Katy Keene On the New York Scene

Written by PTC | Published September 8, 2019

Katy Keene This Riverdale spin-off ups that show’s drama quotient. Bubbly young Katy Keene, is an assistant at the prestigious department store Lacy’s, though she aspires to be a fashion designer (and already creates clothing for her friends). Katy and her friends – would-be boxer boyfriend K.O., jet-setting journalist Pepper, aspiring actor Jorge and, newly arrived from Riverdale, ex-Pussycat Josie McCoy, who hopes to become a megastar singer – all support each other in achieving their dreams in the most exciting, glamorous, and competitive city of all – New York. Based on the long-running Archie Comics character created by Bill Woggon, the first episode of Katy Keene featured less sex and violence than its companion series Riverdale, with most of the episode devoted to setting up characters and situations. However, character conflict is just as catty and vicious as on Riverdale, and is liberally peppered with profanity. While plot threads in the first episode largely focused on Katy and Josie (with a Josie and the Pussycats spin-off clearly being set up; both Alex and Alexandra Cabot, mainstays of that series, appeared in a story about signing Josie to a record label), substantial attention was also focused on Jorge – and his difficulty finding success and acceptance in his alter-ego as a cross-dressing drag queen named “Ginger,” who was prominently featured in a musical number. Katy Keene premieres in January 2020 on the CW.

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