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10:00 pm EST; September 14, 2004; on FX

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic


Matt and Adrian get into trouble for fighting at school, and Adrian is found to have drugs on him. Christian and Ava are called-in to talk to the principal. Ava persuades Christian that it would be in Matt's best interest to avoid suspension, and that the only way to avoid suspension is for Christian to give the principal a free face-lift.

Objectionable Medical Scenes and Violence:

Christian and Sean perform surgery on a woman whose face was disfigured from fake botox. Her forehead is all bumpy. They peel back the skin on her forehead and remove bloody, infected pieces of flesh from under her skin. The peeled back forehead is shown multiple times and is very graphic and bloody.

Merrill Bobbelit is shown performing a liposuction on a woman who wanted to look like J-Lo while high. Merrill has a small incision in her abdomen and he jerks the liposuction instrument haphazardly. He leaves it in her stomach and inhales more nitrous gas while Madame Rose, his assistant, empties a huge bucket of human fat. While Merrill is busy snorting the gas, the woman flat lines and Madame Rose panics and tries to rouse him.

Madam Rose tries to give her CPR, when that fails, she says, "Oh shit!"

The woman dies and Merrill looks surprised.

Then Madame Rose pulls out a saw and tells Merrill to hold her legs: "It'll be easier to get rid of her if she's in pieces."

Merrill is shown stuffing the dead woman into his suitcase.

Christian comes in looking for him, but misses seeing Merrill shoving the woman's foot into the suitcase. Christian realizes that Merrill got high, and sees the bloody mess on the table.

Christian puts two and two together and just as he asks "What's in the suitcase, Merrill?" Madame Rose knocks him in the back of the head.

Madame Rose: "We're gonna need another suitcase."

Christian wakes up tied to Merrill's operating table.

Merrill talks about how after med school they both found "money, fame, pussy." But Merrill says somehow Christian always came out ahead and he realized it is because Christian is better looking. Merrill says he's going to take Christian's face.

Merrill takes a scalpel and draws it across Christian's forehead, blood seeping out of the wound. Christian writhes in pain and fear.

Merrill then starts inhaling the gas again. Then Christian causes Merrill to hesitate by telling him that in order to do a facial transplant, the recipient face has to be removed, first.

Then Merrill goes to the mirror and starts slicing his own face. It bleeds. Christian keeps writhing as Merrill cuts along his chin and up his cheek, bleeding more. Merrill faints and falls to the floor.

Objectionable Language and Sex:

Adrian: "Yeah, while you and my mom were soaping each other's privates in the shower. She's got a lethal stash of Vicodin in her night stand in case you haven't noticed."

Later in the conversation...

Matt: "That's bullshit, asshole, you got expelled from your school for truancy. This place was your last ditch hope for graduation."

Adrian: "You're the asshole, asshole. Ever since you showed up I haven't been able to get shit from her any more, not even lunch money. Consider this a down payment on what you owe me."

Matt: "I don't owe you anything."

Ava, Matt, and Adrian are in the principal's office after Matt and Adrian get in trouble for fighting and selling drugs.

Christian arrives and the principal, Oona Wentworth, mistakes him for Sean.

Christian: "Sorry I'm late."

Oona: "Have a seat, Mr. McNamara."

Christian: "It's Troy, Dr. Christian Troy."

Oona: "I'm confused, I thought you were his father."

Christian: "I am. I'm his, uh, biological father."

Matt: "I have two dads."

Oona: "Oh, was there a divorce? Oh, got it, two dads. Emily Willis has two mommies, we're seeing more and more of this."

Christian: "Matt's father is my partner, Dr. Sean McNamara."

Oona: "I understand."

Matt: "They're not gay, Miss Wentworth. My mom slept with Christian before she married my dad."

Adrian: "And technically I don't have any father figures, but Matt's living in my house and screwing my mom, so I pretend he's my dad."

Ava: "It's true, Miss Wentworth, Matt and I are lovers. I was his life coach."

Adrian: "You see, Matt has a problem, he's a premature ejaculator."

Oona: "Ok, enough, I deal with dysfunctional families on a daily basis and trust me, everyone has a story and none of you are that special. 30 days suspension is what we give when drugs are involved, end of subject."

Matt walks into the bathroom at school just as Adrian comes out of a bathroom stall.

Adrian: "You've been standing there this whole time, haven't you?"

Matt: "No, I just walked in."

Adrian: "You wanna guess what I've been doing in there?"

Matt: "No."

Adrian: "I'll give you a hint, it involved my right hand."

Matt: "You're a sociopath, you know that?"

Adrian: "Oh, come on, come on, you want to see this. You didn't know I was a Picasso, did you?"

On the bathroom stall wall, Adrian has drawn a cartoon picture of Matt, Adrian and Mrs. Wentworth having sex. One of the boys is having sex with her from behind, the other boy is positioned near her head. The boys are high-fiving each other in the picture and under it says, "Wentworth likes it rough."

Matt: "That's brilliant, you think no one's going to know who did that now?"

Adrian: "Come on, I think I captured your cum face pretty well, don't you? I've seen it so many times."

Adrian is sitting on the couch crying when Ava comes home.

Ava: "Adrian. Why are you sitting in the dark?"

Adrian: "I won't let you do this to me anymore."

Ava: "Please don't threaten me, Adrian."

Adrian: "Why do you keep hurting me, do you enjoy it?"

Ava: "I'm giving you what you need, it may not be what you want."

Adrian: "I need you, that's what I need. I'm so humiliated; I've been such a prick. Living here with you and Matt, it just hurts too much. How do I make you love me again?"

Ava: "I'll always love you. Things change. We both need to accept that. It can't ever be like it was."

They hug, both crying.

Adrian: "I gave you my soul."

He goes to kiss her, opened mouth.

Ava: "No, no, no more."

She holds his face and he kisses her fingers.

Adrian: "Please, Mommy, please."

She relents and they start kissing very passionately, with tongues.

10:00 pm EST; September 7, 2004; on FX

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic


Episode Summary: 

Sean agrees to operate on Julia to repair her facial injury.  While she is under anesthesia, she dreams about what her life would be like if she had married Christian instead of Sean and become a doctor herself.

Objectionable Medical scenes and Violence:

1. Julia and Sean do a face-lift on Mrs. Grubman.  They have her forehead peeled back and are jamming instruments into the bloody section of head to loosen the skin for stretching.  Then they slice near her ear and blood runs all over the table.  It is very graphic and bloody.

Objectionable Language and Sex:

1. Julia: "Ava, I'm not in the mood for your withering shit right now."

2. Julia walks into the room in her home where there is an indoor pool. 

Christian is having sex with Kimber in the pool.

Kimber is hanging onto the side of the pool and Christian has sex with her from behind.  They are groaning and moaning with pleasure.

Julia walks in, utterly undisturbed by seeing her husband having sex with another woman.

Christian: "You're late.  We started without you."

Julia: "I'm sorry I forgot.  Who's this?"

Kimber: "Hi, I'm Kimber."

Julia: "I thought we were getting a brunette tonight."

Kimber: "I'll go get my wig."

As Kimber gets out of the pool, her bare backside is shown from the side at the corner of the screen.

Christian: "Bad day?"

Julia: "The worst.  I have to start all the in vitro shit as we feared."

Christian: "That's good for me, no condoms."

Julia: "With her you have to wear condoms."

Both Julia and Christian both snort cocaine off of a silver tray.

They then talk about their medical practice a bit.

Kimber returns, wearing a wig.  She is nude and in the pool, the tops of her breasts are visible.  Julia announces that she's going to take a shower as Christian resumes sex with Kimber.  Kimber tells Julia she likes it when she watches her having sex with Christian.

10:00 pm EST; August 31, 2004; on FX

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic


Episode Summary:

Natasha Charles, a blind woman, comes to the doctors seeking to be made beautiful.  Julia's mother Erica returns to town.  Julia gets breast implants to try to get Sean's attention.

Objectionable Medical scenes and Violence:

1. The doctors remove and replace Natasha's eyeballs.  Her eye socket is all bloody and they have metal instruments holding her eyes open and more they stick in her eyes.  Then, once her old eyes are out, they create two eye socket prosthetics and she has these bloody indentations where her eyes used to be.  Then the man who makes eyeballs narrates a segment and he shows her how he injects a molding material into her empty eye sockets to get the perfect fit for her eyes.  Her eye is shown during the narration with the white milky molding material being injected into her empty eye socket and then molding material oozing out.  Then the doctor is shown inserting the fake eye into her socket.

Objectionable Language and Sex:

1. Natasha and Christian are in a bedroom.  She is in a negligee.  She undresses Christian, removing his shirt.  Since she is blind, there is a lot of her touching his body.  He stands still as she rotates around his body, touching him and rubbing her body against his. 

It is sensual, but no nudity, or even much kissing for the most part.  Then he carries her to the bed.

They are shown from an aerial shot lying in bed.  There is one shot where a strategically placed sheet covers her privates and his front private area is covered but there is a side view of his bare buttocks.

Then they are shown embracing and at one point shown with her straddling him and them having some kind of sexual rhythm.

10:00 pm EST; August 17, 2004; on FX

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

Episode Summary:
Sean seeks a divorce from Julia and dissolution of his medical practice with Christian. Sean and Christian go to New York to separate a pair of middle aged conjoined twins.

Objectionable Medical scenes and Violence:

1. There is a graphic depiction of the separation of the conjoined twins. Their skull skin is pulled back and their brains exposed. It is bloody and graphic.

After they are separated, the twin Christian is working on is oozing blood out of her head where Christian worked on her. She bleeds to death and dies.

Twice as he is struggling to help her:
Christian: "Shit!"
Christian: "Shit!"

Objectionable Language and Sex:
1. Sean tries to tell Christian that he carried Christian all their years together, but Christian argues that Sean needed Christian, too.

Christian: "We're symbiotic. Guiding me gives you the motivation to excel. You've got talent, Sean, but you never would have had the nuts to express it if you didn't have me to compare yourself to."

Sean: "So I have your ineptitude to thank for my success."
Christian: "No, you have my 10 inch dick to thank. Surgery is the one place you're more of a man than I am. And you need to be better than me because somewhere in your twisted brain you think that's what keeps Julia. So you work harder, you focus, and that's why with all of your bullshit about carrying me, you've never been able to leave. You couldn't do this without me."

