One Reason to Stay in The Great Indoors

Written by PTC | Published September 13, 2016

thegreatindoors This workplace comedy mines millennials for humor. Jack Gordon is a legend, a globe-trotting nature reporter for Outdoor Limits magazine. But Jack’s travelling days are brought to an abrupt halt when he is summoned back to the office, and informed that the print magazine is out of business, retaining only an online presence – and that Jack is now in charge of a group of millennials who know Patagonia only as a clothing store. The first episode was largely clean, although with potential for the humor to turn blue in the future. Whenever one of his co-workers shows Jack a picture on their phone, he replies, “That’s a penis.” There are also references to Jack’s past affair with his boss’ daughter, and sex between various co-workers is implied. Star Joel McHale brings the same twisted satirical style he employed on E!’s The Soup and NBC’s Community to The Great Indoors. Though the workplace set-up is rather standard, adult viewers may be amused – and younger ones irked – by the program’s incessant, sharp, and merciless mockery of millennials. The Great Indoors premieres Thursday, October 27 at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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