Next Hulu President Must Improve Parental Controls

Written by PTC | Published October 5, 2021

LOS ANGELES (October 4, 2021) – With the departure of Hulu President Kelly Campbell, the Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) said that Campbell’s successor must focus on improving Hulu’s parental controls, which PTC research found were the worst of all the top streaming platforms. Hulu recently added PIN-restrictions to a user’s profile, a change the PTC had urged the company to implement.

“Hulu’s next president must focus on improving parental controls and the platform has a long way to go to better protect children from harmful content,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “Given Hulu’s familial connection to the House of Mouse, we would expect that it understands the importance of child safety, but Hulu’s platform still needs increased improvement. This understanding starts and ends with leadership."

“Children can still access age-inappropriate PG-13 and TV-14-rated content through a ‘kid’ profile on Hulu. Even a ‘teen’ profile allows the user to access TV-MA or R-rated content.

“Parents have to have the right tools to protect their children, even more so when Hulu promotes sexually-explicit content like ‘teen comedy’ PEN15, A Teacher, and Harlots,” Winter said.

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