New Zealand Critic “Gets It” re: Family Guy

Written by PTC | Published February 4, 2014

fgimg1Unlike many in the USA, a foreign TV critic demonstrated an appropriate concern for audiences when it comes to Family Guy – even while enjoying the show himself. There is often a substantial time-lag between the release of a television program in its country of origin and its broadcast in another. Such is the case with Seth MacFarlane’s Fox cartoons Family Guy and American Dad, which is about to be broadcast on New Zealand’s Channel Four. In his review in The New Zealand Herald, TV critic Nick Grant criticizes the “often callous shock comedy” and lack of “narrative coherence” in MacFarlane’s oeuvre, states that the show’s airtime of 7:30 p.m. “frankly seems a little early for these gratuitously rude series,” then concludes by telling parents that the shows are “really not appropriate for pre-teens.” All of this, in spite of the fact that Grant also admits to “long enjoying” the programs himself. This demonstrates tremendous integrity and responsibility on Grant’s part. If adults find MacFarlane’s shows funny, of course they should be able to watch them; but the programs shouldn’t be aired early in the evening where they are accessible to younger children. What a pity America’s TV networks (and critics) don’t follow Grant’s example and advice.

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