FX Cancels Brand X – But Keeps Brand

Written by PTC | Published June 21, 2013

Since 2012, the FX basic cable network tried to make a star of foul-mouthed Brit Russell Brand with a live talk show, Brand X. After two seasons of failure, the network has thrown in the towel on Brand’s show…but the alleged “comedian” is still hanging around the network. In a “talk show” filled with sex-, drug-, and toilet humor, spewing profanity and unintentional malaprops, and relying on such tired bits as insulting hecklers and trashing audience members, former Katy Perry spouse Russell Brand amply demonstrated why his show drew approximately one-half of one percent of the pay-TV subscribers in America (all of whom, however, were forced to subsidize his sleazy show). With such dismal numbers, it is little surprise that even FX -- a network which is accustomed to drawing low ratings with its extreme-content shows – was forced to end the program…but apparently, Brand himself isn’t going anywhere. This also is not a surprise. With the upcoming launch of its spin-off network FXX – which will be focused on comedy, as FX is on drama – the FX empire is desperate for programming. The current intention is to build an Curb Your Enthusiasm-style sitcom around Brand as a beleaguered Hollywood insider’s messed-up life. With the casting of former heroin user and alcoholic sex addict Brand, at least they’ve got a star who can act the part.

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