Fox’s Golan the Insatiable: Sex with Dead Animals – Aimed at Kids

Written by PTC | Published July 8, 2015

Golan-the-InsatiableEvery Sunday night at 8:30 p.m. Central/Mountain, the Fox Broadcasting Network shoves its horrific cartoon Golan the Insatiable at an audience of hundreds of thousands of children. But the program is not suitable for children of any age. Golan’s main character is a little girl named Dylan. But if you think this cartoon contains Disney-like scenes of princesses and fairies, guess again. Dylan’s best friend is a gigantic demon named Golan. Together, the two indulge in an orgy of graphic violence, explicit sexual dialogue, and foul language. A few examples: --------- Dylan's pet turtle dies. Golan suggests they simultaneously have sex with the dead animal’s corpse. Golan: “I'll take the front hole, you take the back, and let's try not to meet in the middle. If we do, though, don't make it weird.” (June 28, 2015) --------- At her friend’s birthday party, Dylan throws a bottle of acid at a magician. It splashes on his face and melts his flesh. The other children all clap and shout in glee. (June 28, 2015) Golan rips a man's arm off. Blood gushes onto the pavement. Golan beats the man with his own severed arm. (June 28, 2015) A drilling machine bursts through the pavement and splits a man’s body in half. Golan: “Awesome!” (June 28, 2015) WARNING: Disturbing graphic content in video. If you must see, please make sure there are no children nearby) --------- Dylan wets her bed. She takes the sheets down to the washer, but her mother is masturbating by “riding” the washer, pressing her crotch against the vibrating machine. The mother sips wine with a lit candle next to her, as she screams in orgasm. Dylan: “Damn it. She's still on that thing? My mom has got to start dating.” (June 14, 2015) WARNING: Disturbing graphic content in video. If you must see, please make sure there are no children nearby) --------- Golan smashes a wall, causing it to collapse on Dylan’s friend Swingley. Dylan cries as she mourns his death. Golan suggests Dylan have sex with his corpse. Golan: “If you want to say goodbye in a biblical sense, you got about an hour - hour and a half, tops - before the flesh gets all gamey.” (June 14, 2015) --------- Golan waits at an office. The clerk's large bosom rests on top of her desk. Golan: “Let me just say, Grace, your chest has been very large throughout this entire process.” --------- Golan buries his face in Grace’s bosom, then turns his head at the camera and winks at the audience. (June 7, 2015) --------- Golan’s snow fort melts. Golan: “Ahh! What the hell? Your ugly flag is making my sweet-ass fort melt. There are too many of those little bastards!” (June 7, 2015) When confronted with this deluge of unbelievably graphic content, Golan’s defenders wail, “The show isn’t aimed at kids! It’s for adults! Adults should be able to watch anything they want!” Unfortunately, the truth is otherwise. The Federal Communications Commission mandates “time, place, and manner” be considered when certain kinds of content are shown. If Golan were on a premium cable channel at 2 a.m., that would be one thing. But it isn’t. Fox is deliberately airing it on the publicly-owned airwaves, in the early hours of prime time, when children are in the audience. Millions of adults DON’T watch Golan. The June 28th episode drew a paltry 800,000 viewers…out of a potential audience of over 100 million. One critic called this “what could be [Fox's] lowest-rated Sunday night ever.” However, a huge portion of Golan’s audience is children. The June 7th episode had only 1.2 million total viewers, but almost a third of those viewers were children! This should surprise no one. When has a cartoon aired at 8:30 p.m. NOT attracted children? Fox assigns Golan the Insatiable the content rating of TV-14, meaning it is appropriate for 14 year-olds. But the network knows full well that little children are attracted to cartoons – especially cartoons which feature little children as lead characters. And by luring impressionable children in to watching the cartoon, Fox is able to charge advertisers more, precisely because young children are more impressionable to commercials. Golan is produced by the same group which made Fox's disgusting late-night cartoon Animation Domination High-Definition, or ADHD. At the time that show launched, Fox's president stated he hoped the ultra-raunchy cartoon show would provide programming for prime time. After the PTC documented just how horrifically graphic ADHD was, Fox pulled the program ...but continued investing in it. And now, just as Fox's top executive predicted, here it is in prime time, its explicit content being pushed, not at a late-night audience of teens and adults, but at little children. Make no mistake: Fox’s programmers know EXACTLY what they are doing. They are deliberately airing a cartoon with R or even X-rated content at a time when they KNOW hundreds of thousands of children will be watching. They know they are shoving graphic sex and horrific levels of gore and profanity at children 10 or 7 or even 4 years old. And they don’t care. To help the PTC protect children from vile programming like Golan the Insatiable, click here.

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