PTC Says Sesame Street Move to HBO Max Impacts Disadvantaged Families

Written by PTC | Published October 3, 2019

LOS ANGELES (October 3, 2019) – The Parents Television Council issued a statement in reaction to HBO’s announcement that it will move Sesame Streetto HBO Max.

“Sadly, HBO is holding hostage underprivileged families from having access to timely first-run episodes of perhaps the single most educational children’s franchise in the history of electronic media. HBO is building their new streaming platform on the backs of the most vulnerable children – those who are economically disadvantaged and who most urgently need the kind of programming Sesame Street provides. HBO obviously thinks that having exclusive first-run access to Sesame Street is of considerable value, otherwise, why would they tout it?” said PTC President Tim Winter.

“It’s outrageous that families who want to bring first-run episodes of Sesame Street into their home, either via the premium cable network or a streaming service, will also be forced to pay for and invite into their homes content like the extremely graphic teen-targeted show, Euphoria. Families should be extremely concerned about this move.”

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