2. Sean meets a woman in a bar and after he tells her that he's a plastic surgeon, she says: "Should I get a boob job?"

The camera zooms in on her chest.

Sean: "You already got one."
Woman: "You're good."
Sean: "So are they."

Sean tells her she is beautiful. Then she slides her hand in between his legs and says: "You don't have to work so hard, baby."

Sean then says: "How much?"
Woman: "Depends on what you want to do."
Sean: "I want to make a connection."

3. Sean brings the prostitute back to the dorm room he is sharing with Christian.

Christian is lying on the bed smoking marijuana.

Sean: "You wanted to take a piss, honey? The restroom's right in there."

She goes into the bathroom.

Christian: "What are you doing?"
Sean: "Getting laid. What does it look like I'm doing? Where'd you get the weed?"
Christian: "I found a dealer in the dorm next door. Whose the girl?"
Sean: "A sure thing. I'm paying."
Christian: "You're out of control."
Sean: "It's about time, don't you think? This is payback."
Christian: "For what?"
Sean: "For all the times in school when you'd have some dumb ass slut in your bed and I'd have to lie there in the dark listening to you moaning and coming. It made me sick."
Christian: "Hey, we had a system, if I had a girl in the room I'd put the Men at Work album outside against the wall and you'd know not to come in."
Sean: "It's always about what you want, asshole."
Christian: "You were the one who insisted on coming in most of the time because you had a heavy course load and needed the rest. Pussy, I know what you wanted."
Sean: "What did I want?"
Christian: "You wanted to hear me screw, because it was the closest thing you could get to getting laid. Being linked in some way to my conquests, living vicariously through me, that's what has always gotten you off."
Sean: "And I could say the same thing about Julia. How it must have killed you that I got what you never could."
Christian: "I did get it, once."

The hooker comes out of the bathroom.
Hooker: "Three ways are double."
Christian: "We're not having a three-way."
Sean: "Why not? Everything else has been. I'll pay, Julia."
Hooker: "My name's Renee."
Sean: "Not tonight, tonight it's Julia."
He kisses her passionately.
Sean: "Isn't this what you've always wanted, Christian? Isn't this your dream? Being part of Julia and I here? Not being the outsider always looking in?"
Christian: "You're crazy."
Sean: "You haven't got the balls."
Hooker: "Maybe I should go."
Christian: "No, stay, Julia."

They are shown then pushing the beds together. The hooker takes off her skirt and her bare butt is shown up close in full. Christian is shown taking condoms out of his bag.

They are shown smoking pot. Christian kisses the hooker, and then Sean is shown having sex with her from behind. The sides of her breasts and Sean's bare butt are visible as he thrusts into her.

The scene shifts and then the hooker is shown sitting up on Christian, having sex with him. Her breasts are fully visible, shown bouncing up and down. It is very slightly blurry, so her nipples aren't visible and she is in profile.

Then she is shown lying on the bed and both Sean and Christian kiss their way up her legs. Christian passionately kisses her bare buttocks as Sean kisses her mouth.

Then suddenly the hooker is Julia.

Hooker's voice in Julia's mouth: "We'll always be together, is that how you want me to say it?"
Sean: "Yes."

Sean and hooker/Julia kiss passionately and then Christian kisses her on the mouth, too.

Finally it is over and the hooker is shown taking money off the table and leaving while Christian and Sean separate the beds and go to sleep.

August 10, 2004/ 10:00 p.m. ET on FX Network

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

Episode Summary:

The doctors treat a woman who has stigmata injuries. Liz announces she is pregnant after accepting Christian's sperm donation. Julia admits to Sean that Christian is Matt's real father.

Gore and Violence:

1. Sean and Christian perform surgery on the baby with the tail-like protrusion. There is blood and a graphic image of the baby's bare buttocks with a bloody running between the buttocks.

2. Agatha is crying and having a medical emergency so the doctors rush in. She is crying and there are bloody wounds on her feet.

When Christian sees, it, he says "Goddamn it!"

She says Jesus did it to her and she lied before when she claimed she did the wrist stigmata to herself.

3. Sean bursts into the room and slams Christian into the wall and then onto the floor. He starts repeatedly punching Christian in the face. Christian's face is bleeding.

Graphic Sexual Content and Foul Language:

1. Sean: "It's bugging the shit out of me."

August 3, 2004/ 10:00 p.m. ET on FX Network

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic


Episode Summary:

Sean and Christian continue to be harassed by a disgruntled former patient, who threatens to destroy their business and expose them on the local news. Sean and Christian turn the story in their favor, however, by highlighting pro bono work they're doing for a former model who was disfigured during a brutal rape. Julia learns about Matt's affair with Ava, his middle-aged life coach. Matt learns the truth about his father.

Gore and Violence:

1. Naomi, the serial rape victim talks about her attack. She has a huge slash wound on either side of her mouth, extending up to her ears. The wounds are only partially healed and crusted and bloody.

Naomi: "Do you know what he says when he's ramming himself into you and you're choking on your own blood? 'Beauty is a curse on the world.' He said that to the other girls, too. And after that comes the good part. That's when he takes out the knife."

2. During Naomi's surgery, there is a very graphic shot of the doctors opening her leg to remove a nerve which they will use in her facial reconstruction. There is a shot of a gaping hole in her leg with medical clamps holding it apart. Then there are graphic shots of her cheeks spread open while they repair her face with the extracted nerve. There is a lot of blood around both wounds.

Graphic Sexual Content and Foul Language:

1. Matt, a teenager, has sex with Ava, his middle-aged life coach. She is on top of him in bed and they both pant heavily and appear to climax. Ava rolls off of him and Matt says he wishes they had more time together.

Ava: "Not if it means missing more school, young man."

Matt: "I could sleep over, next time. I'd just sneak home early before anyone gets up. We'd have all night, wouldn't that be great?"

Ava's teenaged son, Adrian (who is the same age as Matt) is standing in the room, watching his mother in bed with Matt.

Adrian: "What would be great is if you could come quicker so I could get some rest."

Ava: "Why aren't you at school?"

Adrian: "I don't feel good, I'm not going."

Ava: "Fine, leave us alone, leave us alone, then. If you're sick, I want you in bed."

Adrian: "Fine, move over."

Adrian starts to get in bed with his mother and Matt.

Matt: "Dude, get the hell out of here."

Adrian: "Uh, dude, don't think you're special, she'll dump you as soon as she gets sick of you, too."

Adrian leaves the room.

Matt: "What is with that kid?"

Ava: "He's jealous, and completely immature. I swear there are days when I think of who I was at 16 and regret I didn't have that abortion."

Matt: "You had Adrian at 16? That's got to be weird for you, Ava; me being the same age as your son. I mean, why are you with me."

Ava: "I told you, I'm attracted to your soul, Matt, not your age. Maybe what you're saying is that you're uncomfortable being with an older woman."

Matt: "Let me shut the door if we're going to talk. I just want a little privacy, ok?"

Ava: "There's no shame in what we do or say in here. We're going to have an open and honest relationship; we can't hide behind closed doors."

2. Matt asks Ava about how he got caught going home after being in bed with her and how his mom called Ava to check up on Matt's lie that he was doing homework with Adrian.

Ava says Matt shouldn't act so guilty, mothers have good intuition. Then Ava says she's going to confront the situation head-on and call Julia back.

Matt: "You're not going to tell her about us, are you?"

Ava: "Why are you ashamed of our feelings for each other?"

Adrian comes up to them, in nothing but small swim trunks.

Adrian: "Doesn't anyone want to put sun screen on my back?"

Ava and Matt ignore him and kiss.

Ava: "I'll be right back."

She leaves and Adrian sits next to Matt in the poolside chairs.

Adrian: "You wanna jerk off or something?"

Matt: "What?"

Adrian: "Before the old lady comes back? Relax? I gotta take it when I can get it. There's no locks in the house and the only privacy I can get is out here when she's in there."

Matt: "Yeah well, it's not appropriate and don't ask me that again."

Adrian: "Right, you need to save your load for my mom, anyway."

Matt: "Look, Adrian, I don't there to be any weirdness between us, ok?"

Adrian: "Save the father son talk for your Daddy. Your psychobabble attempt at bonding is pathetic."

Matt: "Chill with the attitude, ok? Save your shit."

Adrian: "You're boring me."

Adrian walks away as Ava returns. They speak together out of Matt's earshot.

Adrian: "Your boyfriend misses you."

Ava: "Tomorrow night, don't make any plans, we're going to the McNamara's so Julia can meet Matt's study partner."

Adrian: "So I have to do you a favor now?"

Ava: "Watch your lip, Mister. You're not too old for a backhand, and I'm wearing heavy rings."

Adrian: "Fine, I'll play along, but then I get a favor."

Matt walks up.

Matt: "So what'd she say?"

Ava: "We're all gonna have dinner with your mom tomorrow night, and this is what we're gonna do."

She takes Matt and they walk off, leaving Adrian staring after them.

3. While having dinner at Matt's house, Adrian says that his mom never gives him what he wants. Ava argues that he is never denied anything.

Adrian: "Really mom? When I asked you and Matt to keep it down when you were humping the other night, you didn't do that for me. That's denial."

Julia looks horrified and shocked.

Julia: "Did he mean what he just said?"

Ava makes Adrian go to the car to wait for her.

Ava: "Julia, Matt and I discussed the fact that our relationship would come as a shock. But you need to realize that it has nothing to do with you."

Julia: "You call it a relationship? I let you into my house, and you violate that trust by using me to seduce my son?"

Matt: "Mom, it wasn't all her fault."

Ava: "There are no victims here, Julia. Matt's old enough to make his own decisions about his sexual partners.

Julia: "What are you, a pedophile? I put an alarm on this house to keep monsters out, when shockingly, the true monster was in front of my face the entire time!"

Ava: "Look, I understand why you'd be uncomfortable with the notion of sexual expression. That's why you came to me in the first place, to deal with your own shame issues around sex. But really, Matt's going to learn anything positive about intimacy, he needs someone with the right skills."

