If you subscribe to Hulu, beware!

Written by PTC | Published March 8, 2024

Yesterday, Hulu started streaming the Disney Searchlight film “Poor Things.”

If you subscribe to Hulu – either by itself, or as part of the Disney-Hulu streaming bundle you need to make sure you are using all available parental controls to ensure any children or teens in your home are not able to stream this movie. Or better yet, cancel your Hulu subscription and tell them why you are cancelling!

Although “Poor Things” has been praised by film critics and has won awards and accolades from within the entertainment industry – including 11 Oscar nominations for Best Picture and Best Actress, among others – the premise and content are disturbing, to say the least.

“Poor Things” is a kind of Frankenstein tale about a pregnant young woman, Bella Baxter, who commits suicide by jumping into a river. A scientist-surgeon brings her back to life by putting the unborn, but still living, baby’s brain into Bella’s adult body, making her physically a full-grown woman, but mentally an infant.

Bella’s dichotomous existence leads to scenes that should make everyone uncomfortable.

Vulture describes “Bella discovering masturbation and orgasms,” as the film depicts Bella “alone in her bedroom, legs splayed, discovery rendered in those roving eyes. Then, at the dinner table, she experiments with an apple. The camera tracks closer to her face as it grows flush with pleasure until her mouth fills the screen as she heaves and moans. Next, she tries a cucumber…“ Eventually, the highly sexualized Bella turns to a life of prostitution.

Already this raises all kinds of red-flags. It’s a nightmare scenario that might have been dreamed-up by Alfred Kinsey, the so-called “father of the sexual revolution,” whose research relied on sexual abuse of infants as young as 2 months old.

But it gets worse.

Pre-release, the film also reportedly contained a scene in which “the father of two young boys hires Emma’s character, Bella Baxter, as a sex worker to teach the children how to have sex. He has sex with Bella in front of the boys.”

That such a scene should have been considered at all should shock the sensibilities of any decent, rational human being. That any writer, director, or studio would even think to put young child actors in such a scenario is appalling.

But the fact that it came from Disney – a company whose reputation was built on providing child-safe, wholesome entertainment for the whole family – is nothing less than horrific, and serves only to confirm what many have observed about the company’s downward slide into depravity.

Naturally, Poor Things has been and will continue to be celebrated by Hollywood, especially leading up to the Academy Awards on March 10. And it may even win an award or two, but not because the story is enlightening or any of the buzz words that will inevitably be thrown around – but precisely because it is so perverse and disturbing. Which just goes to show how out-of-touch and out-of-step Hollywood is with the rest of the country.

With your help, we can hold studios like Disney accountable for sexualizing children and robbing them of their innocence.

We can’t just sit idly by and accept what the entertainment industry is doing to our children. We MUST push-back against these dangerous messages.

Take Action. Stay Informed.