New PTC Study Shows Shocking Increase in Nudity on TV

Written by PTC | Published June 5, 2013

When lawyers for the entertainment industry were arguing in court for the complete dismantling of the Federal Communications Commission’s authority to enforce broadcast decency laws, they insisted that just because they could get away with more sex, more nudity, and more profanity during primetime viewing hours with no FCC to keep them in check, doesn’t mean they would start inserting more such content. But now we know that’s not true. A new study by the Parents Television Council found a nearly 70% increase in blurred and pixilated full nudity on the broadcast networks during primetime viewing hours in just one year.
  • That’s WITH existing indecency restrictions still in place.
  • That’s WITH the full knowledge that the Supreme Court affirmed the FCC’s ability to fine broadcasters who violate the law.
  • That’s WITH the knowledge that the FCC could impose fines of up to $3 Million on broadcasters who violate the law.
What’s worse, more than 70% of the programs featuring blurred or pixilated nudity were rated PG, and 88% aired at 9:00 p.m. or earlier, when you have the largest number of young children in the viewing audience! Click here to read more. If the networks are going to get away with this now, just imagine what the networks will try to get away with if indecency restrictions are loosened.

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