Vikings: Valhalla

Network: Netflix
Genre: Historical Drama, Action
Premiere Date: Feb 25, 2022
New episodes air: Sunday

Production Companies: Octagon Films and Take 5 Productions

Producers: Michael Hirst, Morgan O'Sullivan, Sherry Marsh, Alan Gasmer

Creators: Jeb Stuart

Vikings: Valhalla is an original series airing on Netflix, now in its second season. A spin-off of the popular show Vikings, Vikings: Valhalla begins about 100 years after the events of that series, near the end of the Viking Age as tensions between the English and the Danes -- and by extension, the Christian and Pagan religions -- reach a climax. As a historical drama, it is loosely based on actual people and events from history, including King Aethelred and the Saint Brice's day massacre, Leif Erikson and King Canute; but it also alters timelines and events for heightened drama, filling-in the gaps of our historical knowledge with entirely fictional personalities and situations. Like its predecessor, Vikings: Valhalla also features a significant amount of violence, sexual content, and foul language.

The series is not suitable for children due to its graphic nature, and parents should be aware of the content before allowing even mature teens to watch.

Vikings: Valhalla is a violent series, with 556 instances of violence across the two seasons that have aired to date (16 episodes). These include scenes of battle, torture, and brutality. There are several scenes of decapitation, dismemberment, and impalement, as well as scenes of characters being burned alive or drowned. The violence is often depicted in a graphic and realistic manner.

Though the sexual content is not frequent, it is fairly explicit, and includes several scenes of nudity and sexual intercourse.

Likewise, foul language on Vikings: Valhalla is infrequent, but can be explicit. There were 21 instances of profanity use across two seasons (16 episodes), and the most commonly used profanity was “h*ll” with six uses, followed by the “f-word” with five uses across two seasons – but compared with the graphic violence and explicit sexual content, the language is the least problematic content concern for this series.

Adult fans of historical dramas would likely enjoy this series, but should be advised that it is not suitable for children.





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