Intuit's Family-Friendly Transformation

Written by PTC | Published January 23, 2014

Just over a year ago, Intuit, the company behind Quicken and Turbo Tax, was listed by the PTC as among the worst TV sponsors, with its ads appearing to support sexually graphic and extremely violent content. The PTC went before Intuit’s shareholders, board of directors, and corporate officers last January at its annual shareholder meeting to ask Intuit if the programs they were sponsoring accurately reflected their corporate values. Our concerns, and the concerns of the PTC’s 1.3 million members were heard loud and clear. In just one year, Intuit has dramatically transformed its sponsorship behavior, and has gone from being one of the worst TV sponsors, to one of the best. Recently, PTC President Tim Winter, congratulated Intuit for its diligence on behalf of America’s families:
Intuit’s diligent efforts are not just good for families; they’re good for the shareholders, too. Researchers at Ohio State, Michigan and Iowa State Universities have found that television viewers are less likely to recall the product being advertised if the advertisement airs within violent or sexually-explicit programming. And Walmart’s chief marketing officer has stated publicly that their media dollars generate an additional 18% return on investment if aired during “safe” programming compared to explicit programming. We know adhering to such strict media-buying standards is not easy. But Intuit is a prime example of how a company can support positive programming while at the same time successfully reaching its target markets. So Mr. Chairman, on behalf of children and families across America, I thank you. Thank you for Intuit’s change of direction, thank you for implementing these changes so effectively, and congratulations on the company’s financial success. We will be sharing this news with our members and urging them to consider Intuit’s leadership when it comes time to purchase business and financial management solutions.
We wish Intuit success as they continue to be conscientious media buyers. If you wish to see more family-friendly television, consider showing your support for Intuit's responsible advertising when you make your own purchase decisions.

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