Best TV Show of the Week: A Charlie Brown Christmas

Written by PTC | Published December 10, 2014

For once again reminding viewers of the true meaning of Christmas, ABC’s Tuesday, December 2nd airing of the holiday favorite A Charlie Brown Christmas is the Best TV Show of the Week. More than forty years after its original airing, A Charlie Brown Christmas remains a heart-warming, timeless classic that continues to delight audiences young and old alike. Charlie Brown is frustrated. Everyone else around him is caught up in the trappings of Christmas – elaborate Christmas decorations, expensive presents, trees, producing a pageant. But the last straw comes when his Sally dictates a lengthy “wish list” for Charlie Brown to write in her letter to Santa. “All I want is what I have coming to me. All I want is my fair share,” Sally states. This sets Charlie Brown off on a quest to find the true meaning of Christmas. After he fails to get the cast of the Christmas pageant together and Lucy ridicules his choice of Christmas tree, Charlie Brown finally shouts in exasperation, "Can anybody tell me the true meaning of Christmas?" Then Linus steps forward and recites the nativity story from Luke, chapter 2, detailing the birth of Christ. Inspired, Charlie Brown ignores the crass commercialism surrounding Christmas and focuses on what is truly important. Like the other members of the Peanuts gang, the entertainment industry today has entirely lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas, instead seeing the holiday as an opportunity for exploitative programming of all kinds. But so long as there is A Charlie Brown Christmas, there will remain at least one program that reminds viewers of the true meaning of Christmas. And that is reason enough to declare A Charlie Brown Christmas the Best TV Show of the Week.

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