Critic Slams Serial Killer Show, Agrees with PTC

Written by PTC | Published May 7, 2014

Brian Lowry is TV columnist for the entertainment industry trade magazine Variety. In a recent column, Lowry ripped apart the Fox broadcast network’s sick serial killer drama The Following -- and agreed with the PTC that Fox incorrectly rates the program as appropriate for 14 year olds.following-mob-thumb After condemning the blood-soaked, sadistic series for its “lazy writing” and “pervasive nihilism,” Lowry notes that “The Following has the look and cruelty [of a cable drama] with none of the smarts. Moreover, its condescending attitude toward religion and Fox’s generous use of the TV-14 rating (indicating the show is appropriate for those 14 and up, as opposed to the more restrictive TV-MA) give credence to complaints from groups like the Parents Television Council.” Lowry particularly highlighted the PTC calling out The Following and Fox broadcasting for an episode in which a woman’s throat was cut, yet which was rated TV-14. Despite low ratings and disgusting content, it often seems that broadcasters are determined to keep troubling programming on TV at all costs. But when the entertainment industry’s own critics start attacking a show, it’s time for network bosses to worry.

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