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Keep Kids Safe Online

Use this “Screen Time Safety and Cyber Kindness Contract” to establish boundaries and expectations around your child's use of digital technology.

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A TikTok-ing Time Bomb

How Hollywood is Marketing Adult Content to Kids

Hollywood is doing an end-run around parents by marketing sexually explicit teen-targeted, yet TV-MA-rated, content directly to children and teens on TikTok and Instagram.


Say "NO!" To Disney

Decades ago, who would have guessed that Walt Disney’s “Magic Kingdom” would have turned into this!

Petition to the Disney Board of Directors


Study: Families Need Not Subscribe

PTC's latest research shows that most of the original content on streaming platforms is rated for mature audiences, leaving families in the lurch. There’s at least 268% more adult-only entertainment on streaming platforms than there is content that’s suitable for families.

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Eating Disorders Among Teens Linked to Social Media

Written by PTC | Published March 15, 2024

"The potential exposure to endless weight or food-related content becomes more concerning when considering TikTok’s user demographics. Most TikTok users are in Gen-Z... In July 2020, TikTok reported that one-third of its 49 million daily users were at or below the age of 14."

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TV is Going to hell

Written by PTC | Published February 8, 2024

Move over Andy Griffith, Hollywood has a new favorite father figure: The devil.

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