

We are aware of the recent shake-up at Disney and your betrayal of the Disney brand of family-friendly entertainment that was once safe for children.

We applaud the changes. But we will not be deceived by superficial or cosmetic gestures passing for true pro-parent and pro-child reform. Over the past three years, we have been horrified by Disney attacks on children’s innocence.

Many of your own executives openly admitted to inserting sexual themes into child-targeted programming. This is a betrayal of trust built by Walt Disney over more than half a century. This has already hurt Disney and will continue to do so, as families like ours turn from you.

I stand with the Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) and its Members across America to DEMAND that you remove such programs, disavow your “sex execs,” and return to producing uplifting, clean, inspiring content. If you do, families will return to you. But PTC researchers will be closely monitoring your content and holding you accountable. I will continue to follow PTC to learn what decisions you make.

Take Action. Stay Informed.