Graphic sexual content as close as your teen’s phone

Written by PTC | Published September 22, 2023

Netflix is commemorating the start of a new school year by releasing yet another season of the hyper-sexualized teen drama, Sex Education.

How bad is Sex Education? Let me share some examples of what America’s young people are watching—and emulating.

• A girls’ breasts fully exposed to entice an adolescent boy …

• Homes filled with erotic sex toys and pornographic “art”

• Nonstop depictions of, or discussions of, teenaged characters engaging in sex acts in the most explicit and graphic terms and in every conceivable combination

• Camera zoom shots of male genitalia … and other equally disturbing sexual images

Frankly, I am embarrassed to even have to share this shocking information with you, but the uncomfortable truth is that Sex Education was designed purely to appeal to the prurient interests of its viewers. Despite all the pseudo-scientific psychobabble layered in to make Sex Education seem weighty and serious, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s really just a teen-targeted vehicle for nudity and explicit sexual content.

That’s why I’m asking you to act today. Sign our “Return to Decency” petition. Join with us and thousands of like-minded parents and grandparents to hold accountable those who create and distribute quasi-p*rnographic content to children and teens.

Programming like Sex Education was conceived not only to exploit the growing teen market but also to drive a wedge between parents and their kids. Teens and, unfortunately, even younger children are being influenced by Netflix and other entertainment companies. In essence, they are being counseled: “You can’t go to your parents with your questions. But you can go to us via your TV, computer, or other electronic device.” This is a real danger.

Sex Education and other shows of its ilk are actually feeding aberrant sexual behavior. One recent study conducted by Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts established a link between underage sexual content and pedophilia. And a study conducted in Australia concluded that teens viewing explicit sexual material have difficulty forming healthy romantic relationships.

Please take just a moment to sign the “Return to Decency” petition. PTC wants to flood Netflix headquarters with thousands and thousands of responses to compel its corporate leadership to recognize that graphic sexual content is harmful to minors.

Take Action. Stay Informed.