Julia: "Just because you can't get your own child to love you, don't try and take away mine!"

Ava: "He's not yours to have anymore, Julia. You need to over this oedipal stage before you smother Matt and he never forms a healthy sexual identity."

Julia: "Boy, I bet your bullshit business would just tank if your clients knew their life coach was sleeping with boys barely out of puberty."

Ava: "Don't try and intimidate me, Julia. You want to play games, I will push right back and I will win."

Matt: "Don't threaten my mom."

Ava puts her hand on Matt's arm.

Ava: "Matt, your mother doesn't really have your best interests at heart here."

Julia pushes Matt behind her.

Julia: "Don't you ever touch him again or I swear to God I will kill you! Now get out of my house!"

As Ava leaves, she turns and says: "I know we both want what's best for him. I'm sure you can figure that out for yourself, Matt."

4. Julia admits that Christian is Matt's father.

Then she starts crying and apologizing.

Matt: "This whole family is bullshit and you're the reason why."

Julia: "Don't talk to me like that! I'm still your mother."

Matt: "You're not my mother, you're a whore."

She goes to slap him and he catches her arm.

Matt: "Even if you did hit me, it would still be true."


July 27, 2004/ 10:00 p.m. ET on FX Network
Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

Episode Summary:

Julia and Sean hire Ava to tutor and "life coach" Matt and she sexually propositions him. Liz tries to get pregnant and Christian offers to donate sperm. Ava figures out that Matt is Christian's son and blackmails him with the information.

Gore and Violence:

1. During Mrs. Calderello's surgery, Sean is shown between her legs, handing pieces of skin, presumably from her labia, to Christian. Christian is slicing the burned parts of Mrs. Calderello's lips and blood runs down her chin. Then he replaces the burned parts with her labial lips.

Graphic Sexual Content and Foul Language:

1. A patient, Mrs. Calderello, had her lips burnt off from an accident. She wants the doctors to fix them.
Sean: "Mrs. Calderello, we've had tremendous success with lip reconstruction using the patient's labial folds as donor sites."
Mrs. Calderello: "Labial, that means lips, right?"
Christian: "That's right. Your other lips. You've got two pair."
Mrs. Calderello: "Oh my God! Are you out of your mind? I'm not putting those on my face!"
Sean: "They're only skin, dermis."
Mrs. Calderello: "From my locker? Forget it."
Sean: "There's really no other option."
Mrs. Calderello: "What about when my husband kisses me?"
Christian: "Don't worry; he won't be able to tell because of texture or fragrance."
Mrs. Calderello: "If he finds out, he'll never kiss me again."
Sean: "You mean he doesn't like..."
Mrs. Calderello: "He's never tried it. He's old school, Sicilian. Men like him think it's a weakness to satisfy a woman in that way."
Christian: "Mrs. Calderello, if your husband wants sexual relations at the end of a long day, do you ever say no?"
Mrs. Calderello: "Of course not, I want to make him happy."
Christian: "What about your happiness? The secret joy of knowing that it's the first time that those lips have ever been kissed."
Sean: "After she talked it over honestly with her husband of course."
Mrs. Calderello brightens up: "Do it. Put my pussy on my lips. What he doesn't know, he doesn't know. But if he asks, he got it from my breasts. Those he can't get away from."

2. Matt shows up at Ava's house and at first she tells him he needs an appointment and their relationship is professional.
Ava: "Look, we need to establish some boundaries."
Matt: "Now I'm supposed to believe that you get naked with all your clients? That this was just some stupid trust exercise?"
They kiss.
Ava: "Look, I made a commitment to your mother to help you. I don't take my commitments lightly, Matt."
Matt: "Look into my eyes and tell me you're not attracted to me."
Ava: "I am attracted to you."
Matt moves in to kiss her again. Ava stops him.
Ava: "Your mother hired me as your life coach, not your geisha."
Matt: "Do you know what it's like going around all day with a constant hard on?"
Ava: "You want some relief, give me an A in French."
Matt: "You're offering me sex for grades?"
Ava: "Just trying to help you get your life back on track."
Matt: "Come on, there's no way I can go from a C to an A."
Ava: "Then there's no way that I can relieve your suffering. It's amazing what a little incentive can do."
Matt gets out of the car.

4. Christian: "Shit, if Anne Frank had been hiding in your attic, she wouldn't have gotten past Dear Diary. I'm putting pussy lips back on the schedule."

5. Matt stands outside of Ava's house. He can see her undressing in the window. She removes her shirt and stands in her bra and panties. He is shown unbuttoning his pants and it is strongly implied that he is masturbating while watching her take off her clothes. His breathing and facial expressions indicate his pleasure and suddenly some lights shine on him.

Two police officers are standing there: "You want to tell us what the hell you're doing?"

6. Christian and Sean leave the police station.
Matt: "Holy shit, there's nothing like being abducted by aliens."
Christian slams Matt into a wall angrily.
Christian: "You keep that up and you'll find out what it feels like to be anally probed by some lifer who wants to make you his bitch."
Matt: "Come on, what are they gonna do, arrest every kid that jacks off?"
Christian: "Your mommy didn't just catch you in the bathroom, Matt. You were beating off in public! Once you are branded a sex offender, it stays with you."
Matt: "I'm screwing up my future, I got it. But it wasn't all my fault."
Christian: "Right, like someone made you whack off?"
Matt: "You haven't seen her. She's unbelievably hot."
Christian: "You're going to jail for some hot piece of teenaged ass?"
Matt: "She's not a teenaged piece of ass. She's you're age, ok. She's the life coach mom hired to get my grades up."
Christian: "Your grades, asshole, not your dick. Now you stay away from her."
Matt: "Oh, yeah, right, like you don't think older women are hot? Isn't that why you slept with my grandmother? Man, I don't even recognize you! Where's the guy that got me drunk when I was 13? Where's the guy that took me to that strip club? Where's the guy that bought me my first rubber? Who the hell are you?"
Christian: "You are never to see her again, do you understand me?"
Matt: "Here's a little update, Christian, I already have a father and I don't need another one.

7. Christian confronts Ava about the situation with Matt. He tells Ava that Matt's in love with her. It is implied he told her about Matt getting caught masturbating and at the end of the conversation, Christian asks for a recommendation about who should be Matt's new life coach and she indicates she plans to continue working with Matt.

Christian: "You're not going to work with him after what I told you."
Ava: "Dr. Troy, I'm trying to rid him of his shame, encourage him to get in touch with his feelings, including his sexual impulses. His attraction to me is normal, as is mine to him. It's mutually advantageous. He makes me feel 10 years younger."
Christian: "You want to feel younger, try botox, not a 17 year old kid!"
Ava: "I didn't know you were so puritanical."
Christian: "I'm a goddamn pilgrim! Have you slept with him?"
Ava: "I told you that's confidential. You'll have to find some other fantasy to help you get it up."
Christian: "I'll have you arrested for statutory rape."
Ava: "He's 17, in Florida that's a consenting adult."
Christian: "You certainly know your rape law!"
Ava: "I'm sure as someone who, according to Matt, has had their fair share of teenaged rape laws, you'd be stupid if you don't."
Christian: "I'm sure Julia will be very interested to hear what parts of life you're coaching his son in."
Ava: "And I'm sure Sean would be interested to know who Matt's real father is."
Christian: "I don't know what you're talking about."
Ava: "Don't you?"
Christian: "Julia would never..."
Ava: "She didn't need to, the resemblance is quite obvious. Of course we rarely see what we see when we don't want to see it."
Christian leaves.

8. Matt wakes up the next morning in Ava's apartment after he spent the night having sex with her. He finds cereal and orange juice set up for his breakfast. She comes out and tells him she has to go.
Ava: "Don't be late for school."
She kisses him on the forehead.
After Ava leaves, a young man walks naked into the living room. His bare buttocks are on camera.
Matt: "Who are you?"
Adrian: "Adrian, Ava's son."

July 20, 2004/ 10:00 p.m. ET on FX Network
Warning: Examples are Very Graphic


Episode Summary: 


Sean ends up in the hospital after getting into a car crash while talking on his cell phone.  Gina and Christian face life without Wilbur after James takes him home.  The doctors treat a man who has frost bite damage on his face after a climb on Mt. Everest.


Gore and Violence:


1. There is a graphic scene showing the doctors taking the large piece of Mr. Gideon's face off.  He has a frostbite patch from cheekbone to cheekbone, fully covering his nose.  They cut it off, leaving a large bloody wound on his face.  Then they lift a piece of skin from his chest the same size, leaving another bloody wound on his chest.  They trim and re-build his nose and graft the good skin onto his cheeks as well.  There is a lot of blood and medical detail.


Graphic Sexual Content and Foul Language:


1. Gina: "Where's my baby, asshole?"


2. Gina: "You are so scared to get your dick lopped off that you won't stick it out for your own son!"


3. Brody: "Mikey and I were scared shitless of sharks."


4. Sean tries to convince Christian to go swimming in shark alley with him.  Christian says no thanks.

Sean: "So what you're saying is you're a pussy?"

Christian: "There's a difference between being a pussy and being respectful of fear.  That's what put on a johnny hat every time I perform slipindicktome to a woman of questionable standards."



July 6, 2004/ 10:00 p.m. ET on FX Network

 Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

Episode Summary: 

Manya was given a "female circumcision" as a young child, so she wants to have corrective surgery. Another patient requests hair implants all over the exterior of his body. Sean meets Ava, a therapist, and enlists her to help out Julia. Christian has more problems with Gina and decides to seek custody of Wilbur.

Explicit Sex and Foul Language:

1. The doctors ask Manya what she doesn't like about herself.

Manya: "My clitoris."

Christian: "And the problem with it is?"

Manya: "I want an orgasm.  In America, on my modeling shoots, I meet women who enjoy having sex.  Sex, sex, sex, all the time."

Christian: "Well, they do take a break every now and then."

Manya: "I was a victim of female genital mutilation.  The dodga, the midwife, said I was the worst girl she ever cut, because of all the screaming.  My mother had to sit on me and hold my legs open while the witch sliced off my clitoris with a sharp piece a glass.  And then she used it to tear out the folds surrounding it."

