On Heels of PTC Report Calling Out Adult Content on "The Muppets," ABC Annouces Shakeup

Written by PTC | Published November 6, 2015

69505-kermit_poster Just a couple of weeks after the Parents Television Council released an eye-opening report on the frequency of adult content -- especially sexual innuendo and drug and alcohol references -- on ABC's new Muppets series, ABC has announced major changes are coming. Deadline reports Bob Kushell, the series' co-creator, executive producer and showrunner will be replaced. It was Kushell, who ahead of the series' debut said, "Yes, there will be jokes that are pitched that are a little too risqué, and then we have to find a way to make it more clever, I guess you would say, so that it works on two levels. That's the fun challenge of what we do... already, the writers are thinking in a way where you don't go to the more racy joke first, you go to the clever way to say the racy joke. It's becoming second nature very quickly." Reports indicate that the six episodes airing after the show's midseason hiatus will look "very different" from the episodes that have aired to date, and that the second half of Season 1 is being considered a “relaunch." When you have a show that inherently attracts kids, but frequently exposes them to adult content – sexual innuendoes, sexual references, drugs and alcohol – it’s bound to fail. We are calling on the ABC Television Network to relaunch The Muppets so that parents can actually watch the show with their children without fear of their children being confronted by sex and drugs on this iconic TV show. For more on what ABC got wrong with this reimagining of the Muppets, click here.

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