PTC Urges TLC to Keep Sex in Public Private

Written by PTC | Published September 29, 2015

Beginning Friday, October 2nd, the TLC network will air the first episode of its new program Sex in Public, in which a therapist goes undercover and ambushes strangers, trying to get them to talk about their sex lives on camera. “TLC once stood for The Learning Channel, but today it stands for Totally Ludicrous Content. Sadly, this once-noble programmer is the latest in a string of basic cable networks using provocative titles and explicit content in a desperate move to attract attention. And because TLC is part of the cable network bundle, it can use its unfair business leverage to force every cable subscriber in the country to pay for its explicit content, whether subscribers want it or not,” said PTC President Tim Winter. The PTC is urging advertisers to refuse to sponsor Sex in Public and other TLC shows that are clearly designed to shock and pander to the lowest common denominator.

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