Christian: "I didn't think this sort of thing still went on."

Manya: "In Somalia over 90% of the women have it done.  It is a 'fatwa', one of the 10 obligations a woman must adhere to if she wishes to obtain perfection."

Sean: "And if you refuse?"

Manya: "An uncut woman cannot marry, she is considered masculine, unclean.  Sexual urges belong only to the male.  So, I'm asking you, can you give me an orgasm?"

Sean: "That may not be possible."

Manya: "This is America, anything is possible."

Sean: "Anything, but not everything.  We can certainly reconstruct your pudenda, but as far as rebuilding a clitoris and restoring sensation..."

Christian: "Actually, there is an experimental procedure.  It's called a free flap transfer.  We take the tip from one of your toes and attach it to the clitoral area."

Sean: "But it's only been tried a few times.  Chances for a successful graft aren't optimum."

Manya: "But if there is even a little chance, please, Dr. McNamara, what have I got to lose?"

2. Christian and Sean talk privately about which of them will do Manya's surgery.

Christian: "You might be more adept at nerve re-attachment, but I'm a goddamn genius when it comes to pussy. If I build it, she will come."

3. Gina barges into Christian's apartment holding Wilbur and angry.

Gina: "Shit emergency."

Christian: "Good morning to you, too."

Gina: "I was down the block having breakfast with my sponsor when I ran out of diapers.  The kid is a feces factory.  He's up to his neck in shit.  If this smell doesn't make you think twice before having sex, nothing will."

The baby is crying and has stains all over his clothes as well as his arms.  Christian is holding him and cooing at him.

Christian: "You hear that, Wilbur?  Mommy says you smell so bad she's closing down Fort Pussy.  Good job."

4. Sean and Julia are having sex.  He is on top of her and they are panting and moaning.  Sean: "That was great.  Mornings are best.  How soon does Annie go to college?"

They kiss and he says he should shower and get going.  They tell each other they love each other.

Sean walks across the room, his nude butt is visible.

After he goes into the shower, Julia puts her hand under the covers between her legs and masturbates.  Sean walks in, sees her, and drops something, which startles her.

Sean: "Well, I hope at least your fantasizing about me."

Julia: "Of course, except you were younger, taller, and looked a lot like Jude Law."

Sean: "Well, if you excuse me, I'll leave the two of you alone."

Julia: "Oh, honey, I was just helping myself to seconds. I didn't get enough the first time around."

Sean: "You didn't come with me, did you?"

Julia: "I'm just not having orgasms that easily right now.  It has nothing to do with you."

Sean: "Wow, I had no idea you were such a good actress."

Julia: "I wasn't acting, it all felt good."

Sean: "Just not good enough."

Julia: "I'm sorry, I should have told you.  It's me, I'm off. It's just a phase."

Sean: "Maybe you should see someone."

Julia: "I already have one therapist under my roof, I don't need another one.  I'm just blocked, it'll be fine."

5. Sean: "I don't want to do it, I can't make her come."

Christian thinks he's talking about the genital surgery.

Christian: "Yes you can, come on, it's a new procedure for us. It's natural to be nervous."

Sean: "I'm talking about Julia.  I went down on her this morning and I swore she was in the zone."

Christian: "What, she fell asleep?"

Sean: "I caught her finishing what I'd started.  She says she's been faking it for months.  So you can understand how I might be a tad hesitant about constructing Miss Mabika's genitalia when I have no idea how my own wife's operates."

Christian: "You ever try doing the alphabet, with your tongue?"

Sean: "What are you, twelve?"

Christian: "Women are right brained.  They're instinctual, intuitive, and above all verbal. You want to be a successful lover, work on your language skills."

Sean: "They're a mystery, you know.  I can reconstruct her external parts, maybe even revitalize dying tissue, but pleasure, release, ecstasy..."

Christian: "All we're doing is maximizing her potential.  She just wants a fighting chance to feel, or at the very least look like the woman she could have been if she lived in this country instead of a place where men are such pussies they have to neuter their women to get a hard on."

Sean: "Let's go rebuild a clitoris."

6. Gina: "Listen to me, asshole.  You don't want to have another baby with me, fine.  There are a thousand men who could make a better father than you!  I could find better spunk on a shit stained urinal in a strip joint."

7. Christian is in bed with Manya.  The song "Let's Get it On" plays.  They are implied to be nude under the covers.  Christian kisses her and then puts his hand beneath the sheets.

The scene juxtaposes with one of Julia and Sean having sex.  He is on top of her and then goes down below the sheets intimating he is going to give her oral sex. 

A pair of women's legs are shown to be parted and bent at the knees and Christian's head comes up from between them. His mouth is open, he's panting from what seems to be exhaustion at trying to pleasure Manya.  Manya's face is kind of confused looking or possibly unsatisfied.

Christian moves up and lies next to her in bed.

Christian: "It doesn't mean the surgery wasn't successful, it's still too early to tell."

Manya turns away and cries.

Back with Julia and Sean, Sean is between Julia's legs giving her oral sex.  She moans and says: "Oh, Sean, it's just not working."

Sean: "I don't care how long it takes."

Back in Christian's bed, Manya looks sad and then gets up and leaves the bed.  Her bare butt is partially visible as she leaves the bed.

Julia makes Sean give up on her.

Julia: "We're both just trying too hard.  Honey, it's not that what you were doing didn't feel good, it felt great.  It's not a problem you can fix."

Sean: "I could if you let me."

Julia: "If I could let you, it wouldn't be a problem."

8. Christian has Wilbur in a stroller and is taking him to Gina's apartment with some flowers.

A man steps off the elevator and says to Christian and the baby: "Smart, start him young.  Are you going to watch Daddy park the pink bus in the fur garage?"

9. Christian walks into Gina's apartment.  There are empty beer bottles all over the living room.

A man comes out of the bedroom with his shirt off.

Man: "She is one cranky hot bitch."

The man leaves.

Christian kisses Wilbur and leaves him in the living room in the stroller.  "You wait here, little buddy, daddy will be right back."

Christian walks into the bedroom where a man is having sex with Gina.  (The same room the other man just left.)  The man is humping her and his bare buttocks are fully visible.

Christian: "What the hell are you doing?"

Gina: "You're early, I thought you were taking Wilbur to the zoo and then to dinner."

Gina to the man she's having sex with: "Come already!"

The man groans and laughs as if he did have the orgasm.

Christian: "Get the hell out of here!  I said, get your shit and get out!"

Gina: "Thank you for your deposit, Gil."

Christian: "What are you, on drugs?  You organize your own gangbang?"

Gina: "It's my gang, asshole.  From sexaholics anonymous.  They volunteered."

Christian: "To do what, fall off the wagon and onto you?"

Gina: "It's called heterospermic insemination, it's the surest way a girl can get pregnant.  The more partners the more sperm, the more sperm, the more competitive the little bastards are to come in first.  Wilbur's gonna have a brother with or without you."

Christian: "You are so goddamned sick."

Gina: "What's your problem, asshole, they've all been tested.  There's not so much as a herpes among the bunch."

Christian packs a bag for Wilbur.

He says he's taking Wilbur.  She says that he has no right.

Gina: "There's no law against have sex with multiple partners, if it were, you'd be on death row!"

Christian: "When I sue you for custody, you be sure to say that!"

She continues to lie on the bed with her feet in the air as he storms out.

June 29, 2004/ 10:00 p.m. ET on FX Network

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic


Episode 1 - View Clip


Episode Summary: 

Sean faces the fear of not being able to continue to perform surgery.  Matt is stunned to hear his friend Henry raped Cara Fitzgerald.  Christian breaks his nose in a sexual accident.

Graphic Medical scenes:

1. Christian and Sean have a patient with a huge, round growth on his neck.  Sean slices around the bottom of the growth.  Then Sean's hand jerks and blood spurts out all over the room.  The patient starts to bleed out and lose pressure.  They scramble and save the patient.

Christian: "What the hell just happened, Sean?"

2. Sean performs a rhinoplasty on Christian and there is some blood that runs down his face.  They do it with Christian un-anesthetized so that he can talk Sean through it and give him confidence.  At one point, Sean puts a mechanism in Christian's nose to break the bone and after he breaks the bone, blood flows down his face.  Christian is in a lot of pain and cries.

Explicit Sex and Foul Language:

1. Christian is shown standing up, moaning, and shirtless.  It seems he's receiving oral sex. 

Christian: "Oh yeah, slow it down, that's better.  Now use both hands."

The girl puts her hand up to cover his mouth.

Girl: "Shh...."

He sucks her fingers and she goes back to the oral sex.

Christian: "And don't be afraid to use that, either, sweetheart."

Girl: "I don't usually get so many notes during my performance.  Am I not…"

Christian: "Amazing? Absolutely."

Girl: "It might help more if you paid me a little attention first."

Christian: "First come, first served.  Why didn't you say so?"

He lies back on the bed and the camera pulls back.  The girl is shown fully nude from the back.  She crawls up on the bed with Christian.

Christian: "Saddle up."

She moves forward and straddles his face below the camera line.  She holds a pillow in front of her breasts as she he performs oral sex on her.  She moans with pleasure, and then looks panicked.

Girl: "Oh my God!

Christian (voice muffled): "You like that, don't you, huh?"

Girl: "Down!"

Christian: "Sweetheart, I can't go down any further than I already am."

Girl: "No, down! I'm like, super allergic to down."

She leans forward in a violent sneeze and there is a crunching sound.

2. Christian comes in to work with his nose all bruised and broken.

Liz: "What happened to you?  Husband come home early from work?"

Christian: "Actually Liz, the model that was sitting on my face this morning sneezed and jammed her entire pussy..."

Sean: "Christian!"

Liz: "With a mouth like that she could have done us all a favor and broken his jaw!"

Christian: "Oh come on, Liz, I thought we finally had something in common.  Isn't this what happened to your nose?"

Liz looks angry and walks out.

3. Christian: "I don't give a shit about what anyone else thinks, Sean."

4. Sean: "This partnership is a goddamn joke."

5. Christian is in the doctor's office trying to hit on his female doctor.  He tells her he wants an all over body mole check and disrobes.  He says he sunbathes in the buff and takes off his underwear so she can check for "Scrotal melanoma."  Then she kneels in front of him.  She puts her hands on his thighs and his bare butt is facing the camera in full view.

