All Rise: A Passion For Justice – and Mercy

Written by PTC | Published September 13, 2019

A legal drama showing the trials of being a judge.Lola Carmichael, formerly a star prosecutor for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, is now LA’s newest judge; but Lola finds that along with the prestige of her position come plenty of problems. Lola is intimidated by her new professional circle, especially senior judge Lisa Benner, whom Lola used to argue in front of, but now must think of as an equal; irked by her pushy, sarcastic assistant Sherri, whose job it is to guide Lola in her new job; and depressed at the distancing of her close friendship with her fellow DA Mark Callen, whom she can no longer confide in and must keep at arm’s length. Most of all, Lola is challenged by her new role: learning to temper justice with mercy, and balance her passion for convicting lawbreakers with a concern for the rights of the accusedThe first episode of All Rise had little content to concern parents. The episode literally opened with a bang, when a law-enforcement officer becomes enraged and opens fire with his pistol inside a courtroom, though no blood or graphic violence was shown. Other content was limited to a few mild profanities. While there is potential for romantic storylines, it is unlikely a drama set mostly in a courtroom will feature much violence or foul language.While legal dramas have been commonplace on TV since Perry Mason, a series following a new judge’s difficulty in adapting to a changed role is an innovative one. In addition to an impressive roster of actors (including CSI’s Marg Helgenberger as Judge Benner), interesting characters, and an unusual premise, at a Paley Center panel the series’ creators also promise to tackle contemporary political issues, such as immigration and racism, in the near future.All Rise premieres Monday, September 23 at 9:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

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