Nathan Fillion Scores in The Rookie

Written by PTC | Published September 12, 2018

The Rookie The Castle star returns as the LAPD’s oldest rookie. At age 20, John Nolan dropped out of college and gave up his dreams to marry his girlfriend Sarah when she became pregnant. Today, after twenty years of working construction and with his own son in college, John’s comfortable small-town life is shattered when Sarah divorces him, and he is almost killed in a bank robbery. John decides to finally fulfill his dream of being a police officer, and joins the Los Angeles Police Department. Surrounded by fellow rookies twenty years his junior, and facing the suspicion and scorn of his superiors and training officers (who fear that John may jeopardize the lives of their fellow cops if he can’t cut it among younger peers and streetwise criminals), John Nolan faces an uphill battle for acceptance as he asks himself the question: can a 40 year-old handle the dangerous and unpredictable world of a cop on the beat? Nathan Fillion returns to prime time in this new series – one which takes advantage of his boyish charm and skills as an actor. Fillion is wildly popular, particularly among female viewers; after first garnering attention in Joss Whedon’s sci-fi Western Firefly, Fillion garnered a huge fan following for his nine-year stint on ABC’s light-hearted detective series Castle. Indeed, the Paley Center Preview for ABC was completely sold out, with extra chairs even being brought in to accommodate all of Fillion’s fans. The Rookie proves a showcase for Fillion’s talents. As John Nolan, Fillion brings heart and humor to his role as the “oldest rookie” on the LAPD, a relatable everyman rather than an ultra-competent super-cop. Fillion’s Nolan is impetuous and committed to his ideals, which makes him eager to charge headlong into danger to help others without thinking of his own safety – something that sparks an enraged rant from his training officer. Fillion expertly balances comedy with drama; in one scene, the middle-aged Nolan struggles to climb a fence while chasing a criminal…only to have to endure wisecracks as the entire precinct later watches the footage from his body cam. Yet over time, Nolan also begins to realize that his life experience may be a valuable asset in dealing with the situations he encounters. Containing only mild language and unremarkable violence typical of a police series, The Rookie is likely to be a safe and enjoyable choice for families. The Rookie premieres Tuesday, October 16th on ABC.

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