PTC Applauds Sen. Markey for Kids Internet Design and Safety Act

Written by PTC | Published April 4, 2019

LOS ANGELES (April 4, 2019) – The Parents Television Council applauded Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) for creating legislation called the Kids Internet Design and Safety (KIDS) Act to address creating a safer online environment for children.

"We applaud Sen. Markey for addressing this crucial issue of helping parents navigate the choppy waters of digital entertainment. Just as we have been working to ensure that the TV Content Ratings System is accurate, transparent, and publicly accountable so that the system benefits the families it was intended to help, we also believe children must be protected from harmful media content in the digital entertainment space,” said Parents Television Council President Tim Winter.

“Solutions are desperately needed to help parents protect their children from harmful media content. Just as it is a creator’s right to make content, it is an even more inherent right that parents are allowed to protect their children from potentially harmful content. This KIDS Act will help give parents a much-needed solution.

“It is timely that Sen. Markey is introducing the KIDS Act when the FCC is also conducting a review of the TV Content Ratings System, which research has shown to be ineffective at protecting children from harmful media content. It is time that constitutional, comprehensive solutions to better protect children are supported and enacted.”

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