PTC to Disney: Zero “F-Bombs” when Hamilton Streams on Disney+

Written by PTC | Published June 24, 2020

LOS ANGELES (June 24, 2020) – The Parents Television Council is calling on Disney+ to reevaluate allowing even one “f-word” in the forthcoming PG-13-rated Hamilton, scheduled to be released on July 3. Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda confirmed that two of three “f-words” were dropped from the streaming version in order to reach the broadest audience. The Motion Picture Association allows one “f-word” to be used in PG-13-rated films.

“We applaud Lin-Manuel Miranda for wanting to reach the broadest possible audience for the film version of his epic and brilliant Broadway musical, Hamilton, and for allowing the removal of harsh profanity in order to do so. But Disney’s decision to allow even one ‘f-word’ to be heard on its Disney+ platform – a platform that bears Walt Disney’s name and that is marketed directly and primarily to millions of families with children – is shameful. Even with the stated permission from the program’s creator to remove them, Disney is choosing to keep an f-bomb in the film,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

“The MPA’s own rating system that enables one ‘f-word’ must be reevaluated. Most families consider any usage of that word greater than zero to be vile and totally off-limits. And Disney needs to recall its swarm of lobbyists who are crawling all over Capitol Hill, working to prevent a legislative update to the Family Movie Act, and preventing parents from using content filtering technology to block explicit material that they find harmful or offensive.”

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