Excuses, Excuses: Five Questions We've Heard About Sex box

Written by PTC | Published February 25, 2015

StopSexBoxSign7In the course of our efforts to advocate for families and protect children from Sex Box , we’ve heard from a number of people who wonder how anyone could possibly object to a live sex show on basic cable. Here, we answer their most common complaints. Sex Box is trying to help couples. Why are you against helping relationships? The notion that having a couple engage in sex on live TV, then discuss their problems for all the world to see, will somehow help them with their “intimacy issues” is highly questionable at best. If anything, publicly exposing these couples in their most vulnerable and intimate moments will add to the problems in their relationship! The true intentions of WE tv are clearly demonstrated by the fact that, in addition to the alleged “therapists” on the set, also present to comment on the action will be PROFESSIONAL COMEDIAN Danielle Stewart. Because who better to comment on couples undergoing serious relationship therapy than a comedian? Sex Box is not an updated Dr. Ruth Show. WE tv did not bring Sex Box to the United States to help distressed marriages, but to help their network’s distressed ratings. The couples are in a box. You’re not even going to see or hear them having sex. Although the audience doesn’t see the couples during their intimate act, the show’s entire hook is that the audience is present and involved while real couples are actually having sex on live TV. WE tv’s own press release plays this up when it says: “The series takes therapy to A WHOLE NEW LEVEL, with couples not only discussing their relationship issues with a panel of experts, but also spending time in a camera-free, soundproof box on the show’s set to have sex, ALL IN FRONT OF A LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE!…Sex Box may just be the start of the next sexual revolution! Why are you going after a show that airs at 10 p.m.? Kids won’t be watching. Even if parents are successful in blocking children from seeing Sex Box during its initial airing, more and more networks today are making their shows available online, where any child with an iPad, smartphone, or internet connection can access them, even through computers at school. And there is no doubt that children will be exposed to the commercials for Sex Box, which air across multiple channels at all times of the day. Should parents be forced to explain to their kindergarten-age kids what a “sex box” is? Why are you focusing efforts on this one show when there’s lots more explicit content on cable? If Sex Box is successful, it will only lower the bar for other cable networks to air programs just as bad. We’ve seen this time and again, most recently with Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid. It wasn’t long after that show premiered that other networks joined in, with VH1’s Dating Naked, TLC’s Buying Naked, and others. Furthermore, WE tv is part of the basic cable tier, which means that if you are paying for cable or satellite TV so your child can watch Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel, a portion of your cable bill is going to underwrite Sex Box. We believe Americans should not be FORCED to pay for programming they don’t watch. Who are you to impose your morality on me? Critics of the PTC love to claim that we’re “imposing our values” on the rest of the country. But the truth is, the PTC gives a voice to the millions of Americans who are sick and tired of Hollywood imposing IT’S values on the entire country — and forcing people to PAY for channels they never watch and don’t want. Over 5000 people contacted the PTC to object to Sex Box. Read a small sample of their comments here. Since the American people are forced to pay WE tv’s bills, wouldn’t it be nice if the network’s bosses listened to the people’s opinions?

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