Network: Netflix
Genre: Teen, Dark, Comedy, Horror, Coming-of-Age
New episodes air: Sunday

Production Companies: MGM Television, Millar Gough Ink, Tim Burton Productions, Toluca Pictures

Producers: Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Tim Burton, Steve Stark, Andrew Mittman, Gail Berman, Kayla Alpert, Jonathan Glickman, Tommy Harper, Kevin Lafferty, Kevin Miserocchi

Creators: Alfred Gough, Miles Millar

The original “Addams Family” cartoon was darkly humorous – but still humorous. The original 1960s television series was a comedy, rooted in the absurdity of this family so out-of-step with the world around them, but thinking they are perfectly normal and everyone else around them is strange.

And though they fill their lives with things you might normally think of as morbid; the Addams family was surprisingly joyful, tight-knit and affectionate.

Not so with Netflix’s “Wednesday,” which begins with the family daughter being expelled from her high school after retaliating against some bullies by releasing piranhas in the school swimming pool. Wednesday is sent to Nevermore Academy, where she views herself as an “outcast among outcasts.” Most of the series revolves around Wednesday’s efforts to solve a murder mystery and clear her father’s name.

Rated TV-14 by Netflix, this teen-targeted drama contains significant foul language, including 59 uses of profanity across eight episodes, including "sh*t" (10), *ss (3), b*tch (5), and "f*ck" (3). Sexual content is relatively mild but does include some partial male nudity and a mention of necrophilia. Violence is the biggest issue for this series, with 207 instances of violence, blood and gore, including depictions a man being burned alive and references to suicide.





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