Fox To Assault Viewers With ADHD Programming Block

Written by PTC | Published July 18, 2013

Modeled on (and from the creator of) Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” programming block, Fox ADHD is a horrifically graphic, ultra-violent, sexually explicit, and profanity-laden group of short programs Fox is bringing to broadcast TV – in a special airing at 8:30 Central time this Sunday night. For over a decade, Fox has aired its “Animation Domination” programming block on Sunday nights – programming primarily dominated by the sleazy sex and graphic violence of Seth MacFarlane’s shows Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show. But now, Fox is upping the ante on graphic content. Beginning July 27th, the network will begin airing its Fox ADHD programming block, which initially will feature new series like Axe Cop (in which the villain is “Doctor Doo-Doo, who happens to be a smart-mouthed pile of poop”) and High School USA, along with various graphic short features. The block will air every Saturday night, beginning at 11:00 p.m. ET (10 p.m. in the Central/Mountain time zones). To attract interest in the new programming, Fox will be showing a “special” featuring the block’s programming this Sunday night, June 21st, at 9:30 p.m. ET – only 8:30 in the Central/Mountain zone. One has to wonder what Fox is thinking, showing programming deliberately intended for the “safe harbor,” post-10 p.m. timeslot at 8:30 in the evening. However, there is absolutely no doubt as to what Fox is thinking in creating the ADHD block. “Ultimately, the goal is to grow and skim off the best of the best for prime time. I’d like to find the next Family Guy out of this block.” -- Fox Broadcasting Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly (Variety, May 3, 2013) ADHD already exists on the web, where teens can easily find it. But by airing select episodes on the broadcast network, Fox no doubt hopes to grow their web audience, as well, where the content is far more explicit than what will likely be shown on Fox. Here are a few examples of the kind of programming Fox ADHD currently makes available online and may soon be blasting over the publicly-owned airwaves – and which Fox’s chairman says he wants to “skim off for prime time”: (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!)

Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man

In this parody of the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon, a totally naked version of Spider-Man is shown covered in hair. A black box obscures his genitals and his buttocks. Mocking the old series’ theme song, lyrics state, “His web erupts from out his bare buttocks,” and “He is naked all the time. His dick falls off, that’s how he mates. Let me say that again, his dick falls off,” as Spider-Man drops upside-down in front of his girlfriend. His detached penis smacks her in the face repeatedly. The totally nude Spider-Man swings from a web projecting out of his buttocks. His penis falls off into an open manhole, and lands in a man’s coffee cup. The man drinks from it. Spider-Man is then shown eating at a restaurant, vomiting green slime onto the plate of food before him. He picks up his detached penis from the floor, as the song concludes, “Didn't even mention how he eats his food, here's a hint, it happens outside his mouth. And his dick falls off. And his dick falls off!”

My Little Cowboys

The naked, dismembered corpses of various women lie in large pools of blood on the floor of an old West saloon. Flies buzz around their corpses. One woman's naked breasts are exposed. A cowboy posse mounts My Little Ponies and ride in search of vengeance. They come across the culprits beating a Native American woman while her arms are pinned behind her back. As one of the bandits gropes her breasts, a My Little Pony graphically severs a man's arms with its unicorn horn. Blood sprays from the stumps of the man's amputated limbs. Another Pony stomps the other bandit's head. Blood gushes everywhere. A third bandit is sliced in half from crotch to head with a unicorn horn, blood spraying from the severed halves of his body. The man with the severed bloody arms crawls on the ground as a Pony mounts his back, saying, “Be MY pony, bitch!” Two Ponies crush a kneeling bandit's head between their hooves. Blood sprays from his bashed head. One Pony is shown eating the viscera left on the ground from the murdered cowboys. The Native American woman offers a cupcake topped with a dismembered finger to the blood-stained Ponies. They exchange dialogue: First Pony: “Tell me if this tastes like people to you.” Second Pony: Yummy! It tastes like a BABY!” Third Pony: “Hey! Stop fucking crying in the frosting!”

Pikachu Gets Pokemon Rabies

In a version of the popular children’s series Pokemon, a rabid dog bites Pikachu, who uses his electrical powers to shock the dog. Dog Owner: “Hey, whut th’ hell you doin’ tuh mah dog?” Ash: “Your pokemon attacked us.” Owner: “Thut ain't no pokemon. It's a fucking normal dog. Now go'on, git! Before I rape your friend.” The Professor tells Ash that Pikachu has Poke-rabies. Professor: “He'll bite everyone he sees, then he'll begin shitting himself. All day and all night, just shitting himself and shocking stuff. And shitting.” Ash: “You can't put him down, Professor. But I can.” Professor: “Good, because I didn't want to deal with just shit literally everywhere.” Ash chains Pikachu to a tree and fires a shotgun repeatedly at Pikachu, who refuses to die easily. Pikachu excretes feces all over himself, as blood, brains, and feces spray over Ash. Ash: “Goddamn it! Stay down, Pikachu!” Ash fires until Pikachu's face is blown off. Ash is covered in Pikachu's blood and feces. Pikachu's soul rises toward heaven, but arms rise up from the ground and pull its soul to the depths of hell. Ash: “No! Why'd he go to hell?” Professor: “All Pokemon go to hell, Ash. Well, I'm off to bang your mother.” Ash: “Ew. Pikachu's shit tastes like my shit.” "Fox urges the Commission to conclude that it is legally required, and logically bound, to cease attempting to enforce broadcast indecency limits once and for all… If the Commission continues to play any role at all, it should never substitute its own judgment for that of broadcast speakers’ editorial discretion.” – Fox Entertainment Group public comment filing with the Federal Communications Commission (June 19, 2013) Earlier this year, Fox filed a comment with the Federal Communications Commission, demanding that the government stop enforcing broadcast decency laws “once and for all.” As justification, Fox said that the government “should never substitute its own judgment for that of broadcasters.” Essentially, Fox was telling the government and the American people: “Trust us. You can depend on Fox not to air anything that might be harmful to children.” It is necessary to note: under current law, it is legal for Fox to show this programming during the “safe harbor” period after 10 p.m. However, the fact that Fox would choose to show such programming at all over the airwaves owned by the American people (and not a premium pay-TV channel) – and the fact that Fox’s own chairman has admitted he wants to someday show such content in prime time, in front of children – should call into question Fox’s “judgment” and “editorial discretion.” It also serves as a perfect example of why laws against broadcast indecency MUST be maintained In fact, Fox wants nothing more than to push this gore- and nudity-soaked, profanity-laden, utterly depraved trash at children. As Variety noted, “ADHD includes a plan for a vast network of digital content that spans the Web, YouTube, mobile apps, game consoles and VOD.” And, ultimately, the block will also appear on prime-time TV. Oh, not this year, and maybe not for a couple of years; but Fox’s own chairman has stated his determination to bring content like My Little Cowboys and Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man to prime time, where it will be viewed by millions of impressionable children. Remember: when Family Guy started, it too was intended for adults; and now, it airs in prime time, with Fox boasting that it is one of the top shows viewed by kids. If Fox gets its way, in just a few years from now, pre-teen children will be lured in by the sight of beloved children’s icons like My Little Pony, Pokemon, and Spider-Man – and then exposed to full-frontal nudity, exposed genitals, dismembered female corpses, and sickening levels of violence and extreme content…all at the “editorial discretion” of Fox.

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