Dr: "You've got more than your share down here."

Christian: "Wait another minute."

He thinks she's talking about his genitals, but she's talking about his thighs. She pinches his side.

Christian: "Jesus!  What the hell are you doing?"

Dr: "Well, no moles, but I'd recommend some lipo for those hips."

6. Christian and Gina have sex.  He is on top of her, his bare butt is visible.  She is wearing a camisole top.

Christian: "Tell me how sexy I am, I wanna hear you say it."

Gina: "You're sexy."

Christian: "You love my body, don't you?"

Gina: "Yes.  I want to touch you."

She touches his face and he puts her hands on his butt.

Christian: "No, no, no, here.  You like my ass, right? Tell me how much you like my rock hard ass.  Say it!  Say it!"

Gina: "Who the hell do you think I am all of a sudden?"

Christian: "Right now I'm imagining you as a brunette plastic surgeon."

Gina: "Is that all I am to you?  Just a hole to fill?  Get off me!  Get off me, you asshole."

She shoves him off.

Christian: "Christ!  When are you going to get it through your head, Gina?

Sex between us is just that, sex.  No strings attached!  You wanna connect with somebody, pay a shrink.  I thought I was doing you a favor."

Gina: "Screw you, Christian!  I'd gone 9 months without a sexual encounter.  I hadn't even masturbated. And you, you bat your eyes at me; you were so nice to me.  I thought this time was going to be different."

Christian: "Oh, why would tonight be any different."

Gina: "You're hideous, you know that?  And now, in a fit of Karma you're as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside."


Season 2 of Nip/Tuck premiered on Tuesday June 22nd, 2004 Ad Free. Sponsored by XM Satellite Radio. Content examples below.

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June 22, 2004/ 10:00 p.m. ET on FX Network

Season 2 premiere

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

Episode Summary: 

Doctors Troy and McNamera face their 40th birthdays.  Julia's mother Erica comes to visit and wants Sean to perform a face lift on her.  Sean develops a tremor in his hand that threatens his ability to do surgery.  Christian fights with Gina about raising their son.

Graphic Medical Scenes:

1. Troy and Christian perform a surgery on Miss Zucker.  Her face was disfigured when a friend shot her in the face as part of a suicide pact.  They remove a large bloody chunk of skin from her leg in reconstructing her face.  They are shown removing a chunk of her face and then folding back her eyelid.  They insert some screws and other hardware into her skull behind her eye lid.  They cut away her chin and unscrew some hardware that is holding her jaw together.  There is blood everywhere. One of the doctors is shown cauterizing exposed muscle and tissue.  They stitch up her face and finish the surgery.

2. Christian performs Erica's face lift.  He makes a bloody incision above her hairline.  He uses an instrument to separate the flesh from the bone and he is shown tugging on the loosened flesh to tighten the skin on her face then stitching the wound together.  Then they poke holes in her cheeks using a hollow metal rod run thread through the rod.  They use the thread to lift her cheeks. 

Graphic Sexual Content and Foul Language:

1. Christian: "Can you believe the shit that passes for music these days?"

2. Gina tells Christian there's an emergency.  She takes him into a bedroom and starts unbuttoning her blouse.  She wants him to suck her breasts to get the breast milk out.

Gina: "I need you to nurse."

Christian: "I'm sorry...?"

Gina: "My tits are ripe, this blouse is silk, stains are forever.  I need you to suck it up."

Christian: "That's disgusting."

Gina: "Quit being such a drama queen, Christian.  It tastes just like sugar water, see?  Mmmm."

She sticks her finger in her bra, and licks her finger.

Christian: "You're sick."

Gina: "No, Christian, I'm a frazzled working mother who forgot her breast pump."

Christian: "Look, I've been very clear with you, there will be no suckage of any kind any more.  Our relationship from now on is purely parental.   Neither you, nor fatherhood is holding me hostage.  In other words, milk 'em yourself, Hiedi."

Gina: "I am not a cow, Christian.  They're too tender to manhandle."

She takes off her bra and stands before him, topless, her back to the camera.

Christian: "Jesus, your nipples are the size of pie plates."

Gina: "If my milk ducts get swollen I pass off any infection to Wilbur."

Christian: "I'm not swallowing."

Gina: "Why not?  I do."

The next shot is of Christian spitting out a mouthful of milk.

3. Sean is in his bathroom looking at his body in the mirror and the camera goes down and shows a close up of his bare behind.  He flicks at a butt cheek with his hand to see if it is saggy.

4. Julia's mother, Erica, shows an old book jacket photo to Sean and Julia.

Erica: "Respect doesn't sell books anymore, sex does.  You see this photograph here?  The photographer who took it had a raging erection during the entire session."

Julia: "Jesus!"

Erica: "Can you do that, Sean?  Make me look like I'm in my prime?  Make me desirable again?"


5. Christian "interviews" Kelly for the nanny job.  We first hear him asking her about her references, CPR knowledge, etc., then the camera pans over and we see that he is having sex with her while he interviews her.  He is standing, fully nude beside the bed while she is lying on her back with her butt at the edge of the bed and her legs in the air above her head, propped against Christian's shoulders.  He asks questions with each thrust and she moans and answers them.  She is also nude, covering her breasts with her hands.  She responds to his last question: "Oh, whatever you like, Daddy."

He stops cold and asks her not to call him that anymore.

She says: "How about, whatever you like Dr. Troy?"

He smiles, says, "That's better." and begins thrusting into her again.

6. A woman Christian meets in a bar thinks he's too old.  He gets a little annoyed when she turns him down.

Christian: "So you're a bitter lipstick lesbian, I'm sorry that I took up your time."

Woman: "Actually, Christian, I love dick.  I just don't dig 40 year old dick."

Christian: "That's perfect, because mine's 35.  Let's go somewhere dark and private and you can count the rings around my trunk."

Woman: "Look, you seem cool, but I have a real daddy and I don't need another one."

7. Christian: "You have no right to fire my nanny."

Gina: "I don't want my child around cheap, common whores."

Christian: "He's around you all the time.  Oh, correction, you're an expensive whore."

Gina: "That's going to cost you a pair of Gucci baby booties for your son, asshole.  Oh, no correction, the adorable baby I let you pretend is your son."

Christian: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Gina: "What that means, Christian, is that I make the rules because I'm the legal parent.  Rule number one, don't screw the nanny."

Christian: "I didn't."

She holds up a used condom.

Gina: "Then what's this, huh?"

Christian: "It just kills you that I screw other women, doesn't it?  She was great, by the way, a real spinner."

The baby whimpers and Gina bends over him.

Gina: "Say goodbye to your daddy, Wilbur, you won't be seeing him for a while."

Christian: "I'm seeing him on Friday while you go to your sexaholics meeting.  That's our standing father-son date."

Gina: "It's cancelled, sociopath, until you can learn to acknowledge and respect..."

He grabs her by the arm and shakes her and screams in her face.

Christian: "Stop telling me what to do!"

Gina: "Listen slick dick!  I left Wilbur with you, not with some stranger.  But you can't have it all.  You can't be a kid and have a kid!"

The baby cries.

Gina: "Now look what you've done, asshole."

Christian: "Friday at 7, and I'm rehiring my nanny!"

8. Erica talks to Christian about getting a facelift and he tries to tell her that she's still young and attractive looking.  They recall having sex at Sean and Julia's wedding.  He tries to tell her that he's now getting old, too.

She tells him that he's still a kid: "An incredibly beautiful kid."

She touches his ear and then runs her hand down along his arm to his hand and then takes the hand and puts it up her skirt.  She leans toward him and says: "Feel that?"

Christian: "Yes."

He is breathless.

Erica: "It's the fountain of youth. All I need is for you to turn it on."

They start to kiss but before their mouths get together the screen goes black.

9. Christian and Kelly the nanny are having graphic sex in the kitchen with Wilbur's baby monitor on the counter.  They are having sex standing up against the wall. His bare butt is shown.

10. After Erica's surgery, Christian talks to Troy.

Christian: "I think I work better on women I've screwed.  Once you've seen a woman's cum face, you've seen her soul.


Season Finale Summary -- October 21, 2003

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

Christian and Sean continue to perform operations on Escobar's women, helping him transport heroin into the States. Escobar then orders them to remove a kidney from one of his mules, telling them that he intends to start harvesting organs to sell on the black market. When Sean refuses, Escobar shoots Liz in the leg and threatens to kill her unless they do what he tells them.

Kimber informs Christian that she will be marrying Merrill, and Julia asks Sean for a divorce.

Sean and Christian turn down a man who wants to get hair plugs for his show dog. Merrill ends up taking the case and accidentally kills the dog during the operation. He is sued and his practice is destroyed.

Gina coerces Christian to have sex with her to induce labor. The two are shown trying different sexual positions.  Gina is wearing lingerie, so she is mostly covered, but Christian is shown fully nude in profile.  His genitals aren't shown, but very little is left to the imagination.  They finally find a comfortable position and are shown engaging in sex, covered by the bed sheets.  Gina is shown climaxing during the scene.

Sean thinks about killing Escobar, and almost does by using his wife's wedding ring to buy a gun and going to Escobar's home while he's working out and is alone and unarmed.  Instead, he agrees to help reconstruct Escobar's face with the promise that once they've done this one final thing for him, Escobar will stop tormenting him and Christian.  The doctors perform the surgery, but make Escobar's face look like that of another man who is on the FBI's 10 most wanted listed. Escobar is arrested soon after his face has healed from surgery.

Gina gives birth to the baby. It turns out, however, that the child is dark skinned, so Christian is not the father. Gina claims she has no idea how it happened. Regardless of the baby's skin color, Christian promises to raise this child as his own.

Christian tries to help keep Sean's family intact. He tells Julia about their problems with Escobar.  Julia takes Sean back. 

Julia gets the results of her paternity test, to see if Sean or Christian is Matt's real father. The results are never revealed.

Graphic Medical Scenes:

Graphic Language:

Debbie: "Like mouth to mouth?"

Merrill: "Yes."

Debbie: "Screw you, asshole."

