PTC Calls on Netflix CEO to Remove 365 Days from Platform

Written by PTC | Published July 8, 2020

“Netflix has given their corporate imprimatur to sexual exploitation by distributing - and profiting from - a film that asks us to be entertained by it,” says PTC President

LOS ANGELES (July 8, 2020) – The Parents Television Council is calling on Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to personally intervene and remove the film 365 Days, which glamorizes sex trafficking, rape, and kidnapping, from its streaming service. A sequel is reportedly in the works.

At a time when our nation is enmeshed in a dialogue about eliminating vestiges of slavery and oppression in America, and at a time when four million adults and one million children around the world are victims of forced sexual exploitation; Netflix has given their corporate imprimatur to sexual exploitation by distributing – and profiting from – a film that asks viewers to be entertained by it. We urgently, fervently call on Netflix to recognize their complicity in humanity’s worst behavior, and to remove this toxic film from its distribution platform immediately,” said Tim Winter, president of the Parents Television Council.

"As of this writing, over 65,000 people have signed a petition on, calling on Netflix to take this film down. I have personally signed the petition, and I am calling on PTC members – and indeed all concerned Americans – to add their voices to this important choir. And along the way, I urge folks to read some of the heartbreaking comments posted by those who cite their own personal experience as survivors of sexual violence.

“Welsh singer, Duffy, has taken a courageous public stand to condemn 365 Days for glamorizing ‘the brutal reality of sex trafficking, kidnapping and rape,’ and has called on Netflix to remove this film from distribution. Netflix has callously dismissed her call, deflecting that the company was not involved in the production of the film and thus, it will remain. I remind Reed Hastings that his company is directly profiting from 365 Days. I further remind Mr. Hastings that he has generated so much profit for the film’s producers that they announced their intention to produce a sequel.

“We echo Duffy’s call on Netflix to immediately remove this film from its platform and to stop profiting from this pro-sex trafficking, pro-rape, and pro-kidnapping film.”

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