ADHD Boasts of Huge Increase in Teen Viewers

Written by PTC | Published August 13, 2013

On its Twitter feed, Fox boasted that the August 4th episode of its disgusting new cartoon block ADHD saw a 100% increase in teenage viewers. This huge increase just one week after the show premiered demonstrates why ADHD is such a threat to kids. Defenders of ADHD love to claim that parents have no right to complain about the cartoon’s horrifically graphic content, because Fox airs the program at midnight. But obviously, the late-night airtime isn’t stopping kids from tuning in. When the number of teens watching goes up 100% in a week, it is clear that Fox’s vast ADHD marketing machine has kicked into high gear. And this is exactly what the PTC has been warning about. ADHD is far more than merely a sleazy cartoon that airs at midnight. Fox has created a website – accessible to any child with a computer, smartphone, or other form of Internet access – on which videos far more extreme even than those which make it to air are shown. Many of the videos are also available on other websites like YouTube. Fox is also making a huge push for ADHD to “go viral,” complete with software enabling kids to make three-second clips of the worst content, then share it with other kids. All these actions are in pursuit of Fox boss Kevin Reilly’s goal: to “grow the next Family Guy” out of ADHD and “skim [it] off for prime time.” The same writers who claim ADHD is harmless also say that if kids manage to see an ADHD video (from their friends, or friends of friends, who text them, or send them links, or show them a video clip face-to-face) – well, that just proves such kids have lousy parents. But parents know the impossibility of monitoring their children every second of every minute of every day – especially when a multi-billion dollar global corporation like Fox is constantly bombarding those same children with content like ADHD.

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