Merrill: "Shit!"

Graphic Sexual Content:

Troy: "Nudicles?"

Parks: "Artificial testicles."

Gina: "I need you to make love to me…. I'm serious, Christian. I need to get this baby out of me. My back aches, my bowels are clogged up like a ball park toilet."

Troy: "Your...a....seduction technique needs work."

Gina: "My OB said I need to have sex to facilitate labor. Something about the contraction of my orgasm and apparently semen is going to make the......"

Troy: "Too heavy. You're crushing me."

Gina: "Oh, Jesus!"

Christian then mounts Gina from behind. We can see the profile of his naked buttocks. Gina is underneath him, looking very uncomfortable.

Gina: "Christian, no that's not it, your missing. It's not working!"

Gina lies on her back and Christian tries to have sex with her in a more conventional way.  Then they try to have sex sitting up. This does not work, either.

Christian: "How do fat people have sex?"

Finally the pair lay down on their sides and Christian is behind Gina. She is moaning and breathing heavily, obviously climaxing.

Episode 11 Summary -- October 7th, 2003

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

Sean and Julia deal with their marital problems, as Julia refuses to have sex with Sean or forgive him.

Kara awakes from her coma and begins to hang out with Matt and Henry. Henry falls for Kara and considers converting to Christianity from Judaism. Henry plans to ask Kara to the prom, but she asks Matt before he can, which breaks Henry's heart. Ridden with guilt for what he has done, the guilt he feels for considering to convert, and his hurt feelings, Henry decides it is time to come clean about the accident.

Gina, the woman who spray painted his car and boat, returns to Dr. Troy's life and announces she is pregnant. After considering getting an abortion, and lying that she had gotten one, she decides to keep the baby and Dr. Troy agrees to pay for it.

Julia struggles to figure out if Christian is actually Matt's father. It is hinted at that Sean is not the true father.

The doctors perform ankle surgery and breast reduction surgery on patient who has multiple personality disorder. The scene is very bloody and graphic.

This weeks episode had foul language in the form of "asshole," "bastard," "shit," and "dick." Sexual content was held to a minimum, but was mostly about pregnancy and infidelity. The operation sequence, as mentioned above, was graphic, as we can see a vein being removed from a woman's leg, which is hard to watch. There is some religious discussion surround Kara and Henry, what it means to be Christian and what it means to be a Jew. 

What is disturbing is the preview for next week. The storyline will be that heroin dealers are transporting drugs in women's breast implants! The drug dealers want McNamara and Troy to help them in this, or they will face the consequences. The preview shows a woman suffering as a heroin filled implant ruptures inside of her.

Graphic Medical Scenes:

Graphic Language:

Graphic Sexual Content:

Troy: "First time at the plate and I get credited with the RBI."

Gina: "You're the only batter."

Troy: "I was wearing a rubber."

Gina: "Well, Slugger. Either it broke, or I'm carrying the next savior."

Troy: "Sean, I may not be much with a mentoplasty, but I can I assure you I'm a goddamn expert when it comes to putting a rubber on my dick."

Sean: "Used correctly, the typical failure rate of latex condoms is about 3%. When used incorrectly, the failure rate rises to 12%."

Sean: "I'm not here to pass judgment on your promiscuity."

Grace: "Why don't you admit it Sean? You're operating out of repressed rage because I rejected you and slept with your partner."

Episode 10 Summary -- September 30, 2003

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

This week was a very intense episode, as the doctors face recertification, Dr. McNamara's affair ends with a suicide, and Julia discovers the affair.

There is a very graphic operation scene to open the episode. Dr. Troy attempts to reattach three severed fingers to a man's hand. He mistakenly puts the index finger where the middle finger belongs, and vice versa.

Both Dr. Troy and Dr. McNamara must go through recertification school to continue practicing as plastic surgeons. This means they must operate on severed cadaver heads. The operation sequences, while lacking the amount of blood from the true operations scenes, are quite graphic in nature. We watch the doctors pull the skin back, break noses, and slice into the heads. Dr. Troy has particular trouble with his head, and even drops it on the floor at one point.

Sean is tormented by his cadaver head, which talks to him about the facts of life. She tells him how he should help Megan kill herself, how he is destroying his marriage, and how he is a failure. The head describes how she committed suicide in a very graphic way.

Megan's prognosis is that she is going die, and possibly die a painful death. Upon this discovery, she decides she will take her own life. Sean helps her through the process of taking pills and putting a plastic bag over her head. This is a very graphic sequence as we watch Megan take the pills and place the bag over her head. We watch her die.

At Megan's funeral, Julia realizes that there is more going on than Sean has admitted to. At home that night she confronts Sean about his affair. He confesses, claiming Julia's infidelity drove him to it. Julia informs Sean that she never cheated on him. She then berates him for what he has done. It seems as if the McNamara's will be splitting up.

There is usual assortment of foul language with "bullshit" and "shit" making their usual appearances. The sequences involving Megan and her suicide, and Julia and Sean's discussion about his infidelity, are very intense and very mature. The cadaver sequences are graphic and unsettling. There is not much in the realm of sexual content, other than a conversation Dr. Troy has with a morgue supervisor about necrophilia.

Overall, the best word to describe this episode is "disturbing."

Graphic Medical Scenes:

Graphic Language:

Graphic Sexual Content:

Episode 9 Summary -- September 23, 2003

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

Dr. Troy and Kimber are still together, at least, at the beginning of the episode. Upon learning that Kimber has mistakenly waxed the wrong initials into her pubic hair, a loving gesture on her part for Dr. Troy, he is fed up with her. He agrees with his friend Merrill to trade Kimber for Merrill's rear Lamborghini. Through the course of the program, we see Merrill and Dr. Troy scheming to get Kimber interested in Merrill and away from Christian. Eventually, Merrill tells Kimber about the trade. In response to this, Kimber seduces Christian, ties him to a bed, threatens to murder him with a butcher knife, and then leaves him tied to the bed for his maid to discover.


Dr. McNamara is still having an affair with Megan. The two sleep together in this episode. Matt, McNamara's son, walks in on the doctor and Megan. While he does not notice anything, Sean thinks he has. Later in the episode, while Matt is asking questions about religion, Sean assumes Matt is implying he knows what is going on with Megan. Not understanding why his son is talking about religion, Sean admits to cheating on Matt's mother. He agrees to stop seeing Megan. Later, Sean tries to avoid Megan. Once she finally does confront him, she tells him that she has relapsed and that her cancer will probably get the best of her.


Julia is told by a friend that Jude is a male prostitute. Julia confronts Jude, and Jude denies everything. His feelings for her, and her feelings for him, are revealed.

Liz, an employee at McNamara/Troy and a lesbian, falls for a transgender patient Sophia, who is looking to have an operation to turn her penis into a vagina.


There is a fair amount of foul language in the episode with shit and asshole coming up a few times. There are a few sexual discussions, but nothing graphic. There is one operation sequence where we see a person's stomach being stapled together. Matt and his father have a long religious conversation that leads to Sean admitting to his son that he has cheated. The only element of violence is when Kimber ties Dr. Troy to the bed and threatens to kill him with a knife. While she does cut him, and we see blood, she doesn't get too violent with him.


Probably the cleanest episode to date.


Graphic Language

Graphic Medical Scenes

Graphic Sexual Discussion


Episode 7 Summary -- September 9th, 2003

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

Dr. McNamara's marriage continues down a rocky course.  In this episode, Dr. McNamara goes to see Megan, the mastectomy patient from the previous episode, and ends up kissing her again. 

Julia also seems to have infidelity on the mind as she continues her relationship with her classmate Jude.  In wanting to help Jude out, Julia convinces Dr. McNamara to give Jude an internship with his practice. Jude invites Julia to a "swingers" party, but she ends up not going.

Matt is caught having a threesome with Ridley and Vanessa. Julia walks in on the three of them, naked, on Matt's bed.  Outraged by her son's behavior, Julia has an intervention with the parents of the two girls.  During the discussion, Ridley says that she and Matt have been seeing each other and that Vanessa is a lesbian. 

Dr. Troy treats a patient, Mr. Montanya, who frequents "swinger" parties, where he has sex with multiple partners. Dr. Troy decides to try taking Kimber to a swinger party to spice up their sex life. Troy takes Kimber to the sex party and encourages her to participate in a lesbian encounter. At this party, he runs into Jude, and he assumes that Jude is with Julia, which is not the case.  Jude realizes that Dr. Troy is in love with Julia.

Dr. Troy fires Jude from the practice, and tells him to leave Julia alone. Jude picks up on Dr. Troy's attraction to Julia and tells him that if he is fired, he will tell Dr. McNamara about Dr. Troy's feelings. Christian fires him any way and then is confronted by Julia that night. Christian kisses Julia, but she tells him she wishes it was Jude instead.

This episode focused entirely on sex. There are multiple graphic sex scenes, one involving Matt and his threesome, one with Christian and Kimber in his car, and one with Kimber and another woman at the sex party. This episode has more sexual content than the previous episodes.

Graphic Sex Scenes:

Graphic Sexual Comments:

             Kimber: "Rooms?"

Mia: "Pleasure chambers. Orgy. Voyeur. Role play. Girl on girl."

Graphic Language:

Graphic Operation Scene:


Episode 6 Summary -- September 2nd, 2003

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

Dr. Troy is being harassed by a former lover who is stalking him and vandalizing his car and boat. First he accuses Dr. Santiago, but finds she is not the person. Upon discovering she is not the culprit, they engage in a very graphic sexual conversation which leads to them having sex in the lunch room. Dr. Troy proceeds to contact several of his past lovers in an effort to find the vandal. He comes across Kimber, the model he had sex with in the first episode. He rekindles his relationship with her, even though she is engaged. They have sex in the shower during an explicit scene where we can see Kimber's naked breast. Kimber's fiancé learns of her infidelity with Dr. Troy and trashes his office with a baseball bat.

The doctors remove arm fat from Bliss Burger. This is a very graphic operation sequence depicting the doctors removing pieces of flesh from Bliss's arms and placing them in a bucket. The scene contains lots of blood and lots of flesh being thrown around.

