“Dahmer” Producer Coming to Disney?

Written by PTC | Published August 21, 2023

Disney has set a course to self-destruct. There’s no other explanation.

On top of all the other questionable programming decisions Disney has been making over the last few years, this one tops them all.

News outlets are reporting that Disney is hiring Ryan Murphy away from Netflix as soon as his $300 million development deal with Netflix ends.

Who is Ryan Murphy?

If you’ve been following the PTC, you’ll already be familiar with his work:

This is the same Ryan Murphy who first rose to fame with his FX series, “Nip/Tuck,” about two sexually deviant plastic surgeons.

Ryan Murphy, whose “Scream Queens” featured graphic decapitations and discussions of necrophilia in the family hour.

Ryan Murphy, whose dark, perverse, dominatrix-themed “American Horror Story” billboards have marred city skylines.

Ryan Murphy, who insisted on explicit sex scenes and nudity for his “Hollywood” Netflix series, saying “It's actually important to the show that you see the sex… It's important that you see it happen in real time in the show because the point is to see this thing that was unseen and considered unseeable by the public.”

It’s the same Ryan Murphy who produced the Netflix miniseries “Monster” about cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

And the same Ryan Murphy who was quoted saying, “It's tough to get that sexual point of view across on television. Hopefully I have made it possible for somebody on broadcast television to do a rear-entry scene in three years. Maybe that will be my legacy."

If you needed any further proof that Disney has lost its way, look no further.

Little wonder Disney+ lost ANOTHER 7 million subscribers in the last quarter!

Bear in mind, Disney has also signaled their intent to merge Hulu and Disney+ for a “one app experience.” That means that any new content Murphy produces for Disney will likely be available on Disney+.

It doesn’t matter how strong or robust Disney’s parental controls are – the kind of content Murphy is notorious for creating does not belong on the same platform as Mickey Mouse!

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