Disney: CANCEL Pauline!

Cancel Your Planned Series About a Teen Having Sex with Satan

Petition to the Disney Board of Directors:

Carolyn N. Everson

Michael B.G. Froman

Maria Elena Lagomasino

Calvin R. McDonald

Derica W. Rice

Mark G. Parker

Robert Iger

Mary T. Barra

Safra A. Catz

Amy L. Chang

Francis A. deSouza

How many of you are parents? Grandparents? Do you really believe a series like the upcoming Pauline about a teen girl who has sex with Satan and falls in love with him will not morally corrupt young people who watch it? Of course it will! The program, with a teen girl protagonist, will lure teenage viewers and harm many of them.

So I’m standing with fellow supporters of Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) to ask you to cancel this horrific series before it begins . . . before it can be seen by even one vulnerable teen . . . before it damages the life of even one young person.

Mountains of social science tell you what should be obvious. This series will further desensitize a young viewer to loose sex and the hookup culture that damages so many lives. Further, this series will desensitize viewers to evil and immorality because the devil is a featured character.

We don’t need more glorification of evil. We don’t need to make light of evil. Disney has already done so with other programs and, in the process, has hurt its own brand and profits. Your responsibility as a board and as human beings is to go a different and better direction.

But until you do, this is a betrayal of trust built by Walt Disney over a century. This has already hurt Disney and will continue to do so, as families like ours turn from you. Cancel Pauline.

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