Matt prepares to have a threesome with his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa, and her new girlfriend, Ridley. Matt is unsure where this will lead his relationship, but decides to participate anyway.  Dr. Troy advises him that with a threesome, it's "all about the ladies."

Dr. McNamara is dealing with his wife's miscarriage, the prospect of him having a vasectomy, and the overall state of his marriage. He meets a former cancer patient, Megan, who comes to the office looking to get breast implants after a mastectomy. She shows him her surgery scars. Dr. McNamara kisses her at the end of the episode, and it is implied that their relationship will not end here. Dr. Troy catches them in the act.

Next week's episode implies the downfall of Dr. McNamara's marriage to Julia. Clips of Julia going to a sex party with a classmate and running into Dr. Troy with Kimber are shown. Dr. Troy propositions Julia and she rebuffs him. Dr. McNamara also continues his pursuit of Megan.

The episode contained lots of foul language, including several uses of "asshole" and "s-–t." There are two graphic sex scenes, both involving Dr. Troy, one each with Dr. Santiago and Kimber. We can see Kimber's naked breast during their sex scene. The sex scene with Dr. Santiago involves no nudity, but we watch as Dr. Troy enters her and begins to grind against her. The group sex scene shows the teenagers kissing and touching one another.


Graphic Sex Scenes:

Dr. Troy and Grace start kissing each other passionately. Troy removes Grace's  underwear, enters her, and begins to have sex with her standing up against a wall. The two of them are moaning, covering each other's mouths so that others can't hear them.

Kimber and Troy in the shower, naked, kissing each other. At one point we can see Kimber's naked breast, nipple and all. The only thing covering her groin is soap. We can assume they are going to have sex.

Vanessa, Ridley, and Matt get ready to have a threesome together. They are all drinking, what can be assumed to be alcohol.

Vanessa: "I guess one of us has to start the underwear pile."

Ridley: "God, you guys are such pussies."

We see Ridley take her top off, and begin to get naked in front of Matt and Vanessa. Ridley takes Vanessa's top off, and asks Matt to join them and help take Vanessa's bra off. Vanessa and Ridley begin to kiss. Matt starts to kiss Vanessa's shoulders.

Vanessa: "You have to be invited. This is about us."

Ridley: "Take off your clothes Matthew. Everything."

Graphic Sexual Discussion:

Dr. Santiago claims that Dr. Troy didn't bring her to orgasm the first time they had sex. 

Dr.Troy: "You didn't have an orgasm, is that right?"

Grace: "Not a shudder."

Troy: "You're a liar. I rode you like a Triple-Crown jockey, and you came."

Grace: "Get out of my face right now."

Troy: "I counted each contraction, three times. Or, were you doing you Kegel exercises."

Grace: "Lock the door."

Vanessa suggests the idea of a threesome to Matt:

Vanessa: "My girlfriend misses the trouser snake, and I'm fine."

Matt: "Well, get a dildo Vanessa."

Vanessa: "She's allergic to latex."

Matt: "Not my problem."

Vanessa: "But you could be the solution."

Matt: "What?"

Vanessa: "You care about me, don't you? You understand my feelings for Ridley, right? Because those are your feelings for me."

Matt: "So?"

Vanessa: "So help me. You're the only one I trust. Help me make her satisfied, so I can keep her. And, I satisfy you."

Matt: "You're, what, proposing a three-way?"

Vanessa: "Yes."

Dr. Troy gives Matt advice on how to handle a threesome.

Troy: "Rule number one, it's all about the ladies. Forget who you like and what you like, because you are there to please them. And start chugging your B-vitamins, because it's exhausting shit."

Matt: "What's rule number two."

Troy: "It's all about the ladies."

Dr. Troy describing how violated he feels about having his car and boat vandalized:

Troy: "I felt violated. The only other time I felt remotely this powerless was in the early ‘90s when some chick slipped her finger up my butt with no warning."

Dr. Troy explaining to Sean how he can avoid having a vasectomy:

Troy: "That is the most bullshit cure for depression I've ever heard of. If you want to shoot blanks, Sean, don't get snipped, do what I do. Take a bath."

Sean: "What?"

Troy: "For every date I sit in a 116 degree bath. Excessive testicular heat shuts down spermatogenesis. Tea bag your testicles in a hot tub, I swear to God you will be sterile and squeaky clean."

Graphic Medical Scene:

The doctors operate on Bliss's arm flab. They cut into the skin, remove pieces of flesh and pull the skin back, there is blood. Doctors are shown removing pieces of flesh from the arm and putting it in a bucket.

Megan reveals her mastectomy scars to Sean. It is a very graphic scene as we can see scar marks on her chest where her breasts used to be.

Graphic Language:

Dr. Troy tries to explain to Kimber why they can't date:

Troy: "You don't shit where you eat."

Kimber: "I am not shit."

Troy: "I'm the shit sweetheart. You are sweet, trusting and kind. I'm the shit."

After spray painting the word "asshole" on Dr. Troy's car, Gina yells at him

Gina: "Seeing as you don't even know my goddamn name. What is my last name, asshole, huh? You never even asked me, not even after you screwed me.

Gina yells at Dr. Troy and hangs up on him. The phone rings again, and Dr. Troy thinks it is her:

Gina: "Eat shit and die, asshole."

Dr. Troy: (answering the phone assuming it is Gina) "Listen you crazy bitch..."


Episode 5 Summary -- August 19th, 2003

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

10 p.m. ET/PT 9 p.m. CT/MT on FX Network

Julia (Sean McNamara's wife) discovers she's pregnant, which means she'll have to put her plans to go back to school and become a doctor on hold again – creating even more tension in an already rocky marriage.  Sean offers to cut back at work to help raise the baby so Julia can continue her studies, convinced that having a baby will help save his marriage.  Ultimately, Julia suffers from a miscarriage, which Sean thinks she brought on intentionally by pushing herself too hard when the doctor ordered bed rest. 

Christian Troy spends the episode dealing with his sexual appetite. Flashbacks are shown in the beginning of the episode of all of his sexual escapades so far this season. Dr. Santiago walks in on Christian having sex with Jasmine, the girl who waters the office plants, in his office during business hours.  Dr. Santiago suggests that Christian is a sex addict, and recommends a 12-step program. That evening, Christian encounters a former lover who offers her services, and those of her 17-year old daughter (at the same time!), in exchange for free plastic surgery. Troubled by this, Christian goes to a Sexaholics Anonymous meeting, which he promptly leaves, only to be confronted by a woman offering to be his sponsor. Dr. Troy ends up sleeping with this woman and then ends up sleeping with Dr. Santiago soon after.

The doctors encounter two unique patients in this episode. One patient wishes to have eye lids altered, to look more Asian, in an attempt to appease his Japanese fiancée's mother. The other patient, Ellie, claims to have had an accident and needs a nose job. They come to discover that she has had multiple nose jobs, but has never been happy with her nose.  Other plastic surgeons refused to operate on her again because she's got almost no cartilage left in her nose, so she asked her husband to break her nose with a hammer as her only way of convincing the doctors that she needed another nose job. 

Since the episode predominately deals with Dr. Troy's sexual escapades, there are three fairly graphic sexual encounters. All three scenes show Dr. Troy and his various conquests during coitus.  The episode also contained multiple uses of the word "shit" and one use of the word "asshole."  The operation sequence showing the man having his eyelids altered is fairly graphic and disturbing. In addition, there is a flashback scene in which Ellie gives her husband a hammer and instructs him to break her nose with it.  The incident is played out, without actually showing him strike her, but the scene is still very hard to watch.

Graphic Sex Scenes:

- Flashbacks include Dr. Troy getting a lap dance from a stripper; passionately kissing a woman in a tanning booth (before sex); and having sex from behind with a model.  He is shown thrusting into her and finally climaxing. 

- Dr. Troy is shown having sex with Jasmine on his desk at work.  He is standing beside the desk.  Jasmine is lying on her back on the desk with her legs bent backwards so they touch the desk by her head.  He is holding her ankles as he drives into from a standing position.  His naked buttocks are shown.  She is wearing only a bra. 

- Grace and Troy are shown having sex. He is lying on top of her under the covers.  They are both breathing heavily and moaning.  Grace gets up to leave.  Her bare back is shown as she gets dressed and leaves. 

Graphic Sexual Discussion:

Serg: "Does Susanna give you head?"

Victor: "All the time."

Serg: "Well don't get too used to it. Once you say, ‘I do' they say, ‘I don't.'"

Troy: "Untrue. Some of the best blow jobs I've had were from married women.

Serg: "Americans don't know the meaning of oral sex."

Victor: "So everything European is better. Cigarettes, wine."

Serg: "German woman they're the best."

Troy: "Speaking, of course, is the expert on international head."

Serg: "Has to do with their ability to follow orders."

A former lover tells Dr. Troy she will have sex with him in exchange for free plastic surgery, and offers to include her daughter in the trade.

Shelly: "Remember my daughter. 17 now. Looks just like I used to. Not a mark on her, tight as a trunk. You ever have a mother daughter Christian? You can have both of us baby. Two for one.  Hey, I know just how you like it. I'll show her."

Graphic Medical Scene:

A man wishes to have surgery on his eyelids to make his eyes look Asian so that he can appease his fiancées mother, who doesn't want her daughter to marry a Caucasian man.  The doctors are shown cutting into the man's eyelids.  They cut through the skin and begin to stitch up their work. There is some blood and one can see the tools working under the skin.


Episode 4 Summary -- August 12th, 2003

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

10 p.m. ET/PT 9 p.m. CT/MT on FX Network

Dr. Troy wants to negotiate a contract with a pornographic movie production company which will guarantee the practice lots of clients and money. Dr. McNamara wants no part in it, and Dr. Troy tries to convince him of the financial benefits. In order to score the contract, Dr. Troy goes to a "Porn Party" and brings Sean's teenage son Matt with him.  Matt stumbles upon a "fluffer", a woman who is paid to perform oral sex on male porn actors in an effort to keep them erect between scenes in films. Matt tells the girl that he's an agent so that she'll have sex with him.  In turns out that the woman has an STD and that Matt is at risk of being infected.

When Julia finds out that Matt may have contracted an STD at the party, she confronts Dr. Troy about his decadent lifestyle.  

