CNN Promises Another Obscene New Year’s Eve

Written by PTC | Published November 5, 2013

Last New Year’s Eve, during CNN’s live coverage, raunchy “comedian” Kathy Griffin kissed anchorman Anderson Cooper’s crotch. And now, the cable news network has promised more of the same this year. Kathy Griffin’s love of graphic and totally inappropriate content is well-known. Bad enough every cable and satellite subscriber in America has been forced to fund her specials on Bravo; but Griffin also delights in shoving indecent content into homes on the one night of the year when many parents allow their children to stay up late. In addition to last year’s antics, in 2009 Griffin dropped the “F” bomb. And in 2008, Griffin sneered an oral-sex themed slur at a bystander. Clearly, CNN likes offending families. If you object to paying for Kathy Griffin’s obscenity, sign our petition here.

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