Disney+ Decision to Greenlight Update to The Full Monty Violates Trust of Families

Written by PTC | Published March 30, 2022

LOS ANGELES (March 30, 2022) – The Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) questioned the decision of Disney+ to greenlight an update to the R-rated film, The Full Monty, and said it violates the trust of families.

The Full Monty (1997) film is about a group of unemployed male steelworkers who turn to stripping to earn money. A limited TV series about the characters in The Full Monty is in development and will premiere on Disney+. The Full Monty film is currently available to watch on Disney+ in the UK.

“When Disney+ added TV-MA-rated Marvel series to its platform just weeks ago, we condemned its decision to bring explicit content on what was a trustworthy family friendly streaming platform. By creating a new Full Monty, which is memorable mostly for featuring naked male strippers, Disney+ appears to be doubling down on its disregard for the families who made the platform commercially successful,” said Parents Television and Media Council President Tim Winter.

“No matter what graphic content the new Full Monty shows, or doesn’t show, a program about male strippers will only serve to alienate the Disney+ target demographic: families.”

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