Dr. Troy considers joining a booming practice that specializes in breast implants. 

Worried about becoming a "prude," Dr. McNamara tries to become sexually adventurous with his wife, Julia, but she's turned-off by his advances. McNamara also takes care of a transgender patient who was left disfigured by a cut-rate plastic surgeon who is protected by the transgender community in spite of his butchery because he will perform the procedures inexpensively.  The doctor turns out to be his old professor and mentor. 

While there were no graphic operation scenes this week, there is a scene where we see a hemorrhaging transsexual in a hospital. For a brief moment, we see a blood soaked rag in the crotch of the patient, which is disturbing to say the least. There is some foul language (bullshit) and a lot of sexual innuendo and graphic sexual description, especially in the scene involving Matt and the "fluffer". There is a mildly graphic sex scene in the beginning of the episode where Dr. McNamara attempts to have anal sex with his wife in the shower. The anal sex is implied, but you can see from the wife's reaction what he is trying to do.


Graphic Sex Scene: Julia is in the shower (shown from the shoulders up). Sean gets into the shower behind her and begins to kiss her.  Sean turns her around and starts kissing the back of her neck. Suddenly Julia acts shocked and surprised by something he has done.  It is suggested that he was attempting to have anal sex with her.  This point is further clarified when Sean later tells his colleague that he and Julia had "unconventional sex."

Graphic Sexual Discussion:

Porn actress: "So, right now, I'm a fluffer."

Matt: "So, tell me, what exactly does a fluffer of your caliber do?"

Actress: "Give head to guys to keep them hard and stuff in between shots."

Matt: "Cool. So, um, fluffing all day, that's got to be a real turn off, after a while, right."

Actress: "Um, Actually, it gets me really horny. That's why I have to keep sucking on these [lollipops]."

She sucks the lollipop off the stick and then escorts Matt to a more secluded area. 

Graphic Medical Scene: We see a transsexual lying on a hospital bed.  Sean asks if he can see her injuries. He lifts a sheet and sees a bloody rag by the transsexual's crotch. 

Foul Language:

Merril: "I'm up to my ass in tit jobs, I need you."

Julia: "What you do with your life and where you stick your dick is your business, what you do with Matt is mine. From now on, you stay away from him."



Episode 3 Summary -- August 5th, 2003

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

10 p.m. ET/PT 9 p.m. CT/MT on FX Network

Dr. McNamara and his son must deal with the consequences of Matt's attempt at self-circumcision.  Dr. McNamara decides to complete the circumcision himself.  Matt has the surgery and is finally ready to have sex with his girlfriend, Vanessa.  Before he can sleep with her, Matt discovers that Vanessa is cheating on him, with another girl.

McNamara and Troy's medical practice comes under siege when the doctors botch a tummy tuck and leave an instrument in a very rich and influential patient, Mrs. Grubman. Grubman demands $10 million for her pain and suffering. Instead of taking the money, Grubman decides she wants to spend a night with Dr. Troy, promising that she will drop the lawsuit if he will have sex with her.  The two never sleep together, but Dr. Troy must provide Mrs. Grubman with all the free plastic surgery she wants.

An overweight woman wants a lot of surgery so she'll look better for her 10 year high school reunion.  Under the advice of the practice psychologist, Grace Santiago, the doctors reject her application for surgery. While both Troy and McNamara try and help her, as she displays psychotic tendencies, she ends up taking her own life in the end.


Graphic Operation Scene: We see Troy and McNamara performing an operation on Ms. Grubman. The skin is pulled back and the organs and viscera are exposed.  There is a lot of blood and a very graphic depiction of cutting and pulling back of skin. McNamara removes a bloody mass of tissue and tosses it onto a scale, then the doctors staple the patient's stomach back together. 

Foul Language:

In describing a liposuction he did on Mrs. Grubman's chin.

Dr. Troy: "I sliced that bitch's waddle off 15 months ago."

Dr. McNamara and Dr. Troy talk about Mrs. Grubman's "indecent proposal."  Doctor Troy says, "Are you actually telling me to stick my dick in the Crypt Keeper to make your mistake go away."

Episode 2 Summary -- July 29th, 2003

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

10 p.m. ET/PT  9 p.m. CT/MT on FX Network

This episode takes place six weeks after the events of episode one. Christian Troy and Sean McNamara perform surgery on a set of twins who demand the surgery so they'll look different. Sean leaves home after an explosive argument with his wife.  He tries dating again by asking a female physician to dinner, but when he tries to make a move, she rebuffs him. Christian pursues emotionless affairs, but keeps imagining he's with Sean's wife, Julia.  Later, Christian invites Julia to his home.  She shows up to find him in bed with the twins he operated on, and leaves in disgust. Julia and Sean seem to make up at the end of the episode in a fairly intense sex scene. Sean McNamara's son Matt wants a circumcision because his girlfriend is turned-off by his extra foreskin.  Since neither his father, nor Dr. Troy will perform the circumcision, he decides to do it himself with a pair of cuticle scissors. 

In this episode: 

Graphic Circumcision Scene: Matt removes his pants. We see his upper body. The instructions he read on the internet are heard in voice-over: "For the first cut, grip the foreskin and pull it out. Cut in circular motion in a thin quarter inch strip." Matt is shown looking down as he cuts at the foreskin of his penis (off camera). He shudders, looks at his blood-covered hand, then passes out.

Graphic Sex Scene: Christian has sex with an employee of the tanning salon in a tanning booth.  They are kissing passionately and ripping each other's clothing off. Christian pulls her shirt off, and the two are shown on the tanning bed.  They start to have sex.  The woman asks, "Too early in the morning for ya baby?"  Christian responds, "Help me out then."

The woman moves out of the frame, and it is implied that she is performing oral sex on him.  Christian is moaning.  He begins to see Sean's wife, Julia, instead of the woman he's with.  He sees Julia's face as the woman asks, "Christian, can you help me out here?  I'm getting lock jaw."

Graphic Operation Scene: Christian and Sean are shown performing surgery on the twins in a very graphic scene.  One doctor, with blood on his hands, is shown breaking one girl's nose.  A doctor is shown cutting in to the other woman's leg. Viewers can see the incision being made and blood running from it. A doctor is shown cutting a girl's ear to shape it.  Viewers see cuts being made around one girl's abdomen, with blood running from the cuts. A doctor is shown stuffing a calf implant into one girl's leg.  A doctor is shown injecting a solution into one girl's breast.  Her nipples appear to be covered with tape, but viewers see the breast expanding as the fluid is injected. 

Graphic Language:  

Foul language in the episode includes "asshole," "shit," "tit," and "dick," as well as the following vulgar dialogue:

Christian: "Oh, contraire, my little virginator. I've arranged for you to just get it out of the way. With a little bang under your belt, I firmly believe you will be able to bicycle over to Vanessa's place, grab that peachy ass (he makes a grabbing gesture here), and show her how it's done with no fear. Girls don't care if you have a two inch pecker, a hairy ass, or balls like cranberries. What they a care about is that you know what you are doing."

Episode 1 Summary -- July 22nd, 2003

Warning: Examples are Very Graphic

10 p.m. ET/PT  9 p.m. CT/MT on FX Network 

We are introduced to plastic surgeons Christian Troy and Sean McNamara, who are the main characters of the show. Dr. Troy is a philandering womanizer, drug user, and views his profession as an opportunity to meet beautiful women.  Dr. McNamara is going through a midlife crisis, marriage troubles, and wants to do plastic surgery for those in need instead of only helping wealthy, shallow people striving for physical perfection. 

In this episode:

McNamara realizes he is having major problems with his wife and leaves home. His son is seeking help from Dr. Troy in getting a circumcision because he's afraid his girlfriend will be turned-off by his extra foreskin.  

Dr. Troy agrees to do facial reconstruction on a drug dealer named Perez. He assumes he is doing the surgery because Perez slept with his boss's girlfriend. As it turns out, Perez, the drug dealer, molested his boss' daughter and Troy is tortured with Botox injections by the boss of the cartel for helping Perez. Perez ends up dying on operating table at the end and Troy and McNamara get rid of his body by feeding it to alligators.

Nip/Tuck has scenes of extremely explicit sexual content, very graphic operation scenes, some scenes of torture, and instances of foul language.

Explicit Sex: Scenes of Dr. Troy having sex with a model are interspersed with scenes of Dr. McNamara having sex with his wife. Dr. McNamara's staid, routine sex life stands in stark contrast to Dr. Troy's debauchery. In the scene the doctor strips off the model's clothes, places her on the bed and rips off her underwear.  He begins to massage her buttocks. He is shown having sex with her.  The camera focuses on her face, with him behind her, during coitus.  Troy is shown gyrating behind her.  Next Dr. Troy is shown standing naked from behind.  The woman's hands are rubbing his buttocks, implying that she is performing oral sex on him. The doctor is shown behind the model again, possibly engaging in anal sex with her, thrusting into her multiple times as she moans in ecstasy.  He smacks her on her naked buttocks during sex. During this portion of the sex scene, we can see the model's bare breasts. Dr. Troy is then shown snorting cocaine off her naked buttocks while they are having sex. They continue to show Dr. Troy having sex with the model as he is driving into her from behind and gyrating against her. Finally we watch as Dr. Troy experiences an orgasm and yells in ecstasy. 

Later in the episode, Dr. McNamara is arguing with his wife.  He shouts, "You get your vagina waxed like some porn star."

Graphic Operation Scene: Dr. McNamara is shown performing a liposuction on Perez. McNamara places a liposuction tube under Perez's skin and begins to suck out the fat.  The fat can be seen moving through the tube.  Perez is awakened by his brother in the middle of the procedure.  When Perez wakes up, he attacks McNamara while he is holding the liposuction tube.  The tube breaks, spraying human fat all over the room, and covering everyone in the room. 

Foul Language: There are multiple uses of the word "shit" and other expletives

Torture Scene: Dr. Troy is strapped to a chair.  Escobar is trying to find out from him where Dr. McNamara and Perez can be found.  When Troy refuses to answer, Escobar injects multiple syringes full of Botox into his face.  Escobar also injects Botox into Dr. Troy's penis.