PaleyFest: Parents Television Council Reviews FOX’s New Fall TV Shows

Written by PTC | Published September 9, 2014

In the continuing coverage of PaleyFest, today our focus shifts to FOX Broadcasting’s new fall shows. The Parents Television Council’s special correspondent Christopher Gildemeister has written several reviews about some of the new shows on FOX to help families decide what shows might be worth watching. The PTC has had concerns about the upcoming FOX premiere of Gotham, given that the premise centers on Batman’s Gotham (albeit without Batman in the series). The first episode confirms the PTC’s concern for children: "Parents are warned that, far from being an upbeat super-hero show like The Flash, Gotham is an extremely dark and gory take on the comic-book universe…especially as it features multiple violent and psychotic villains, but only one beleaguered (and mostly ineffective) hero." Families might find FOX’s Red Band Society to be worth watching as it is “Reminiscent of comedies from M*A*S*H, to John Hughes movies like The Breakfast Club, to Fox’s Glee, Red Band Society shifts rapidly – often in the same scene – between wacky comedy hijinks, emotional teenage soap opera, and serious drama literally dealing with matters of life and death.” But families may want to exercise caution about this show, as the teen characters “are hardly paragons of good behavior. In just the first episode they steal a car, smoke cigarettes and marijuana, and lie about their age to buy beer, while adult character smokes pot from a bong.” Full reviews for these previously mentioned shows and others can be found here: Gotham Gracepoint Mulaney Red Band Society Please visit the PTC’s Family Guide for further information and reviews about these and other shows as the fall season begins. Stay tuned for updates about new shows on ABC and NBC over the next few days!

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