PTC Calls on Hollywood to Fully Embrace Influence on Society

Written by PTC | Published September 23, 2019

LOS ANGELES (September 23, 2019) – The Parents Television Council is calling on the entertainment industry to fully embrace its influence on society.

“Hollywood is joyfully abuzz at the latest Emmy Awards winners, with a diverse group of actors and viewpoints being represented. At the same time, a forthcoming film, Joker, is being lauded, and criticized, for its stark, cruel, realistic violence, and has led a few critics to rightfully ask whether this kind of on-screen violence could incite real-life violence – especially wise given that this is the first R-rated live-action film in the Batman franchise. The juxtaposition of these two stories could not be better timed, as they provide evidence to Hollywood’s hypocrisy. Hollywood cannot have it both ways – the entertainment they produce and distribute cannot change the world for good, and yet have no influence if the content is violent, sexually explicit, or profane. Hollywood can push the agenda it wants, and say it greatly matters, but they cannot say the negative content doesn’t matter. It’s time for Hollywood to fully embrace its influence on society,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

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