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Ratings Reform

The TV Content Ratings System is failing America’s children. The TV ratings were designed to help parents decide what is appropriate for their children. But this system clearly does not work, and the PTC is leading the way to fix it!

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PTC Letter to Reed Hastings About "365 Days"

Written by PTC | Published August 5, 2020

I urgently, fervently urge you to recognize Netflix’s complicity in humanity’s worst behavior, and to remove this toxic film from your distribution platform immediately. Like you, we believe in freedom of expression. But you know as well as we do that with freedom comes responsibility. This isn’t about censorship; it is about doing the right thing.

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COVID Concerns Force Hollywood to Rethink Sex Scenes

Written by Melissa Henson | Published July 15, 2020

Hollywood’s new discovery of how to tell a story without a lot of skin will be a welcome development for families. Clearly, a good story doesn’t require gratuitous sexual content, it just requires good writing. Here’s hoping Hollywood is up to the task, and that they keep it going, even after the danger from COVID-19 has passed.

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A Parent's Guide to Streaming

This is the major finding in the Parents Television Council’s third analysis of emerging technologies, and the PTC’s first examination of the top streaming video platforms and content providers.

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